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Sony launches the Xperia XZ3 with a display powered by Sony Bravia TV technology

Today at IFA, Sony unveiled its next-generation flagship device, the Xperia XZ3. The handset sports a larger 6-inch 18:9 display, compared to its predecessor, the Xperia XZ2. This translates into an increase in viewing area with 11%, although it’s only 5% bigger in overall size.

The Xperia XZ3 is the first smartphone to come with an HDR OLED display powered by Sony Bravia TV image processing technology. This allows the device to deliver more accurate details, depths, and texture in  [Read More…]

Dodocool celebrates technology and design with a sale and giveaway (Promoted)

Dodocool is having another sale – and corresponding giveaway – this one focusing on lifestyle products. Specials include up to 30% off Dodocool products like wireless chargers, keyboards, speakers and humidifiers. In addition, Dodocool is also giving away a Hi-Fi Music Player, retailing for $ 65. 

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Google Camera’s Portrait Mode technology from the Pixel 2 goes open source

The Pixel 2 is arguably the best camera experience on Android with Google achieving with software what others require hardware to do. One of these features is the Pixel 2‘s Portrait Mode which identifies a subject and then blurs the surrounding background to provide focus on that subject. Google is using semantic image segmentation to […]

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The Polaroid Moto Mod prints retro photos with incredible technology

Eighty years ago, a company called Polaroid sprouted from a garage not far from the current location of the MrMobile studio. The company’s founder soon developed a special polarization technology that was rapidly adopted across a slew of products ranging from desk lamps to sunglasses. That work later led to military contracts including pilot goggles, spy satellites, and a special synthetic quinine for treating malaria in troops serving in tropical regions. While that last bit sounds out of character  [Read More…]

Qualcomm announces new depth-sensing technology for Android cameras

Second generation Spectra Module Program brings 3D depth-sensing and improved biometric authentication to Android devices.

Qualcomm introduced the Spectra ISP powered Clear Sight dual-camera system in 2016 with the promise of “astonishing results that mimic human vision.” Today it is upping the ante with the second generation Spectra Module Program that brings 3D computer vision to Android products using the Qualcomm Snapdragon Platform.

That’s the sort of news that gets futurists and engineers excited, but everyone benefits  [Read More…]

Nature, Nordic craftsmanship, and technology meet in Lastu case (Review)

Like it or not, if you want to have a phone in mint condition months after purchase, a case is almost a necessity. With phones being more fragile and prices for repairs soaring, cases are a cheap way of protecting your investment. Sure, you could buy a $ 2 TPU case on eBay and slap it on […]

(Op-Ed) Technology, a love affair

I love phones. For me, the love affair started back in my seventh-grade year of middle school, circa 1999. All of my friends were getting prepaid phones from iWireless. And you know the phone, the old Nokia 6110 was my first phone. I spent so many hours at kiosks at the mall picking out new […]

LG’s cute airport robots show a lighter, more helpful side of technology

There’s more to these big companies than just phones and computers.

When we think about LG as a company, we understandably tend to focus on its phones, TVs and perhaps components — after all, we’re most excited when something like the LG G6 or a new display is announced. But LG is a massive company that does all sort of things with electronics (and beyond), like the cute and helpful airport robots the it announced at CES  [Read More…]

ZTE’s Gigabit Phone is a sneak peek at technology that doesn’t yet exist

5G is coming, someday, and ZTE wants everyone to know it’s ready and waiting.

Ever wonder what life will be like when we have 5G connectictivity roaming around us? Well, we’re not quite there yet, but to get you in the spirit, ZTE is showing off the first 5G-compatible smartphone on the MWC 2017 show floor.

When 5G is ready, it will include a hundredfold speed increase that will make all sorts of futuristic technologies more plausible.

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The future of smartwatch and wearable technology

The future is exciting indeed with technology seeping in everywhere. Our lives are becoming easier and more opportunities are presenting themselves to us. The latest and, supposedly, greatest of technological innovations to wow people around the world – smart watches and wearables are here to stay. Smartwatches are a relatively new creation, making its first