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This HDMI adapter lets you play vintage PlayStations on modern televisions

You don’t need complicated set-ups with dozens of cables to get your vintage PlayStations running on modern televisions.

Older consoles weren’t exactly built with the future in mind—at least, not decades ahead—so it comes as no surprise that as technology advanced, these systems were left in the dust. Vintage PlayStations just aren’t natively compatible with modern televisions through HDMI, but that’s where adapters come in.

Previously, you’d need to use a convoluted set-up with multiple cords to  [Read More…]

Canadians can now pre-order the Toshiba Fire Edition televisions

No more window shopping.

The Toshiba Fire TV Edition televisions are finally up for pre-order in Canada. They’ve been available for awhile in the United States, and now the tech is finally crossing the border. You can pre-order now from Amazon and Best Buy, and your new TV will ship on October 19th.

If you’re looking for 4K, your options include a 43-inch model for $ 550, a 50-inch model for $ 600, and a 55-inch model  [Read More…]

Samsung makes it easier to connect and share content with select televisions

Samsung‘s Smart View app, which is available on Android, iOS and Windows PCs, allows owners of compatible televisions to share pictures, video and music content from their mobile device to the big screen. The app itself is available on select Samsung Smart TVs and is in beta with the full release scheduled for early 2016.

Sony’s new 4K Ultra HD televisions with Android TV to start shipping in May

Sony has announced that its new lineup of 4K Ultra HD televisions, all of which will use Google’s Android TV, will begin shipments in May, with pre-orders starting now.

The new models all have Sony’s X1 processor engine inside, which should make the Android TV user interface look even cooler.