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Motorola RAZR’s hinge ‘breaks’ after just 27,000 folds in torture test

When it comes to durability, Motorola’s first foldable phone fails to impress.

What you need to know The Motorola RAZR’s hinge “broke” after 27,000 folds in a durability test conducted by CNET. The goal of the test was to see if the phone could hold up to being folded 100,000 times. Last year, CNET conducted a similar test, where the Galaxy Fold managed to hit nearly 120,000 folds.

Soon after the pre-order launch of the RAZR in  [Read More…]

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Instagram to test hiding likes in parts of the U.S. as of next week

The feature has previously been tested in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and other nations…

What you need to know Instagram is going to test hiding likes in parts of the U.S. The tests will begin next week. It’s all part of Instagram’s plan to become the safest place on the internet.

Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri has announced that it will start hiding like counts on its platform in parts of the U.S., beginning next week.

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Galaxy Fold dies after 120,000 folds in CNET torture test

The Galaxy Fold is rated for 200,000 folds by Samsung.

What you need to know CNET put Samsung’s Galaxy Fold through a folding torture test. It used a machine made by SquareTrade in order to test how many folds the smartphone could withstand. Samsung rates the Galaxy Fold for 200,000 folds, but during CNET‘s test, it only made it through 120,000 before failing.

To say the Samsung Galaxy Fold has had a rocky launch would be putting  [Read More…]

Contractors reportedly targeted homeless people to test Pixel 4 face unlock

Contractors were also told to target those with darker skin.

What you need to know Google contractors were told to target homeless and people with darker skin. The contractors also mislead people by telling them it was a game or just told them to play with the phone. Some also failed to state they worked with Google or were recording the person’s face.

Back in July, we reported on how Google conducted “field research” for its new  [Read More…]

Facebook is hiding likes from posts as part of a test in Australia

The most common reactions and the comment counts will still be displayed.

What you need to know Facebook is now testing a feature in Australia where it hides the total number of likes. Only the author of the post will see the total number of likes, but everyone will still be able to see the most common reaction types and the number of comments. This is similar to a test Instagram tried earlier this year.

Starting September  [Read More…]

Watch the iPhone 11 take on the Galaxy Note 10 in latest drop test

What you need to know Phonebuff has released a new video drop testing the new iPhone 11 Pro Max This video pits the new iPhone against the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ The results vary, depending on the location of impact

Will Apple or Samsung’s flagship be the drop test king?

There have already been quite a few drop test videos of the iPhone 11 Pro Max by itself, so naturally the next move was to match it  [Read More…]

T-Mobile is bringing back the ability to test drive its network

T-Mobile has brought back the Un-Carrier Test Drive from 2014, and it’s better than ever.

What you need to know T-Mobile Test Drive allows you to use your existing smartphone on TMO regardless of your current carrier. Service is provided via a mobile hotspot. You’ll get 30 days or 30 GB of data, whichever comes first.

Switching mobile carriers is not easy, even with so many cloud services to help the transition. Although carriers offer switching incentives  [Read More…]