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Google is testing search results with lots of pictures and almost no words

Taking visual search to a whole new level.

What you need to know Google appears to be testing a radically different search results page with lots of visual imagery. These search results are only appearing on Google searches performed on a desktop browser, not mobile devices. While it’s light on text, the visual distinction between search results and ads is incredibly stark.

Google is testing a new page design for desktop search results, and it’s a rather  [Read More…]

Xiaomi is testing a new privacy feature that flags suspicious app behavior

The new controls will go even beyond what Android 10 offers.

What you need to know Xiaomi is reportedly working on beefing up security in MIUI 11. It’s working on a feature that notifies users when an app uses sensitive permissions. Potentially suspicious behavior, like opening another app or autostarting in the background, will also be flagged.

Privacy controls are all the rage these days, and it’s no wonder, with every day bringing a new story about  [Read More…]

Uber testing feature that lets some California drivers set their own fares

It’s one of several changes being made in response to California’s new gig-economy law.

What you need to know Uber is testing a feature that will let drivers set their own fares. It’s being tested in California, specifically by drivers picking up from airports in Santa Barbara, Palm Springs, and Sacramento. It will allow drivers to set fares in 10 percent increments, up to five times the Uber base price for the ride.

Uber is testing a  [Read More…]

YouTube is testing a way to quickly find creators featured in video collabs

Testing is being done with a small percentage of users.

What you need to know YouTube is testing a new “featured in this video” section. It is currently only available to a small percentage of users as YouTube tests it and gathers feedback. If it is available for you, then you’ll see a section under the video with links to the YouTubers featured in the video and the option to subscribe.

YouTube is currently testing a new  [Read More…]

TikTok is testing in-app monetization with ‘Link in Bio’ and in-video URLs

“We’re always experimenting with new ways to improve the app experience for our users.”

What you need to know TikTok is experimenting with ways to commercialize its platform in the U.S. Users can now add links to e-commerce sites to their profile bio. URLs can also send viewers quickly to shopping websites straight from videos.

A report suggests that TikTok is beginning to experiment with ways to monetize its platform, which has over a billion users.

As  [Read More…]

Facebook is testing a photos-only mode in its app

Instagram inside Facebook?

What you need to know A report shows Facebook is testing a photos-only mode within its app. ‘Popular photos’ uses an algorithm to generate a photos-only feed for users. It could offer users an Instagram-esque escape from Facebook’s regular content.

A report this week suggests that Facebook is quietly testing a photos-only mode for its mobile app, that would allow users to see algorithmically suggested photos in a feed similar to Instagram.

According to  [Read More…]

Instagram begins testing a TikTok-like video editing tool called Reels

Instagram users will be able to find the new Reels feature in the Stories shutter modes tray.

What you need to know Instagram has launched a new TikTok-like video-music remix tool for Stories, called Reels. With Instagram Reels, users can make short 15-second video clips that can be shared as Stories and may appear in the Top Reels section under the Explore tab. The feature is currently limited to Brazil.

Instagram today launched (via TechCrunch) a new  [Read More…]

Netflix is testing a feature that is going to annoy snooty directors

You will soon be able to binge-watch all of Seinfeld at 1.5X speed

What you need to know A Netflix viewer tipped Android Police that the app now includes variable-speed playback. Netflix confirms that it tests features like this. It will be interesting to see how much directors let Netflix mess with their creation.

Netflix is testing a feature that will allow viewers to speed up or slow down programs, according to a tip received by Android  [Read More…]

Testing face recognition on dark skin isn’t a bad thing when done right

No matter how you approach it, the subject is going to be a touchy one. Being deceitful and dumb about how you do it isn’t helping here, Google.

It’s no secret that using any sort of software that does more than a cursory “look” at people has issues when used by a person of color. Microsoft had issues with the Kinect and even a simple heart-rate sensor on your smartwatch can struggle here. Google is trying to  [Read More…]

PlayStation 4 cross-play testing ends, now open to all developers

PlayStation has finished internally testing cross-play, meaning it is (in theory) open for all developers.

What you need to know In 2018, Sony announced that beta testing had begun for cross-play, with select titles allowed to participate, such as Fortnite: Battle Royale. According to Wired, internal beta testing has finished and cross-play is now open for all developers to access. The number of games supporting cross-play is limited at the moment however, more are coming. In order  [Read More…]