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The Feds can crack any iPhone but Androids still give them trouble

Nobody makes a tool to hack the phones nobody cares about.

What you need to know A government report details its capabilities in breaking phone encryption and acquiring data. All iOS devices are effectively crackable. Popular Android devices can be cracked but only select models.

While the FBI wages a court battle against phone manufacturers, our friends at Vice have found an interesting report from the Science and Technology branch of the Department of Homeland Security that  [Read More…]

The Play Store’s auto-playing videos will have a toggle to turn them off

It’s still in testing for now.

What you need to know Google has been experimenting with auto-playing videos in the Play Store since August. The company recently added a toggle turn the feature off by default. The change was supposed to officially roll out in September, but the company still hasn’t made it widely available.

Google’s making a change to the Play Store that most of us will probably not like. It’s been testing autoplay videos for  [Read More…]

What are Google Mobile Services (GMS) and why does my phone need them?

GMS and Google Play Services are what puts “Google” into an Android phone. It’s something you probably want to have and don’t want to install it yourself.

The announcement of the Huawei Mate 30 Pro has placed a new focus on what’s known as the GMS Core (Google Mobile Services) that’s in your phone. Since the Mate 30 Pro isn’t going to have it — at least for now — you might be wondering what it is,  [Read More…]

What are Routines in the Google Home app, and how do you use them?

Have you ever wished you could make your smart home do multiple actions at once with a single command? Maybe turning off all the lights and adjusting your thermostat in your home when you leave for the office in the morning. Another example would be starting your morning by hearing the weather, latest headlines, your favorite music, and turning on your lights.

Well, the good news is, that’s exactly what Routines were created for. With a few simple steps, you  [Read More…]

Oculus Quest devices are selling as fast as Facebook can make them

The Oculus Quest is selling so well that Facebook has a hard time keeping them in stock.

What you need to know The Oculus Quest is selling well, according to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. The standalone headset has earned positive reviews from several outlets. Orders for the Oculus Quest are often delayed due to stock shortages.

The Oculus Quest is performing well according to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. In the Facebook Q2 2019 Earnings call, Zuckerberg stated  [Read More…]

All the Exotics in Dauntless and how to get them

Having unique items in MMO’s is important and the Dauntless exotics are pretty great.

Tired of looking like everyone else in Ramsgate? You too can look unique with these powerful new Exotics in the world of Dauntless! That’s my salesman pitch for Exotics and why you might want them. Exotic armor and weapons have a few main reasons to exist; Power level, special abilities, and a unique look are the main three, but they are never easy  [Read More…]

All the HPWU for Android launch problems and how to fix them

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is here and it’s sure to liven up the weekend for many of us muggles. But as is often the case with the newest hot games for mobile, there are some bugs and gremlins running around ruining the fun for unsuspecting users. Here are all of the most common problems and great tips to fix them so you can get back to the fun.

Connection issues

Are you receiving messages like :Error has  [Read More…]

What are smart outdoor lights and do you need them?

Best answer: Smart outdoor lights are designed to offer all the functionality of your standard motion-detecting floodlights with the added benefit of being connected to your smartphone for alert notifications or remote control. Depending on the system you go with, you can control things from your phone or with your voice using Alexa or Google Assistant.

All-in-one: Ring Floodlight and Motion-Activated HD Security Camera ($ 249 at Amazon) Wireless and modular: Arlo Home Security Starter Kit ($  [Read More…]

Flaw found in Bluetooth Titan Security Keys, Google is replacing them

Keep using your key for now, but grab the free replacement just in case.

What you need to know This only affects the Bluetooth version of the Titan Key. Google is offering a free replacement for every user. The key will stop working with the iOS 12.3 update. The key will stop working with the June 2019 Security Patch for Android.

Google has issued an advisory for users of the Bluetooth version of its Titan Security Key  [Read More…]

4 things foldable phones need to address before I buy into them

Amazing technology that’s hindered by a few growing pains.

Last week, a few of my colleagues were lucky enough to get their hands on the Samsung Galaxy Fold — the very first foldable phone that’s launching here in the U.S. in just a few short days.

Even though I’m watching from the sidelines, it’s been really exciting to see their first impressions of the phone and learn what it’s like to actually use a device of that  [Read More…]