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Dark theme is finally rolling out to Gmail for Android

A server-side update to Gmail for Android is enabling dark mode.

What you need to know Google is rolling out dark theme in Gmail for Android via a server-side update. You’ll be able to choose between three options: Light, Dark, and System default. The update may not be available for everyone just yet.

Google teased a dark theme for Gmail on the Android 10 site, and the update is now rolling out. As noted by several users  [Read More…]

How to enable Dark theme on Android 10

Dark theme is here, at long last! The Android Developer team has spent almost five years teasing us with dark themes in the Developer Previews only to yank it away when fall rolled around, but with Android 10, Dark theme is officially here to stay, and turning it on and off is an absolute breeze.

How to turn on Dark theme from Settings Open Settings. Tap Display.

Tap the Dark theme toggle to turn it on.

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Gallery Go is the latest Google app to get a dark theme makeover

The update is available now through the Play Store.

What you need to know The latest version of Gallery Go adds a dark theme. Gallery Go initially launched last month as a lightweight offline photo gallery from the Google Photos team. The dark theme will be enabled based on your system theme or can be toggled manually in the settings.

Google Photos has been one of my favorite apps to manage my pictures since it first launched.  [Read More…]

Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides start receiving Material Theme redesign

The redesign has been spotted on the latest 1.19.312.02.40 of the Google Docs app.

What you need to know Material Theme redesigns are rolling out to the Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides app. The updated design has been spotted on version 1.19.312.02.40 of the Google Docs app. The revamped design appears to be a server-side change.

Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides are finally getting a Material Theme makeover! The new design follows several months behind fellow productivity  [Read More…]

Theme Hospital successor ‘Two Point Hospital’ admits itself onto PS4 soon

Two Point Hospital is about to get even better.

What you need to know Two Point Hospital is a hilarious hospital simulator on PC. It garnered stellar reviews at launch. Sega is finally bringing it to consoles in 2019. The game has been rebuilt to be played with a controller.

Many months ago, Sega and Two Point Studios released a hilarious Theme Hospital successor called Two Point Hospital. The announcement trailer was quirky and featured a fictitious  [Read More…]

This is the theme park-tested gear in Ara’s gear bag

I’ve survived two Disney College Programs, over a dozen family vacations, and now live within a half an hour of Walt Disney World, where I head when the weather’s nice for a change of pace, some photography practice, and maybe a Peter Pan float. When your gear bag has to get you through a long day in hot, humid, storm-prone weather and overwhelming crowds — and be light enough not to kill your back during this all-day urban  [Read More…]

YouTube is testing the best thing since Dark Theme: Hiding the comments

Whether you care about comments or not, this small change could have a huge impact.

What you need to know This change has been seen in testing on the YouTube app in India. It adds a “Comments” button to the video options menu, between Dislike and Share. Comments appear in a new window separate from the video details and suggested videos. We do not know if this change will roll out more widely (but one can only  [Read More…]

You can’t body paint a phone, but theme it before the Finals start!

The NBA Finals have a newcomer this year in the Toronto Raptors, who will be fighting for the championship for the first time in its 24-year history. On the other side of the court, the Golden State Warriors are looking to take home their fourth title in five years. Whichever side of this series you come down on, your phone deserves to get in on your team spirit, but since body paint and touchscreens don’t mix, give your  [Read More…]

Make your Chromebook your own with a Chrome theme

Chromebooks are designed to work the same whether you buy a $ 100 Chromebook or a $ 1,000 Pixelbook, but that doesn’t mean they all have to look the same. Chrome themes have existed for years, and while they don’t extend to the entire Chrome OS system, they do theme the Chrome browser, where we tend to spend the most time. Once you choose a theme, it can last for years — I’ve been using the same Blue/Green  [Read More…]

Android Q beta 3 review: Great dark theme, controversial gesture nav

Our first real look at what Q has in store for us.

We’ve been using “Android Q” since early March, and Google even released a beta update in early April. But what’s been clear from Day 1, as is the case with previous beta programs, is that this isn’t really Android Q. It’s mostly Android 9 Pie with some work-in-progress interface elements and lots of under-the-hood API changes for developers to start testing their apps against the new  [Read More…]