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Is there an annual fee for the Citi Double Cash card?

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What kind of annual fee does the Citi® Double Cash Card charge?

Best answer: No, the Citi® Double Cash credit card does not have an  [Read More…]

GeForce Now makes the Shield TV one of the best streaming boxes out there

Play high-end PC games on any TV with GeForce Now and a Shield TV box.

The Nvidia Shield TV is the best way to do Android TV period. Yes, you can buy televisions with Android TV built-in and there are a few other companies making Android TV-powered boxes, but if you want to do it right, you should just buy a Shield TV and be done with it.

If you’re the type who likes to do a  [Read More…]

Have small ears? There are still headphones out there for you

If you have small ears, chances are you’ve found it difficult to get a pair of headphones that are a good fit. There are virtually endless choices out there for audio gadgets in 2020, but finding ones that work properly in smaller-sized ears can still prove to be a pain in the butt. That’s why we’ve done our homework and created a list of our favorite headphones/earbuds that are worth spending money on, even if your ears are smaller than  [Read More…]

Ready to ditch Sonos? There are the best alternatives

Now more than ever before, speakers are more than just a singular tool for listening to your favorite music. Modern speakers often have built-in ways to play songs from your preferred streaming service, talk to digital assistants, and connect to other speakers in your home for multi-room audio. Sonos has become one of the most popular brands in the current speaker world, offering a multi-room system that’s proven to be among the best out there. However, if you’re  [Read More…]

Get the best Smart TV out there with one of these options

If you’ve been thinking of getting a Smart TV, you may be a bit overwhelmed by all the options. The TCL Class 6 Smart TV is the best option, with Roku built-in and a beautiful 4K display. The QLED technology also brings out the beauty of every color on the screen so you can get the best picture possible.

Best Overall: TCL Class 6 Smart TV

TCL makes great TVs, and the Class 6 Smart TV  [Read More…]

Your phone tracks your every move and there is nothing you can do about it

Ad networks and trackers are bad, but they aren’t the only way your phone tracks your every move.

The New York Times has published a bombshell of a story that goes into great detail about how software SDKs (especially advertisement-based ones) can track your every move no matter how “anonymized” they claim to be. It’s a great article and really goes in-depth about how it all works and more importantly, why it’s something you might want to  [Read More…]

Put Alexa wherever there is a plug with the Amazon Echo Flex

It’s not pretty, but that’s kinda the point.

When Amazon announced the Echo Flex at its September 2019 event in Seattle, the product received a mixed, if muted reception among the tech press and Echo/Alexa fans. Some saw it as another example of Amazon just throwing a bunch of crud up against a wall (which, ironically, is where this thing goes) to see if it would stick, some didn’t pay it much attention at all, and some  [Read More…]

There are a TON of Black Friday VPN offers that are available right now

When you think of Black Friday, deals on VPN services might not immediately come to mind. But while most are considering where to get the best price on a laptop they’ve been eyeing, or how to get the cheapest phone or other consumer electronics device, why not spare a thought for how you might protect those devices and your privacy?

VPNs are super useful for our increasingly internet-connected lives. If you spend any time at all banking or shopping online,  [Read More…]

Thanks to Stadia there are now Console Master Race knuckleheads

Why can’t we let other people like other things?

If you visit that part of the internet where people talk about games, you might have seen this guy.

Playing games at 100+ FPS in 4K on my water-cooled gaming PC reminds me how trash anything played on an Xbox One X or PlayStation Pro 4 looks. Those textures are such hot garbage that take forever to render and don’t even get me started on load times or  [Read More…]

AirPods Pro review: Still great, but there are better options on Android

Here’s the thing: like most Apple accessories, the AirPods Pro work best with Apple products. They’re pretty great if you use an iPhone, an iPad, or a MacBook. They connect instantly and feature hands-free Siri along with sensor-based play/pause when you remove one or both earbuds.

But with Android phones, the AirPods Pro are just another pair of true wireless earbuds, albeit ones with excellent noise cancellation, some handy capacitive controls, and a relatively portable case. But that  [Read More…]