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Cat Phones intros rugged, waterproof S61 with enhanced thermal imaging camera

Slated to launch in the second quarter, the Cat S61 is tougher than hell and can withstand anything you throw at it. The updated model also boasts an indoor air quality sensor and laser-assisted measuring tool.

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FLIR One Pro preview: An Android-powered thermal imaging camera made for professionals

If you require thermal imaging to get the job done, the FLIR One Pro is one of the best solutions for doing so with your smartphone.

Contractors, road warriors, electricians, plumbers — whatever your occupation is, if it’s dealing with scalding hot things or even temperate metal, chances are you’ll get plenty of use from a little plug-in thermal imaging camera like the FLIR One Pro.

This is the professional version of the FLIR One, one of  [Read More…]

Understanding how thermal imaging tech apps work

Thermal imaging improves human visibility of the ‘invisible’. Put simply, a thermal imaging device can see what our naked eyes cannot see. Human visibility is restricted to the visible spectrum of light on the electromagnetic spectrum. This is a small component of the entire spectrum. Thermal imaging – infrared – notices heat signatures of objects, […]

Caterpillar S60 – Built In Thermal Imaging Powered by FLIR (preview)

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Have you ever wanted a phone that could transform into a bulldozer? Neither have I, but here’s something just as cool!

The Cat S60 is a new phone by Caterpillar that features not only impressive specs, but also integrated thermal imaging. That’s right; thermal imaging. Now you can play Mobile Strike and see in the dark!

Let’s talk about specs. Although this phone is not geared towards the average joe on the street, the S60 is pretty  [Read More…]

Hands-on with Flir One, a smartphone-powered thermal camera

Thermal cameras are little more than a fun toy for most of us, but the companies and contractors that rely on the technology to be more efficient in their work are routinely faced with the tremendous cost associated with most of the hardware in the category. Over the last two years we’ve seen an effort to make thermal cameras smaller, cheaper, and in some cases even relying on your smartphone to do a lot of the heavy  [Read More…]

Hands-on with the Seek Thermal camera add-on accessory

Want to see in the dark? There’s a cool accessory for your phone that is going to make that possible. Seek Thermal (thermal.com) is a portable camera that plugs into smartphones which adds the ability of thermal imaging. Multi-thousand dollar thermal cameras have been used by firefighters, law enforcement and the military to see through smoke or in complete darkness. Now, you can use that kind of imaging technology with your smartphone.

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