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These $250 wireless noise-cancelling earbuds are on sale for $75

Wireless earbuds don’t tend to enjoy a very great reputation among serious listeners—due to the fact that they almost always lack the kind of Hi-Fi clarity that most audiophiles crave.

These HUB: Hi-Fi Wireless Noise Cancelling Earbuds, however, manage to break the mold by offering supreme sonics along with an incredibly compact and comfortable design, and they’re currently on sale for 70% off at just $ 74.99.

With Bluetooth 5.0 technology and a whopping 100 hours of total playback  [Read More…]

Manage all of those subscriptions with these tips

Take the reins from your runaway subscriptions.

In many ways, the rise of the subscription service has been freeing for consumers. It’s allowed us conveniences like scheduled deliveries that we don’t have to think about and cost savings like only paying for the channels we want instead of an entire cable package.

However, like any good thing, too much can cause problems. Lots of us are subscribed to so many services that bill us at different times,  [Read More…]

These power banks won’t empty your wallet to recharge your phone

Power banks are wonderful tools that can help keep your lifeline from turning into a portable paperweight while you’re trying to survive just another ridiculously long day, but buying one you can trust shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. These are some great power banks that won’t break your bank… account.

Portable powerhouse Aukey 10,000mAh Battery Pack

Staff pick

This pack is phone-sized for charging on the go and in addition to 18W Power Delivery charging,  [Read More…]

These highly rated Sennheiser headphones get a deeper discount for limited time

It’s an excellent time to buy gifts for friends, family, and co-workers. Discounts are everywhere and there’s a lot of awesome stuff to purchase. While you’re going about the shopping season, why not treat yourself, too?

If you’re bargain hunting and/or considering cool tech, you might be interested in the Sennheiser HD 4.40 BT Over-Ear Headphones, which are on sale in the AndroidGuys Deals Store. They’re highly rated and affordable and sound incredible. Best of all, you can pick them  [Read More…]

These 4 new Chrome features will keep your passwords safer than ever

It’s also easier to see which Chrome profile you’re using.

What you need to know Google Chrome is getting new tools to keep your online data safe. Chrome will now warn you if your email or password has been compromised in a data breach. The desktop version of Chrome is gaining real-time phishing protection.

Staying safe online is an increasingly important thing that everyone needs to be aware of, and in an effort to make this easier,  [Read More…]

These cases let you play around with the Moto G8 Play with no fears

The Moto G8 Play is aiming to be one of the more popular handsets over the coming months if Motorola’s mid-range track record is any indication. However, with so much value in the G8 lineup, you’ll still want to keep it protected and we’ve found the best cases for the G8 Play.

Improved grippiness Fancart Soft TPU Protective Case

Staff Pick

Fancarts Soft TPU Case keeps everything simple with its raised edges, matte TPU material to  [Read More…]

These $200 Wireless Earbuds are now just $67

Bluetooth earbuds are more accessible than ever, but many of us are still hesitant to make the switch out of fear for poor battery life. If your active lifestyle doesn’t give you time to constantly recharge your earbuds, we understand your pain, and so does Kharbon Audio. Thankfully, their latest pair of Bluetooth earbuds boast several days worth of battery life, and you can get a pair on sale for just $ 67 when you use code MERRYSAVE15 at checkout.

The Kharbon  [Read More…]

These $260 noise-cancelling headphones are $70 today

There’s no better way to drown out distractions than with a solid pair of headphones. However, standard headphones only offer passive noise cancellation; they won’t completely protect your ears in loud environments like a plane or a train. Instead, you’ll need headphones with active noise cancellation, and we recommend this $ 70 pair by TREBLAB.  

The TREBLAB Z2s are wireless Bluetooth headphones built for comfortable listening. They contain powerful 40mm neodymium drivers to produce high fidelity audio quality. On  [Read More…]

Disney+ needs to get these films and shows right now

There’s plenty to watch now, but there could always be more.

I’ve been watching an absolutely ungodly amount of cartoons and movies and specials and series over the last few weeks since Disney Plus (Disney+) launched. Looking around you’d think, sure, it’s got everything. However, when I go looking for even more to watch, I always find myself wanting more. There are hundreds of shows and series already on Disney+, but there are still hundreds more that  [Read More…]

Keep your files tidy with these File Managers for Android

Plenty of us use File Managers to keep track of all of the many files we have. While there are dozens of them available on the Google Play Store, many don’t offer the features or ease of access that you want — or need—in a file manager. That being said, the quality of these applications has improved vastly over the years and we have the best you can download today for your Android device.

Simplicity at its finest Simple  [Read More…]