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Get your pumpkin fix with these Halloween-worthy wallpapers

The holiday of candy, costumes, crazily scaring people — and best of all, PUMPKINS!!! is upon us, and you should be celebrating! Not all of us get to dress up to the nines and go beg for candy anymore, but that doesn’t mean your phone can’t get a costume! There are lots of ways to dress up a phone without getting tacky cases, and that’s why we’re bringing you a variety of sweet and simple wallpapers that remind us that  [Read More…]

Get connected with Alexa and these great security cameras

A Wi-Fi-enabled security camera is an excellent way to keep an eye on your home while you’re away. You can check-in on the pets while you’re at work, and in the case of those with built-in microphones, quickly tell your kid that they’re supposed to be studying instead of playing video games. Even better, if you have an Amazon Echo device and use Alexa to do all the smart things in your home, an Alexa-enabled security camera can do wonderful  [Read More…]

These are the best Bluetooth trackers to keep tabs on valuables

Once upon a time, you’d lose track of your keys and spend precious time searching for them. Now, you have phones and Bluetooth. When you combine the two, you have Bluetooth trackers that connect to your phone. When you lose an item, you’re only an app away from quickly finding it again. Tile continues to dominate this market and recently refreshed its lineup. Our favorite is still the Tile Pro. The new edition offers an unbeatable range, the  [Read More…]

Get the most out of the Pixel 4’s Face Unlock with these tricks

Face Unlock on the Pixel 4 is a big step forward for the world of biometric authentication on Android. We’ve seen face unlock on countless other devices in the past, but the implementation on the Pixel 4 is special. Not only is it incredibly fast and secure, but you can also use it for authorizing purchases and logging into apps. Want some tips on how to optimize it for the best experience possible? Here are a few tips!

  [Read More…]

Power Up! These five chargers are on sale today

As good as battery tech has gotten over the years, there’s still a long way to go. Most of our phones can get us well into a day or so worth of usage, but we always end up having to plug back in.

While we do have one charger that comes with our phones, it’s not really enough. What happens when you run low at work or at a friend’s house? Or, what about those road trips where we have  [Read More…]

These are the best screen protectors for the OnePlus 7T

The OnePlus 7T is a compelling new phone that offers a display with a 90Hz refresh rate that, honestly, once you’ve experienced it first hand you won’t want to go back to anything slower. Given that, you’ll also want to protect your phone’s display so you’re never distracted by a pesky scratch or crack. We’ve rounded up the best screen protectors designed exclusively for the OnePlus 7T.

Best value for tempered glass Mr.Shield Tempered Glass Screen Protector (3-pack) [Read More…]

These are the best heavy duty cases for the Pixel 4

The Pixel 4 is shaping up to be a great new smartphone filled with a ton of cool new features you’re bound to love. But one thing that no one loves is a ruined screen on a brand new phone. We’ve rounded up the best heavy-duty cases for the Pixel 4, so pick the one that fits your style and budget.

Protect and showcase Ringke Fusion-X

Staff pick

Ringke Fusion-X

The  [Read More…]

It’s easy to see why these Pixel 4 XL cases are ‘clear’ winners

The Pixel 4 XL showcases one of the most significant design refreshes we’ve ever seen in the Pixel series, and the end result is rather spectacular. This is a darn good-looking phone, especially in the striking Oh So Orange color. However, as we all know, glass backs don’t tend to fare well in the event of a drop or fall. With the right clear case, you can keep your 4 XL looking outstanding without hiding its design. Here are our  [Read More…]

These apps support the Pixel 4’s face unlock feature

Let’s see if your favorite apps work with the Pixel 4.

The Pixel 4 is an important phone for the Android landscape. The 90Hz display, dual rear cameras, and wireless charging are all perfectly cool, but the thing that really makes it stand out is Google’s all-new face unlock system.

We’ve seen other Android phones offer face unlock in the past, but the Pixel 4 is the first one that’s secure enough to be useful beyond the  [Read More…]

These AirPod alternatives offer superb audio and battery life for $40

Smartphone manufacturers are slowly but surely removing headphone jacks from their flagship models, and soon enough, your reliable wired headphones will be obsolete. Luckily, Bluetooth earbuds are more accessible than ever, and popular choices like the Apple AirPods dominate the market. Not just anyone can buy a pricey pair of AirPods though, but you can get these AirPods alternatives for just $ 40.

The AirSounds Pro is a pair of true wireless Bluetooth earbuds featuring an AirPods-inspired design.  [Read More…]