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Stay warm with these hot deals on batteries, USB type-C cables, and adapters and fast wireless chargers

Welcome to another wonderful week! I hope you’re missing out on this crazy winter storm hitting the north east. But hey, if you are getting dumped on right now, make the best of it! Kick back with some Netflix, make some hot cocoa and realize that it’s March so this is probably the last snow of […]

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with these wallpapers, and a pint

Go green with your phone, not your face, with these St. Paddy’s Day wallpapers!

St. Patrick’s Day is coming, and while as adults St. Paddy’s means a whole lot of drinking and some sweet parades, as children our first introduction to the holiday consisted of unsuspecting kiddies being ganged up on and pinched for not wearing green on a seemingly random day in March. Well, not wearing green on your shirt doesn’t mean you deserve to get  [Read More…]

Save 64% on these Grain Audio OEHP On-Ear Headphones (Deal of the Day)

The makers at Grain Audio have been quietly perfecting the art of pure, natural sound to deliver the OEHP On-Ear Headphones. These minimalist, solid wood headphones may look flat out amazing on the outside, but every audio elite knows that it’s what’s on the inside that counts. Each enclosure is paired with a proprietary driver […]

These new smart features might make it into Android O

Google is constantly working to improve Android. According to a new report coming out of Venture Beat, Google is currently focused on developing a set of smart features that may or may not make a debut in Android O. The search giant is expected to introduce them during the Google I/O conference in May. The […]

Picking up an LG G6? Check out these new cases!

What are the best cases for the LG G6?

If you’re planning to pick up the brand new LG G6 when it launches early next month, you’ll want to keep it protected with a good case. With a wide selection of cases available, you can find the perfect case for your new phone before you even have it in your hands.

Here’s our breakdown of some of the best cases you can find for the LG G6.

  [Read More…]

These are the cheapest data plans you can buy in the U.S.

Wondering where to go to save a couple of bucks on a data package? We can help.

There are so many different data plans offered by both the “Big Four” major carriers, but usually, the cheapest tier is not even worth its price when you factor in things like taxes and monthly device activation fees. To that end, you might consider a smaller carrier or an MVNO — known to some as “alternative carriers” — which typically  [Read More…]

Don’t want to pay extra for Oculus movies? Use these awesome alternatives instead!

There is no reason to overpay for your movies when you have options.

The Gear VR is comfortable enough that you can easily lay back and check out your favorite movies. Now Oculus Movies, is built right in so that you can purchase and watch the movies that you are really hankering for. However there is a bit of a catch here. That’s because purchasing a movie through Oculus Movies is actually a bit more expensive than  [Read More…]

Check out these seven deals on USB type-C cables and external batteries to keep your phone charged up

Even with the increasingly good battery life in phones, you still need to charge them, right? Well, today we have some deals that will make that as painless as possible. We’re featuring a new company named Veckle. Veckle is from the same people behind the excellent iOrange-E but is designed to have some more cool […]

Binge your heart out with these anime wallpapers!

There’s so much anime out there, it’s enough to make a fangirl blush.

Back when I was in high school, there weren’t that many places to watch anime (legally). Now, look at the market! We’ve got anime everywhere! Toonami is back and more awesome than ever, Crunchyroll and Funimation have teamed up to offer more awesome subs and dubs mere hours after they air in Japan, and the diversity and quality of the anime out today is  [Read More…]

Get hyped for the LG G6 with these official wallpapers

Are you excited for the launch of the new LG G6? The device we saw at MWC 2017 looks very impressive and you’ve got to hand it to LG for completely redesigning its flagship every year. In case you missed the announcement here’s how the G6 stacks up. It’ll have a Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor, […]