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These PS4 DualShock 4 Controllers are over 30% off this week only

Don’t miss this chance!

While supplies last, you can grab the DualShock 4 Wireless Controller for PlayStation 4 for only $ 39.99 via Newegg. You’ll need to add the controller to your cart in order to see the price. These regularly sell for up to $ 65 each depending on where you’re shopping, though the standard versions can more regularly be found priced around $ 50. Standard shipping at Newegg on these controllers is free.

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Flowers last a week, but these Valentines will show your love for years

Take it from a woman who knows: traditional Valentine’s gifts aren’t the ones you remember. The Valentine’s gift I remember most fondly from my first boyfriend were Runts that were sorted by color for me because they were given to me with three white, pink, and red heart-covered Altoids tins, which I’ve used years after there wasn’t any candy left. Giving a practical gift that your partner will use every day can let a day’s expression of love echo for  [Read More…]

These are all the products that ‘Work With Nest’

Best answer: Nest is an extremely popular brand, and the company’s tree of compatible products continues to grow. The range of products include your standard smart home necessities like Google Home but expand into household appliances like ovens, water heaters, and even motorized blinds.

Amazon: Nest Learning Thermostat ($ 204)

Nest has been around for the better part of a decade and the company provides some of the best smart home products around. Nest got was  [Read More…]

Grab one of these co-op games for your PS4 to play with your Valentine

Valentine’s Day isn’t just about getting that perfect gift for your sweet crush or significant other — it’s also about spending some real quality time with them. More and more, gamer couples are choosing to do that by playing co-op games. It makes for the perfect date night, with most co-op games requiring teamwork and communication for success. It’ll bring you two closer and you’ll have loads of fun doing it. Need some ideas? These PlayStation 4 games are great  [Read More…]

These are some of the best stealth games on PS4

Action-packed, fast-paced gameplay isn’t the only way to get your heart pumping. Some of us find that very same experience being as stealthy as possible. The stakes are never higher than when you can’t be detected, so here are the best stealth games for the PlayStation 4.

★ Featured favorite The Last of Us Remastered

The Last of Us Remastered is praised for its cinematics and impeccable character-driven storytelling, but its gameplay mechanics are nothing to sneeze at.  [Read More…]

Secure your home with these SmartThings doorbells and locks

One of the best things about SmartThings is that you can use a slew of other third-party devices on your system, doorbells and locks included. While you can automate your home in amazing ways with SmartThings, it can also be used to monitor things and keep you safe. In addition to using motion sensors and alarms, you can add in a video doorbell and smart door lock for added protection. Here are our picks for the top doorbells and smart  [Read More…]

These are the best screen protectors for the Galaxy Watch

Whether you’ve got a 42mm or 46mm Galaxy Watch, your smartwatch deserves to be protected. Samsung’s latest and greatest is hardy, but you’re going to want something that is resistant to the basics: dirt, dust, scratches, and water. But you’re also going to want something that doesn’t change how the watch works, including features like the touchscreen face and how the watch looks.

Completely shatterproof YiJYi Samsung Galaxy Watch 46mm Screen Protector

Specifically made for the Samsung Galaxy  [Read More…]

These card games for Android will rock your world

Classic card games and fantasy card worlds on your Android phone? Yes, please!

For some, card games are the ultimate way to relax. Killing time on your morning commute or unwinding at the end of your day playing cards can now all happen on your phone, which is fantastic. You can play solo or face opponents in virtual game rooms anytime, day or night, in casino-style games or fantasy card games of every kind.

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These are the best fighting games for the PS4 right now

Whether it’s in the arcade or in the comfort of their own home, fighting games have provided gamers with immense amounts of fun and hot competition for years. If you’re ready to continue the fight on your PlayStation 4 and wondering which games are worth checking out, read on. We list the very best fighting games you’re going to find for PS4. From Street Fighter to Dragon Ball FighterZ and everything in between, here they are.

★ Featured favorite Tekken  [Read More…]

These are the best platformers you can play on PS4

Super Mario is almost synonymous with platforming, but unfortunately he’s stuck on Nintendo’s systems. If you want to play some quality platformers on your PS4, however, you’re not entirely out of luck. PlayStation has a slew of great titles ranging from 2D sidescrollers to 3D platformers like Spyro. There’s a little something for everyone no matter your skill set.

★ Featured favorite Celeste

Celeste isn’t for the faint of heart. You wouldn’t tell from its graphics, but this  [Read More…]