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These are Android Central’s Best of CES 2020 award winners!

All of the best announcements at the show, from concepts to shipping products.

CES can be a tough show to navigate, with so many intersecting themes and product categories all exhibiting in one place. With everything from ready-to-ship products all the way up to high-level concept devices, there are more great new things to see than you’d ever have time for.

The team here at Android Central took the meetings, roamed the halls and covered all of the news  [Read More…]

CES 2020 had so many good dogs — these are the best ones

Did you know there were dogs at this event? Because there are dogs at this event.

Most people think CES and immediately think smartwatches, self-driving cars, new laptops, and some crazy new AR glasses. The truth is, CES genuinely has something for everyone. From nightmarish, hyper-realistic installations from your favorite TV shows to live performances from Janelle Monae, it’s a pretty great way to explore the future.

But did you know there are dogs here? Because there  [Read More…]

These are the biggest announcements from CES 2020

These are the stories that have us excited.

January is a significant month. It marks the start of a new year, new goals, and — most importantly — new tech. The beginning of the month is always home to the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, more commonly referred to as CES.

CES 2020 is upon us, and as with every year, it is chock-full of announcement after announcement. Some are more interesting and important than  [Read More…]

Sport your love for The Mandalorian with these Baby Yoda tees

Baby Yoda from The Mandalorian (available on Disney Plus) is one of the most popular Star Wars characters right now simply because of how cute he is. Fans everywhere are desperately trying to get their hands on apparel based on the little guy. Thankfully, despite the lack of available official merchandise, there’s plenty of fan-made Baby Yoda-themed wearables out there for The Mandalorian fans. Here’s a list of some of our favorites.

Our favorite Cute I Am, Adore Me You  [Read More…]

Keep on track with your New Year’s resolutions with these apps

If you’re like most people, your resolutions revolve around living a healthier life and/or getting into shape. Those aren’t easy for anyone, but with the help of these apps, you can ensure you have the best chance possible to stick with your resolutions and come out the end of 2020 happier and healthier than ever before.

Keep track of everything Google Keep

Staff Pick

Google Keep is the all-in-one app for keeping track of reminders and  [Read More…]

Life happens, so keep the Moto E5 protected with these cases

The Moto E5 is a fan favorite for its great design, minimal software additions, and overall reliability. When it comes to getting a phone that is as reliable as the E5, you’ll want a case that will last for as long as you have the phone. We have found the best cases you can get for the Moto E5, with options for just about everyone.

Tough outer shell DEVMO Hard Plastic Shell Case

Staff Pick

DEVMO’s  [Read More…]

Don’t worry about cracks or scratches with these Nokia 6.2 cases

The Nokia 6.2 is a bit more unique as an entry-level or budget device considering it’s powered by Android One. This gives it the feel of stock Android, along with better and faster updates and a smooth experience. Even with that smooth experience, you’ll want to keep the phone safe from accidents. These are the best cases you can get today!

Bare necessities Olixar FlexiShield Cover

Staff Pick

Olixar offers many great cases and one of  [Read More…]

Make 2020 your year! Master cloud security with these online courses

We live in the age of the cloud. That means companies and organizations everywhere are scrambling to hire or promote talented and trained experts in the space. Smart business are looking for cloud security leaders to protect servers and data from the latest cyber threats and attacks.

The Essential Cloud Security Certification Bundle, available in the AndroidGuys Deals Store for just $ 49, will help you become one of those in-demand cloud security professionals.

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Just $30, these wireless headphones have 17-hour battery life

Wireless headphones and earbuds are some of our favorite accessories. Once we were accustomed to cutting the physical cord, we found it hard to go back to something that’s physically tethered. To us, Bluetooth is the way to go.

Our deal for you today is the SoulSound 2 Bluetooth 4.1 Over-Ear Headphones which deliver an audio experience that is crisp, rich, and completely wireless. To be fair, you can plug them in, too. Either way you use ’em, they’re yours  [Read More…]

Got a shiny new Android phone? Kit it out with these accessories!

Welcome to the wonderful world of Android! We hope you greatly enjoy your new phone and the new ecosystem around it. If this is your first time on our side of the Apple/Google divide, there are a few items out there you’ll probably want to consider picking up for your new phone. From headphones to use for listening to chargers and cables to keep your phone alive on those rotten days that just will not end, you can upgrade your  [Read More…]