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YouTube is testing the best thing since Dark Theme: Hiding the comments

Whether you care about comments or not, this small change could have a huge impact.

What you need to know This change has been seen in testing on the YouTube app in India. It adds a “Comments” button to the video options menu, between Dislike and Share. Comments appear in a new window separate from the video details and suggested videos. We do not know if this change will roll out more widely (but one can only  [Read More…]

You can’t get the OnePlus 7 in the US, but that might not be a bad thing

OnePlus had a pretty big week. With the introduction of the OnePlus 7 Pro, the company has planted a flag in premium flagship territory to challenge the likes of Samsung, LG, and Huawei. While the company has long been the king of budget flagships, we now see a new strategy from OnePlus that asks for a little more money for a lot more phone.

But, many were disappointed because OnePlus has long asked for about half of what other device  [Read More…]

Bixbi Button Remapper – bxActions review: The best thing to happen to your Bixby button

You know that button below the volume rocker on your Samsung Galaxy S or Note phone? You know the one I’m talking about, the one that you never press because all it does is open Bixby.

What if I told you it was capable of so much more? What if it allowed for multiple shortcuts using single press, long press, and double pressing? What if it could open any app you wanted, including Google Assistant, and more?

Developer: Jawomo

Price: Free/$  [Read More…]

The Galaxy S10 has one thing other phones in 2019 lack — courage

A phone that has everything you want — and everything I want — really does exist.

The Galaxy S10, on paper anyway, is without a doubt the finest smartphone Samsung has ever built. And I don’t say that lightly; Apple may have outstanding chipsets and Google may have “pure” software, but when considering the total package, a Pixel or iPhone doesn’t offer nearly as much as Samsung does with the S10. An amazing display that’s expertly tuned  [Read More…]

One thing Amazon absolutely fixed with the new Fire TV Alexa Voice Remote

The previous Amazon Fire TV Voice Remote was lacking any sort of volume or power controls. The new Alexa Voice Remote rectifies that.

Wherein we commend Amazon for doing what we wanted it to do months ago.

You had to know it was coming. The only real question is why it took so long.

Amazon has announced a new Fire TV Voice Remote. And unlike every other remote control it’s released until now (OK, that’s  [Read More…]

The first thing you should do with your new Android device

We have all been there: You pick up your nice new shiny Android device and jump straight into the Google Play Store, download your favorite apps and games. Before you know it, you’re off and running and everything is grand.

There’s something you should do before installing all those apps. Indeed, the first thing you should do is download Find my Device, an app available in the Google Play Store.

Editor Note: Some of these features might only work on  [Read More…]

GDPR is a great thing hampered by one bad idea

Addressing privacy concerns and bringing more disclosure to users is long overdue, but the 72-hour reporting rule might do more harm than good.

The past week was important for you and your personal information, whether or not you live in the EU.

GDPR, the General Data Protection Regulation that sets guidelines about how personal information of EU citizens is collected and processed, is now official. It’s a great idea — uniform rules about how your information is  [Read More…]

Google plans to make slow security patches a thing of the past

According to a new report Google will soon require Android device manufacturers to roll out regular security updates, to minimize security risks.

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It’s a Space Thing charmingly recreates arcade shooter (review)

Do you have fond memories of space games in the 80s? The chaotic experience of blasting away at spacecraft and alien beings? It’s a Space Thing exists as a link back to your earliest foray into arcade gaming and executes a near flawless representation.

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LG opens Software Upgrade Center, aims to make slow updates a thing of the past

LG has opened a new Software Update Center in Seoul, with the express purpose of speeding up the delivery of software updates to its smartphones.

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