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WhatsApp group chats may not be as private as you think

All it takes is a simple Google search.

What you need to know WhatsApp group chats may be far less private than one would imagine. Invite links for private WhatsApp groups can be easily found via a Google Search, meaning anyone could potentially join a private chat. The issue likely stems from a mistake on WhatsApp’s part.

A journalist for DW News this week tweeted out a grim warning: “Your WhatsApp groups may not be as secure  [Read More…]

Police say Ring cameras aren’t as useful for law enforcement as you think

13 of 40 jurisdictions asked said there have been zero arrests due to Ring footage.

What you need to know Ring’s may be overestimating how effective its cameras are at preventing burglaries. There are several factors to consider when looking at the statistics, and Ring doesn’t share the data and methods it uses. Law enforcement doesn’t usually keep stats on how helpful Ring cameras are and often has trouble identifying those who are caught on camera.

When  [Read More…]

The Galaxy S20 will be more expensive than you think

The 4G models will cost about EUR 100 less than their 5G counterparts, while prices in the U.S. will unsurprisingly be lower than those in Europe.

What you need to know Samsung’s Galaxy S20 series will start off at around EUR 900 – 1,000 in Europe for the 5G variants. Their 4G equivalents will likely cost around EUR 100 less. The Galaxy Z Flip, on the other hand, may cost as much as EUR 1,400.

With the  [Read More…]

I miss my fingerprint sensor but not for the reason you might think

The Pixel 4’s facial recognition is good, but it needs to see your face to work.

I’m both a fan and not a fan of biometrics. I’ll admit I am using face unlock on the Pixel 4 since Google implemented lockdown mode so I can switch it off with a press of the power button, but I still don’t love biometrics.

My fingerprint or my face is my identity, not my password. I may have 10 fingerprints  [Read More…]

What do you think about the Galaxy S11 being called the S20?

Let’s have a chat with the AC forums.

It’s officially 2020, which means we’re another step closer to Samsung unveiling its first big flagship of the year. This upcoming phone will be the successor to last year’s Galaxy S10, and for a while now, we’ve been referring to it as the Galaxy S11.

However, a new rumor is suggesting that the S11 will actually be branded and marketed as the “Galaxy S20.”

Taking a look through the  [Read More…]

What do you think is the best smartphone camera of 2019?

Time to chat with the AC forums.

2019 saw a lot of smartphone advancements, particularly when it comes to cameras. Additional sensors were added, low-light modes further improved, and so much more.

Samsung, Huawei, Google, and others all had great years in regards to their phones’ cameras, and as you might expect, our AC forum members have their own thoughts about which phone does the best in these regards.

Here’s what some of them had to say.

  [Read More…]

Motorola One Action or Pixel 3a? We think one of these is the clear winner

Mid-range champ Google Pixel 3a

$ 399 at Amazon

Pros Unbeatable camera Solid OLED display Polycarbonate body feels sturdy Clean user interface First-in-line for software updates Cons Only 64GB of non-expandable storage

The Pixel 3a will go down in history as one of the most impressive mid-range Android phones of 2019. Google’s ability to offer a flagship-grade camera in such an affordable package is the main draw to the 3a, and when you add that together  [Read More…]

What do you think is the best smartphone of 2019?

Let’s have a chat with the AC forums.

2019 is quickly on its way out the door, and as we inch closer and closer towards the end of the year, it’s fun to look back on all of the smartphones that have been released over the last few months.

The beginning of the year got started with a bang thanks to the Galaxy S10 series, the Huawei P30 Pro asserted itself as one of the most impressive  [Read More…]

Think Google Assistant talks too much? The company has a fix for that

It’s only rolling out to select Pixel 4s, though.

What you need to know Some users report seeing a new setting that lets you ask Google Assistant to provide shorter responses to your queries. Only Pixel 4 owners with the new Assistant seem to have the option enabled. The new feature might not be entirely polished in its current state.

Is Google’s digital assistant a little too verbose for your liking? You’re not the only one, and  [Read More…]

Amazon’s first wearables are better than you think, cheaper than we deserve

These aren’t category leaders — but they’re audio-focused wearables with value only a company like Amazon can provide.

With its 2019 hardware event, Amazon broke new ground: it’s getting into wearables. In a big departure from just releasing various home-based vessels to serve Amazon Alexa at you, three new products aim to send the voice assistant on the go: Echo Frames, Echo Loop and Echo Buds.

And the best part about Amazon’s trio of wearables isn’t the  [Read More…]