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Grab this great battery pack for under £17 right now at Amazon UK

In need of keeping your phone and tablet topped up while you’re away from home? How about this whopper from RAVPower, available from Amazon UK for one day only at £16.49. The battery pack comes with a substantial 16750mAh capacity with a pair of 2.1A USB outputs. That’ll be enough to charge most phones about four times.

Despite its capacity it’s still a fairly portable battery pack with a neat power level meter and, as ever, an included  [Read More…]

This $24 wireless charger is 80% faster than your old one (Deal of the Day)

Have you recently found yourself the proud owner of a new Samsung Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 Edge? Thinking about picking up something new over the next few months? Chances are very good that whatever you end up with is capable of wireless charging. Indeed, it is; many of the last few generations of Samsung […]

Help Google deliver a better Pixel this year

The Google Pixel is unarguably one of the best phones of 2016/2017. But in a few months Google will roll out the next-gen Pixel and the company wants to make sure it will be able to truly deliver the phone of your dreams. Now product lead for the Pixel, mister Krishna Kumar is asking Pixel […]

HTC will launch a mobile version of the Vive this year

HTC will design and release a mobile VR solution this year.

HTC isn’t selling as many phones as it used to, and is now referring to itself as a “VR company,” much to the delight of its shareholders.

The company has informed CNET UK that is working on a mobile version of the HTC Vive, though the design and functionality is not yet clear. What is clear is that “it’s not a phone slapped onto a headset.  [Read More…]

Master Product Management with this bundle for 79% off

Product Management is a skill that many companies are looking for these days as they bring new products to market, test new ideas, and figure out which direction to go. In today’s world, things change so fast that you’ve always got to be ahead of the curve or you get left behind quickly, and no one wants that. Wouldn’t it be cool to get involved with the next big thing, before it is the next big thing? Well, you can  [Read More…]

This smartwatch wants you to spend more time with people who matter

Technology affects our social life and social skills. Armed with a smartphone and apps like Tinder, WhatsApp and Facebook, people don’t even need to go out into the real world to have a conversation anymore. But what if we told you not all forms of technology promote social segregation? Some actually want to combat it. […]

The Deer God: Bugs impede this game from reaching heaven (review)

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be an animal? Having to endure the animal food chain? Hunters coming for your precious flesh? Not encountering food in order to survive? The Deer God, by Crescent Moon Games, tries to put you in the body of a deer, and it is your job to […]

This $89 bundle gives you lifetime access to 1,000+ training courses

How are things going for you on the career front? Stuck in a rut or find yourself constantly swimming upstream? What’s holding you back from getting more out of your current job? Let’s take that a step further; what’s keeping you from the career of your dreams? We bet is has something to do with […]

This is how you play Google Cardboard apps on your Samsung Gear VR

It’s real, and it’s awesome.

Samsung gear VR owners can now use Google Cardboard apps through their preferred headset, instead of having to switch back and forth between a Cardboard viewer and something else. It’s pretty easy to set up, and our friends over at VRHeads have everything you need to get started with every version of the Gear VR. Enjoy!

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