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Open up in this weekend’s comments thread

Sit back, relax and chat about stuff because it’s the weekend!

The weekend is finally here. The five days between them sometimes feel like they take forever, but this week was pretty cool with all the Galaxy S8 stuff. Flo and Daniel have to be especially grateful that the calendar says Saturday this week. Be sure to have a look at the reviews (some things need more than one) they wrote for the Galaxy S8 and S8+ if you  [Read More…]

Bring the beauty of nature to your wallpaper this Earth Day

Happy Earth Day!

This oft-ignored holiday deserves better than to be relegated to documentary films and the occasional tree-planting! This is the only life-sustaining planet we’ve got (for now), and it’s our job to love and protect our home planet. There are plenty of charities that you can donate to, such as the World Wildlife Fund and the aptly-named Earth Day Network, and you should consider using Amazon Smile so that every time you buy a new  [Read More…]

Is this Andy Rubin’s upcoming bezeless smartphone?

If you drive a car you’re probably familiar with the Michelin brand. The company has made a name for itself by manufacturing tires, but it has other affiliations. For example, Michelin has a long history of reviewing restaurants, but is the tire maker taking an interest in smartphones too? We’ve been telling you that Android […]

Fitbit Alta HR Review: Is this the best slim fitness tracker?

With more and more fitness trackers making their way onto the market, Fitbit has improved a popular option with the new Fitbit Alta HR. Here are our thoughts on this new fitness tracker from Fitbit.

Get this 200-hour network security training bundle at 98% off!

Network security is an issue that plagues plenty of internet users, especially corporations with important data they must safeguard. To ensure their security is up to snuff, they call in a professional who understands the risks involved and who can test their systems. These professionals are in high demand, but the training needed to pass the certification exams is usually quite expensive.

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Anyone interested in becoming  [Read More…]

This is what HTC’s next flagship phone looks like

HTC is readying its next flagship and it looks… shiny.

HTC is going to release another flagship in a few weeks. It’s made out of metal and covered in glass on the front and what looks like shiny glass on the back. You may be able to squeeze its sides to get it to do things like take a photo. It’ll have the latest and greatest specs one would expect from a 2017 flagship, including a Snapdragon 835, 4GB  [Read More…]

Open up in this weekend’s comments thread

Hooray for the weekend!

Another week is in the can and the glorious release of Saturday is here. We love weekends around these parts and are betting that most of you feel the same way. It’s a time to do whatever you like to do without worrying about a boss or the things he or she want you to do. Good times.

They’re also pretty chill times without a lot going on in the world of Googly techie things.  [Read More…]

Galaxy S8 Active is (unsurprisingly) heading to AT&T later this year

Samsung is working on a ruggedized version of the Galaxy S8.

Samsung has released rugged variants of its flagships exclusively on AT&T for a few years, and it looks like the company will continue that trend with the Galaxy S8. According to the folks over at SamMobile, Samsung is working on the Galaxy S8 Active with a model number SM-G892A codenamed Cruiser that’s destined for AT&T.

Like its predecessors, the Galaxy S8 Active will likely be  [Read More…]

Pay as little as you want for this best selling software bundle and revamp your PC

It’s spring which means it is time to get the lawn in order, clean out the home and garage, and generally get things together. Why not use the whole concept of spring cleaning and apply it to your computer? Our Deal of the Day is a bundle of best selling computer software from Ashampoo. With […]

This is how our Google Pixels are holding up [Roundtable]

A six-month check-in to see how well the Pixel has fared from people who use it every day.

Most of your Android Central staff uses a Google Pixel or Pixel XL on a daily basis. We need to be able to see what Google has going on with Android so it’s something we use for our jobs, and we all agree it’s a great phone in either size. In either case, it’s a phone we carry around  [Read More…]