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Get This Look: Google Now Homescreen

GoogleNowTheme (2)

We’re huge fans of changing the home screen around a bit and creating a new user experience for our Android. So much so that we present our ongoing series of Get This Look posts. In a nutshell we show you a new layout, app, widget, or icon set for your Android handset and tell you which apps you’ll need to mimic the feel.

Some of these are a  [Read More…]

Any Sprint customer, even those with old phones, can enroll in insurance this month

Normally the offer is off the table the instant you walk out the door with your new phone, but for the month of June any customer on Sprint will be able walk back in that door of no return and purchase insurance for their device. The offer doesn’t change the price or service at all — it’s still $ 11-a-month for the Ausurion-provided loss/theft/damage replacement, or $ 13/month for Total Equipment Protection Plus which adds in  [Read More…]

Save $100 off a contract-free Moto X this week

Looking for a new phone? Then you might want to get the Moto X from Motorola this week. Head to Motorola’s website and you’ll see a deal they have set up to run from June 4 to June 5. Buy a Moto X on one of those two days and you’ll save $ 100 off!

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Watch this: John Oliver on net neutrality

It’s Monday morning here in the U.S., and so it’s perhaps a little early in the week (to say nothing about being early in the day) for politics. But net neutrality is that important. And besides, John Oliver is British. Which means … something.

Anyhoo. If you don’t have HBO and don’t “borrow” someone’s HBO Go login, you need to watch this. It’s our online future at stake, and it’s worth fighting for. You can leave the FCC  [Read More…]

From the Editor’s Desk: Let’s try this again …

Giving this MobileFit thing another go …

Today is June 1, the start of Mobile Nations Fitness Month. It’s our third-annual endeavor of this sort, if I recall correctly. Yet I am still fat. But it’s a new year. We’ve got new blood in the ranks, not just at Android Central, but at Mobile Nations as a whole.

So let’s try this again, perhaps.

It’s important to set goals, I guess. I just have to figure  [Read More…]

Rumor: HTC to release Android Wear-based smartwatch this year

According to a new rumor out of blog TK Tech News, HTC is readying its first entry into the smartwatch arena that will run Android Wear and will be called the HTC One Wear.

TK Tech News claims to have not just heard rumors on the device, but actually seen one demoed. Apparently it will come in both plastic and metal, feature a round face and will launch sometime in the late August or early September time frame. As for how legitimate this  [Read More…]

HTC One Wear smartwatch due this fall, report says



The second half of the year will be a fun one to watch if you’re into smartwatches. New reports surfacing online tell us that HTC’s planned smartwatch will be called the “One Wear” and it should debut in August or September. Details, although sparse at the moment, tell us we should look for a rounded face a la the Moto 360; the watch may include polycarbonate  [Read More…]

HTC One Remix shown off again, this time with Verizon branding

We’ve had a couple not-so-clear looks at the so-called HTC One Remix, but this latest render clears things up a bit and adds the wrinkle of Verizon branding. Coming by way of @evleaks, this render of the HTC One Remix also comes with the explanation that this is just an HTC One Mini 2 (as we guessed). Verizon has taken advantage of the now-empty bottom bezel above the BoomSound speaker to paint its logo, of course,  [Read More…]

HTC One M7 Verizon and Sprint getting Sense 6 this week


Great news for all of the original One users, as the Sprint and Verizon editions will be getting the “Sixth Sense” update sometime this week, which is the same software introduced on the brand new One M8 last month. Sense 6 brings users a newer color palette, more themes, an updated blinkfeed interface with more sources to choose from, an updated camera interface that’s much  [Read More…]

Uber and AT&T pair up, will be preloaded on Android phones this summer

Starting this summer, the car service beloved by of us will become the AT&T bloatware loathed by, well, just about everyone.

Uber and AT&T today announced a partnership that will use the U.S. carrier’s data in its cars. And in turn, Uber’s app will be preloaded onto new Android phones on AT&T. (And it wouldn’t at all surprise us to see the app show up in a ROM update for current phones, which has happened this  [Read More…]