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This week’s sidebar poll: What paid music service do you use?

Vote in this week’s poll and tell us your favorite!

We’ve been having a bit of discussion around the water cooler that past week. It seems we (the editors here at AC) have all hit the device de-authorization limit for Google Play Music. That means, for the next year we’re stuck and can’t use the service on any new devices we happen to pick up for a review or for our own use.

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Spotlight Watch Face [‘Watch’ This App]

If you want a simple analog watch face, but sometimes have trouble reading one with small numbers, then the Spotlight Watch Face may just be the app to solve that problem for you. All it is is a watch face that is a huge close up of the hour hand with a red line going… Read more »

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Minimus 360: An app for those who want a simple watch face for their round smartwatches [‘Watch’ This App]

There aren’t a whole lot of round watch face apps on the market just yet, and if you’re currently looking for one then it may be worth your while to take a look at the Minimus 360 app. The name Minimus 360 is pretty self explanatory; It’s an app that provides round smartwatches, hence “360”,… Read more »

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Show your love for European football with this limited edition HTC One M8

If the numerous color variants of the HTC One M8 don’t strike your fancy, how about a football-themed edition of the handset? To celebrate the return of Europe’s premier football tournament, HTC is launching the UEFA Champions League collector’s edition One M8.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 hitting South Korea this month


Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is the current ‘Note’ flagship smartphone, and definitely Samsung’s most successful phablet yet. Right now, Samsung Note 4′s biggest competition is the new iPhone 6 Plus, but Samsung is not missing a chance to make fun of Apple, as they believe that Apple is now following their footsteps. Also to give Apple a run for their money, Samsung is planning to  [Read More…]

2K announces new NHL game for mobile, aiming to bully-off this fall

NHL 2K will be hitting Android and iOS this fall, according to an announcement made today by 2K. The premium hockey title will be launching for the price of $ 7.99, but promises enhanced graphics and some highlighted new features, including a more detailed career mode, three-on-three mini-game, multiplayer options and more. NHL 2K will also receive updates with roster updates to enable players to fully flesh out their squad.

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Ice Wear Watchface: Give your round smartwatch a colorful watch face [‘Watch’ This App]

If you’re lucky enough to own a Motorola 360 but hate the fact that there aren’t many choices of watch faces available on the market yet for round smartwatches, then get excited because the Ice Wear Watchface might just be your solution. The app allows you to pick from very simple watch faces that only… Read more »

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Mid-range LG G3 Vigor joins the G3 family on Sprint this Friday

Sprint announced that it will be launching the LG G3 Vigor on its network starting on Friday, September 19. The mid-range smartphone will be available through Sprint sales channels, including online and at Sprint retail stores where customers can pay $ 299.99 for the phone without a contract or make 24 payments of $ 12.50 per month on Sprint’s Easy Pay with $ 0 down.

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This week’s sidebar poll: Leather or links – which Moto 360 looks better?


We’re having a little discussion here amongst ourselves, all about the Moto 360 and which looks better — the leather strap or the metal band. The leather is a quality piece of hide from Horween Leather, and it’s pretty tasty looking. On the other hand, the metal band has that classic watch look going on, and makes the 360 look like one beautifully designed unit indeed.

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Eat24: An app for hungry people with smartwatches [‘Watch’ This App]

If you’re a person that loves your food delivery apps and your smartwatch, then you’re in luck because the Eat24 app is compatible with Android Wear devices. For those who are not familiar with Eat24 it is an app that allows users to order food from various local restaurants from their phones (now smartwatches) for… Read more »

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