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This is Flow, Samsung’s cross-device content sharing system

Samsung brought out folks during its SDC 2014 keynote to cover a whole host of areas that the company is focusing on, and one of the more interesting ones for the Android crowd is a new sharing platform called Samsung Flow.

Landing somewhere between Apple’s new Continuity features and our current system of manually sending content links between devices, Samsung Flow builds on Android’s share and view intents to quickly hand off information between  [Read More…]

Samsung shares official schedule for this year’s Developer Conference

Samsung is hosting its second Developer Conference this week in San Francisco, where the manufacturer is expected to focus on the health, wearables and VR segments. The schedule for the list of events scheduled to take place during the three-day event has now been posted.

Pick up this 2-pack of screen protectors for Samsung Galaxy Alpha on sale today for only $9.95!

Including two per package, these custom Samsung Galaxy Alpha screen protectors are simple to apply and leave absolutely no sticky residue when removed. They’re made of a tough, self-adhesive polymer that stand up to common enemies such as keys, dirt and other debris. Get yours today and save 50%

This week’s sidebar poll: Does the Nexus program still matter?

Does Google need to stay in the hardware game?

Google’s Nexus program has went through a lot of changes. While never officially assigning a purpose to it, Google has suggested that Nexus devices came about as a way to get hardware with “pure” Android into the hands of developers. Official APIs and documentation, as well as unlockable boot loaders made it the phone to buy for both tinkerers and application developers alike.

We’ve watched things change,  [Read More…]

LG rolling out Android 5.0 to the G3 starting this week

LG has announced that its flagship G3 will start receiving an Android 5.0 Lollipop update this week, beginning with users in Poland. Naturally LG is staying clear of giving exact rollout dates for other regions, saying that “key markets” will get the update in “the near future.” Of course that doesn’t mean it’s coming right away to G3 users around the world, but you have to think that if its ready to go for one model  [Read More…]

10 of the hottest new Android apps this week (November 8)


Welcome back to the regular series aimed at helping Android users get more from their devices. If you’re looking for some new Android apps or games check out we have a handful of popular new titles to get you started. What you’ll find below are some of the hottest trending apps of the last seven days. We’re certain you will find something fun to play with  [Read More…]

Wear Mini Launcher [‘Watch’ This App]

Accessing apps on smartwatches can be a pain. If voice activation or scrolling through different lists just to find an app is something you can’t stand, then it may be time to take a look at Wear Mini Launcher. It’s an app that allows you to access your apps from anywhere simply by swiping from the… Read more »

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Call Handling Pro: A replacement for Sony’s smartwatch call handling [‘Watch’ This App]

If you’ve had problems with Sony’s smartwatch call handling and are looking for an app to replace it, then it may be time to check out Call Handling Pro. For the SmartWatch 2 it includes a phone book, a call log, and ringer mode switcher. It also includes a widget support for the SmartWatch 2… Read more »

The post Call Handling Pro: A replacement for Sony’s smartwatch call handling [‘Watch’ This App] appeared first on SmarterWatching.

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Rock this textured hard case and holster combo for your Samsung Galaxy S5 and save 50% today!

This durable combo provides the protection of a hard shell case and the convenience of a swivel holster for your Samsung Galaxy S5. The form fit rear shell is impact resistant for complete protection and quickly slides in and out of the holster for instant phone access. Get yours today for only $ 9.95!

Samsung Gear S coming to the UK this week for £329

Samsung will bring its Tizen-based smartwatch with a curved screen — the Samsung Gear S — over to the UK, on Friday, November 7, for the price of £329. That’s this Friday, as in two days from now.