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T-Mobile’s having a huge ”New Year, New Phone” sale this weekend

T-Mobile’s having a huge ”New Year, New Phone” sale this weekend

With the financial crisis being far from over for most technology enthusiasts today, any sale or discount, no matter how big or small, becomes pure gold! But what about a sale where  [Read More…]

Are You Watching This?! sports app lets you swipe and play games on TV

Are You Watching This?! sports app lets you swipe and play games on TV

RUWT? Sports has released a cool app in the Android Market called Are You Watching This?! The app lets fans always know exactly what’s going on in the  [Read More…]

Android welcomed 3.7 million new devices this weekend

Android welcomed 3.7 million new devices this weekend

A lot of people were in the Christmas spirit over the holiday weekend. As a matter fact, a lot of people were in the Android Holiday spirit and bought their loved ones a new Android device. Flurry Analytics estimates that  [Read More…]

What Android gifts did you receive this year?

Android Christmas

The gift-giving season is winding down to a close, and we’re all enjoying the time with our loved ones, warm holiday comfort foods, and maybe some cool Android goodies.  Did you get a new Android phone?  Or a tablet?  Maybe you got a Google TV unit of some sort or another, or your stocking was full of accessories.  Sound off and share with us (we’re like your extended Android family) to let  [Read More…]

Motorola ACTV rooted — this is why we can’t have nice things, and we love it

Android Central   Android Central

The Motorola ACTV (read our review of the Android powered watch thingy here) has been rooted.  While this registers a solid 11 on the awesome-meter, we really shouldn’t be that surprised — it’s running Android, and by now all the evil scientists Android hackers know their way around things and nothing running Google’s OS is safe.  But I still have to sit and smile because  [Read More…]

Verizon Galaxy Nexus date of Dec. 15 looking likely according to this Costco document


We got this gem from a Costco Ninja, and when added to the rest of the leaks and pictures pointing to a December 15 release date of the Verizon Galaxy Nexus, the evidence is getting pretty strong.  Maybe not strong enough for a certain editor who want’s an officially official announcement from Big Red, but enough that we want to pass it all along.  Engadget also got in some new leaked docs which  [Read More…]

This is not an official Verizon Galaxy Nexus announcement

Verizon Galaxy Nexus announcement

With all due respect to the Mobile Generation Verizon retailer in Bloomington, Minn., we’re pretty sure the Verizon Samsung Galaxy Nexus hasn’t actually been announced yet. And we’re pretty sure when it is, it won’t be done with the GSM version shown in the pictures. Stay tuned, folks. We’re sure it’ll happen soon.

Source: Facebook; thanks, @andrew_53517


Verizon Galaxy Nexus arriving in select Radio Shack stores ‘this week’ with a $300 price tag

Galaxy Nexus Radio Shack

This just came in through the Android Central app, and it lets us know that the Verizon Unicorn Galaxy Nexus should be arriving in select Radio Shack locations “this week”.  The pricing will be $ 299.99 on a new plan or an upgrade, and a whopping $ 799.99 unactivated and off-contract.  Visual merchandising (a.k.a. in-store posters and other advertising material) can be displayed Thursday, Dec. 8, and it’s likely that  [Read More…]

Verizon confirms new Motorola tablets will flop this month

Motorola Xoom 2

The original Motorola Xoom enjoyed a brief moment as the best Android tablet, but that’s not much to brag about. Being first didn’t stop it from becoming a huge disappointment or a horrible retail flop. We say it was the best Android tablet mainly because it was the first to feature Honeycomb, but Motorola was quickly overshadowed by the wave of tablets from Asus, HTC, Samsung, and many others.

  [Read More…]