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Actor Theo Rossi shares his thoughts on VR!

Take a look at the other side of working around VR.

While the current excitement in the world of VR is gaming, especially with titles like Fallout and Doom hitting the shelves, the world of VR video continues to grow at an incredible pace. I was recently invited to attend an event on Samsung’s journey so far with the Gear VR, and sat down with actor and philanthropist Theo Rossi to talk about his recent experiences on  [Read More…]

State of Samsung Survey: Share your thoughts on the Note 7 recall and you could win an unlocked Galaxy S7!

Take a few minutes to let us know what you thought of how Samsung handled the Note 7 recall.

The Galaxy Note 7 has been cancelled, and now Samsung has plenty of work acquiring all the outstanding stock and figuring out what went wrong. We’ve talked about that already, but we want to know what you thought of how the company handled the Note 7 recall process.

Please take a couple of minutes to fill out  [Read More…]

First thoughts and impressions of the Huawei Honor 8

2016 will be known as the year of the budget flagship device with the release of the ZTE Axon 7, OnePlus 3, and the Huawei Honor 8. We recently got our hands on the Honor 8 and while our full review isn’t ready just yet, we do have some initial impressions to pass along. Huawei

Android thoughts on today’s Apple announcements

There’s nothing like a good, live nerd event. And Apple still does some of the best.

Our cousins at iMore were on hand today as Apple unveiled the next generation of its four pillars of products and services. Computers. Mobile. Wearables. TV. There’s a whole lot going on here. And like many of you out there, we also use myriad devices both at work, and at home. We use Android. We use Google. We use Windows and Mac and  [Read More…]

Evernote picks up new widgets to make capturing your thoughts even easier

Evernote has received a sizable update, bumping it up to version 7.2. Included in the update are a number of new widgets to make capturing your thoughts and notes easier right from the home screen. While Evernote has always had a widget, these new widget options expand upon the functionality, and make things even easier.

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A few thoughts on Apple Watch from folks who have actually used smartwatches

We’ve been using smartwatches for a while now. Android Wear since summer 2014. Pebble before that. Samsung’s own Gear line. Various other iterations here and there. And so it’s been fun to watch (sorry) our pals at iMore as the days have ticked by (sorry again) as they gear up (OK we’ll stop now) for the release of the Apple Watch. There’s now a launch date — April 24, with preorders on April 10. But there still  [Read More…]

A few quick thoughts on Google Inbox

Can Google’s new Inbox change the way we fail at email? Quite possibly, but it’s early yet.

Google today announced Inbox, a sort of Gmail with training wheels. That is, it tries to make your email experience easier by automatically grouping emails together into categories. It’s not unlike what Gmail already does with its tabbed inbox — primary, social, promotions, updates and forums sections — but Inbox makes it look good, far less clinical than Gmail proper.

Inbox  [Read More…]

From the Editor’s Desk: Father’s Day thoughts …

It’s Father’s Day here in the U.S. (there are fathers outside the U.S., right?), so I’ll try to keep things short this week. We’ll see how that goes. It’s funny to see all these “Best Father’s Day Gadgets” lists for something that’s largely a made-up holiday. Do we do that for Mother’s Day? I dunno.

That said, here’s what probably would be on mine: A proper tablet (and, seriously, those new Samsung Galaxy Tab S tablets are really good),  [Read More…]

Life Pure XL by Blu is great, here are my first thoughts

life pure xl

The market right now is flooded with unexciting flagships. I’ve owned the entire Galaxy S line-up and the S5 has the same 2 GB of RAM that we saw in the US variants of the GS3. Aside from minor jumps in the processor, screen resolution, and camera, what’s really changing?

I say not enough, even with the understanding that there hasn’t been a  [Read More…]

Blu Products Is An Exciting Company, My Thoughts


A lot of you might not be familiar with Blu Products. Blu is a mobile device manufacturer which started in Miami in 2009 whose smartphone offerings have been the perfect answer for people who want a sturdy device at a great price. Lately they’re been trying to break into the high-end market and there’s nothing better than watching another company bring out devices with power and a  [Read More…]