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Deal: Get big data on the cheap from Ting, TPO, and Mint SIM!

If you’re looking to get some great data plans without shelling out a ton of cash, TPO, Ting and Mint SIM have you covered!

TPO (The People’s Operator)

Unlimited talk & text, plus 4GB for $ 45/mo.

TPO is offering unlimited talk & text plus 4G of data/month for $ 45 (with autopay). With TPO, you can choose Sprint or Nationwide GSM network for coverage, plus 10% of your bill goes towards a charity of your choice.  [Read More…]

Ting data now only $10 per gigabyte after first

Wireless service provider Ting today dropped the price of its data to a mere $ 10 per gigabyte, making plans more affordable for its customers. Specifically, this is the cost of data after the first gigabyte. At just $ 10 a gig beyond the first, Ting’s pay-for-what-you-use approach is the best choice for most American cell phone users. –

Ting launches open beta for its GSM network

Ting‘s GSM network, which it announced late last year, has officially entered into an open beta. Previously, customers could test the network out on an invite-only basis.

Ting announces GSM support for 2015; T-Mobile is secret partner


Ting, the MVNO operating off the backs of Sprint’s network, is about get much more interesting in the coming year. The carrier today confirmed the upcoming support for unlocked GSM handsets. Set to take effect in February, Ting’s not yet ready to announce its partner. Not to worry, though, a quick peek at the source code of the site names T-Mobile.

Once enabled, Ting will  [Read More…]

Ting review

When it comes to which carrier to use for your smartphone there are two main considerations to take into account: cost and coverage.

Although landing an AT&T or Verizon account may yield impressive coverage, the cost may be difficult for some to swing every month. This fact is even more pertinent with the wider availability of free and ubiquitous Wi-Fi networks. The quality of the coverage also matters in relation to your work  [Read More…]

Sprint MVNO Ting to support GSM starting in February 2015

Ting, the MVNO that currently runs on Sprint’s network, made a curious little announcement today. In a rather epic video on YouTube (as epic as SIM cards can get, anyway), Ting announced that it will support GSM phones starting in February 2015.

Galaxy S5 now available from Ting for $597

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is available practically everywhere now, and from the major carriers in the U.S., but is also now making its way to prepaid carrier Ting. You’ll be getting the same phone that’s available everywhere else — this model’s obviously similar to the Sprint one as Ting runs on that network — but with a bit lower bill than your standard postpaid carrier.

Ting is offering the Galaxy S5 for $ 597 without a  [Read More…]