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Best tips for extending the life of your phone’s battery

How do I make sure my phone’s battery lasts as long as possible?

Most of us never think about the battery in our phone until it dies. When everything is working properly the battery should not be a part of the Android experience, other than not lasting long enough because we never put our phones down. The only time we ever think about the battery is when we have to charge it.

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Egg, Inc.: Boost your farm’s profits with these tips and tricks

Maximize your Egg, Inc. farm’s profits with these tips and tricks!

Egg, Inc. is a truly bizarre game set in a future world where the universe has poured all its secrets into chicken eggs. You decide to get in on this massive movement by scaling up your own egg farm’s production, researching the latest egg evolutions, and in turn making astronomical amounts of money.

It’s a super addictive clicker game with beautifully simple graphics, so many upgrades  [Read More…]

Android app marketing tips (sponsored)

When it comes to the mobile devices, we find there are many things you can find for free: Wi-Fi for phones, voice and video calls, streaming content, news, amateur radio, dx, and, of course, applications. However, when we talk about the free mobile apps, not many of us realize that the marketing of the same […]

Super Mario Run Tips and Tricks

Best your friends in Toad Rally races with these tips and tricks for Super Mario Run.

As expected, Super Mario Run has quickly jumped up to the top of the Google Play Store app charts, as millions of Android users finally get a chance to check in with Mario’s latest adventure.

Once you’ve completed the main story mode, Toad Rally emerges as the core mode in which you’ll spend most of your time playing. Racing against other  [Read More…]

Mass Effect: Andromeda Tips and Tricks

It’s so easy to wind up dead in this game…

Mass Effect: Andromeda can be downright brutal sometimes. Everything on these planets are trying to kill you! Most of the enemies hit just as hard as you do, and that doesn’t really get better as you gain more armor and better weapons. The terrain is rough, and sometimes your squad AI can be kind of… bad.

If you’re having trouble making all of the planets viable while  [Read More…]

Essential tips for keeping our Android phones safe

In the world we live in, we tend to take our mobile devices for granted these days. They sit in our pockets ready to provide us with access to the Internet, and all the different forms of entertainment that it holds. Something we tend to forget though to keep this portal safe, especially from the […]

Five tips on securing your device, and what to do if the unthinkable happens

There’s no denying that the level of technology surrounding us these days, and the benefits and advantages that come with it, is truly remarkable – especially compared to what was available to us just a few years ago. It is something that has assisted us in our lives so efficiently and effortlessly that we can […]

Star Wars: Force Arena Tips and Tricks

How to dominate your opponents in Star Wars: Force Arena.

So you’ve got the game, you’ve read through our Beginner’s Guide, and you’re working to upgrading your favorite cards. Now it’s time to talk a little strategy!

We’ve got some tips and tricks that will help you to go from a young Padawan to a legendary Jedi Master — or a Sith Lord if that’s more your thing.

It all starts with picking the right Leader

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NVIDIA Shield Android TV: Top tips and tricks for your set top box

The NVIDIA Shield Android TV is a powerful set top box with plenty of advanced capabilities.

You may initially buy the Shield Android TV for a basic set of tasks, but it’s almost a guarantee that you’ll want to do more with it when you discover all that’s possible with this box. Between its expandable ports, extra software, solid peripherals and gaming capabilities, the Shield Android TV can grow with you.

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Top 5 tips and tricks for your new Huawei Mate 9

The day-one checklist for that freshly-unboxed Huawei Mate 9.

The Huawei Mate 9 is upon us, and it’s Huawei’s best phone yet. (Go read our review!) If you’re picking one up over the next month, as release time approaches in Europe in the U.S., you’ll want to know what to get to know your phone’s most important customizations options, tweaks, tips and other tricks.

We’ve been using the phone over the past month, and we’ve rounded up  [Read More…]