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Note 4 vs. Note Edge: Titan Showdown

Samsung has been busy these last few years shooting out amazing smartphone after amazing smartphone. With the Note line Samsung took a different approach and decided that yes, people do want a bigger smartphone. After the original Note came out it seemed like the only thing Samsung could do was keep making the phones bigger and adding new software features. Well that was until the Note Edge was released with its slightly curved display and added software  [Read More…]

Google snaps up Titan Aerospace, Google Drone to bring internet to the skies

Google has another acquisition in the works, and this time it’s not a mobile technoligies company. According to the Wall Street Journal Google will be buying Titan Aerospace, a company that builds high-altitude craft — ones that can take high-resolution images.

Google purchases drone company Titan Aerospace

Titan Aerospace

Google announced today that they have agreed to buy Titan Aerospace, a drone making company. So far, there has been no information for how much Titan was purchased, but there will surely be a number given in due time.

The company is very small, only employing about 20 employees out of New Mexico. Titan will be working closely with Project Loon, Google’s ballon project.

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