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Galaxy Watch is Official, Still runs on Tizen

Samsung unveiled quite a bit in today’s Unpacked event. Besides the Note 9 and the Galaxy Home, Samsung showed everyone it’s new smartwatch, the Galaxy Watch. The Watch comes in two sizes, three colors, and unfortunately still runs on Samsung Tizen OS.

If you’re into Samsung and either your health or general accessibility, the Galaxy Watch was made with you in mind. The Watch has a significant focus on fitness (similar to its biggest competitor) with new features for stress  [Read More…]

Have a Wear OS or Tizen smartwatch? Try Facer’s new Watch Face Games

Facer, the watch face customization platform for Wear OS and Tizen smartwatches, is taking things to a new level.

The company just unveiled Watch Face Games, a series of mini-games that are always active on your smartwatch and waiting for you to start playing. Facer calls this “ambient gaming”.

In addition to being always on, the new mini-games are also integrated with the sensors on your watch. So the data collected, such as heart rate or steps taken, can be  [Read More…]

Facer launches interactive watch faces for Wear OS, Tizen smartwatches

Smartwatch face design platform Facer just announced Facer 4.6.0 this week, which introduces a new feature called interactive watch faces.

With these new faces, users can add buttons for frequently used apps, switch between data modes or implement mini-games and enjoy fun animations. All with just a few taps.

But for the time being, creating this new type of face is limited to Facer Partners. The feature has been available for them in private beta for a few days now  [Read More…]

Samsung Gear S4 smartwatch may use Wear OS, not Tizen

If true, this could be a huge win for Google.

It’s turning out that 2018 could be a very exciting year for Wear OS. Following rumors that Google’s working on its own Pixel Watch, it’s now being reported that Samsung’s developing a future Gear smartwatch that’ll ditch the Tizen operating system in favor of Wear OS.

Earlier this week, a rumor popped up on Chinese social network Weibo suggesting that the Gear S4 will be powered by  [Read More…]

Samsung’s Tizen said to be riddled with vulnerabilities. Is your smartwatch safe?

A report from Motherboard is some very bad news for fans of Samsung’s other operating system, Tizen.

Speaking with Israeli security researcher Amihai Neiderman of Equus Software, Motherboard tells us that there are currently 40 unreported security vulnerabilities that would allow remote execution and hacking of every Samsung TV, watch or phone that uses Tizen as the operating system. More serious are some allegations about the how and why behind many of these exploits.

It may be  [Read More…]

Samsung offering over $9 million dollars in prizes to Tizen developers

Samsung is offering a chance for Tizen developers to win some major cash prizes starting next year. Every month from January to October, Tizen developers with top apps have the opportunity to win $ 10,000. This is obviously a move to boost developer support for the open source Tizen operating system. If you’re not familiar, Tizen

Samsung unveils first 4G-enabled Tizen phone in India for ₹4,590 ($68)

Samsung has rolled out its third Tizen handset in the Indian market, the Z2 (the first was the Z1, and then Samsung launched the Z3). The phone is the first in the Tizen range to offer LTE connectivity, and will go up for sale starting August 29 via Samsung’s offline channels and e-commerce store Paytm. Much like its predecessors, the Z2 is aimed at the entry-level segment, with a retail price of ₹4,590 ($ 68).

As  [Read More…]

Samsung considering moving all products to Tizen in the future

It’s no surprise that Samsung is aiming to use its own ecosystem rather than Google’s. Samsung used Android to boost itself to the top of the market, competing with Apple and leaving every other brand behind (at least in the US). The company has its own Android skin, its own apps that can replace Google’s, its own app store, and its own services.

Samsung also has everything to break its reliance with Google, even its own operating system. The company has tested Tizen’s  [Read More…]

Samsung’s developer pitch is all about Tizen, but that shouldn’t worry Android fans

New year, same story from Samsung when targeting the developer community.

Anyone following along with Samsung’s Developer Conference (or any trade show where Samsung is represented, actually) is seeing a lot of the word “Tizen” mentioned — TVs, cars, appliances and the whole Internet of Things are running on it. As faithful Android observers, we sometimes have a visceral negative reaction to the word, as if Samsung saying “Tizen” automatically means that Android is no longer  [Read More…]

From the Editor’s Desk: Don’t rule out Tizen just yet

Do not make the mistake of ignoring the Samsung Gear S2. As Andrew will show in his review this week, it’s an imperfect smartwatch, but also one that’s lightyears ahead of its similarly Tizen-powered predecessors. Far better both in physical design, as well as where Samsung’s brought the software.

I was surprised by the performance more than a month ago in Berlin. And couple that with the best damned AMOLED display you can find anywhere, and you  [Read More…]