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T-Mobile now offers roaming in Cuba

Going to Cuba any time soon? Then we have good news for you. T-Mobile has recently announced that its customers will be able to access text, call and data roaming services while visiting the island state, from now on. T-Mobile signed an agreement earlier this year, which now allows it to bring its services into

T-Mobile to pay a fine of $48 million for false marketing

Hey, remember when T-Mobile lied about its new unlimited plan? Well the FCC sure does, and now it’s making T-Mobile pay. How much you ask? $ 48 million dollars, which is just pocket change for these big companies. In 2015 we found out that T-Mobile was slowing down data for customers in the top 3% data

T-Mobile to pay $48 million fine for misleading customers over ‘unlimited’ data plans

T-Mobile has reached a settlement with the FCC wherein the carrier will pay $ 48 million fine for misleading customers over its “unlimited” data plans. The FCC started investigating the carrier’s unlimited plans after receiving several complaints from T-Mobile and MetroPCS customers that their data connections were being throttled. T-Mobile later clarified that it was “de-prioritizing” the top 3% of its data users during times of high congestion, throttling the connections to 1Mbps or lower.

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AT&T and T-Mobile have suspended Note 7 sales, with Verizon up next [Updated]

Further reports of Note 7s catching fire or exploding continue to roll in. AT&T and T-Mobile have officially suspended sales of the Note 7 (again), and sources tell Android Central that Verizon has halted sales internally and will be announcing similar measures in the near future.

T-Mobile has also added its name to the chorus of companies ceasing Note 7 sales. CEO John Legere tweeted that “out of an abundance of caution for customers,” the company  [Read More…]

Verizon and T-Mobile also letting customers to replace Note 7 with other device

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 recall may have replaced defective devices with models that Samsung claims are safe, but some are worrying that there is still a risk of the devices exploding (at least a bigger risk than usual, as all lithium ion devices can explode).

There was recently an explosion of a replacement, safe Note 7 on a plane which caused an evacuation and an investigation. Why it started venting while off is a mystery and we hope to get some  [Read More…]

LG V20 arrives on T-Mobile October 28 with support for new AWS-3 network

T-Mobile is debuting the LG’s V20, the spec beast, on October 28.

America’s third-biggest carrier is set to sell one of the biggest phones of the year, the LG V20, starting on October 28.

Every purchase, for a limited time, comes with a pair of B&O BeoPlay H3 headphones, which at a retail cost of $ 149 is a nice bonus, but the big takeaway here is that we finally have a date for when this phone is going  [Read More…]

Galaxy Note 7 back on sale at T-Mobile

Product page now reassures customers that the new version won’t explode.

With the official recall wrapping up, today’s the day T-Mobile U.S. puts the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 — in its new, entirely safe form — back on sale. It’s right at the very bottom of T-Mo’s list of “featured” phones, but very much available to buy, priced $ 849.99 to buy outright, or $ 32.50 per month for 24 months, with $ 69.99 payable upfront.

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T-Mobile to resume Galaxy Note 7 sales on Oct 5, joining Verizon and Sprint

It’s even easier to get a new Note 7 this week.

Though Verizon and Sprint have been selling new safe Galaxy Note 7s for a couple of weeks now, T-Mobile has announced it will start selling fresh Note 7s starting October 5. This comes after a pretty hefty number of original defective Note 7s have been exchanged, though reserving new stock only for exchanges rather than new sales really was the responsible thing to do.

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T-Mobile extends free high-speed roaming in Europe and South America until end of 2016

T-Mobile extends roaming privileges until the end of 2016.

T-Mobile always finds a way to put itself in the news. The company has announced that it will be extending free high-speed roaming to postpaid customers until the end of 2016. The original plan was supposed to expire at the end of September.

Specifically, the company says all postpaid customers will be able to roam on LTE at no extra charge in a number of European and South American countries,  [Read More…]

How to return your recalled Galaxy Note 7 to Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile or Sprint

Samsung has initiated a recall for the Note 7, but all you care about is your interaction with your carrier.

Since a majority of us in the U.S. still buy our phones from the big four carriers, we don’t really care about the process of returning our still-new recalled Galaxy Note 7 elsewhere — we want to know how to get it done here. Well, it turns out that one of the benefits of buying your  [Read More…]