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T-Mobile launches @Work All-In bundle for business users

November is the perfect month to do some deal hunting, so T-Mobile is looking to contribute to the vast array of promotions paving the path to the holidays. This time the magenta carrier wants to get cozy with business users, so it has unleashed the new @Work All-In bundle. Users jumping onboard with T-Mobile during

The Coral Blue Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge’s release may be nearing on T-Mobile

Samsung is doing everything it can to stay on top after the Galaxy Note7 scandal. We previously brought you the news of Samsung’s efforts to limit the environmental impact of the returned Note7s and a discount program supposedly coming soon for affected customers. But in the meantime, Samsung is still trying to promote the Galaxy S7

T-Mobile weekend promo: Buy a Galaxy S7 and get one for free

Interested in purchasing a high-end phone? Well in this case you should know this weekend T-Mobile will be offering customers a promotion on the Samsung Galaxy S7 that sounds quite exciting. The BOGO program (buy-one, get-one) goes live on Friday, November 11 at 6:00 AM PT and closes its gates on Sunday, November 13 at

Get two Samsung Galaxy S7s for the price of one at T-mobile

The Galaxy Note 7 is no longer a phone you can buy. But if you’re looking to wield a Samsung device regardless, the Galaxy S7 is absolutely the next best thing.

T-Mobile subscribers, this weekend your carrier is offering you a buy one, get one free deal on Samsung’s flagship. Beginning Friday, you’ll get a free Galaxy S7 if you buy one on an equipment installment plan. The second Galaxy S7 will be free based on 24  [Read More…]

The T-Mobile Galaxy S7 just got a whole lot faster

256QAM? 4×4 MIMO? All you need to know is that the T-Mobile Galaxy S7 is now way faster.

If you’re running a Galaxy S7 or S7 edge on T-Mobile, today’s update just made your phone a lot faster — network-wise, that is. Specifically, the second part an update promised back in September (and rolled out in October) enables connection speeds up to 256QAM for downloads and 64QAM for uploads in markets that support it.

This comes  [Read More…]

T-Mobile rolls out Galaxy Note7 update that limits battery charging to 60%

As we have been telling you, Samsung is worried about those Galaxy Note7 owners who are refusing to return the possibly dangerous phone. So the Korean tech giant has been issuing all kinds of updates in a bid to convince users to say bye-bye to the phablet. The first one limited battery charging up to

T-Mobile Buyer’s Guide: Fall 2016

Are you on the hunt for a new smartphone? Have you considered T-Mobile as your potential service provider? If you’ve answered yes to those questions, you’re definitely in the right place. We’re here to make the task of buying a handset easier on you.

T-Mobile now offers 50% Pixel refunds to Simple Choice Unlimited users

Recently T-Mobile made a pretty interesting offer to Google Pixel users. While the carrier isn’t actually selling the phones per-se, T-Mobile invited Pixel owners (only 32GB version) to jump onboard with its One plan and receive $ 325 credit in return. That’s half the value of a Pixel. Granted, the $ 325 is to be awarded in

T-Mobile Black Friday 2016 deals leak out

It’s almost November and you know what that means, don’t you? Black Friday is coming up. It’s the day after Thanksgiving when people can get great deals on electronics and goods that will hopefully make for excellent Christmas gifts. Most big retailers and carriers are planning lots of discounts and promos for the event scheduled

T-Mobile will give you 50% back on your Google Pixel purchase

T-Mobile is back with a new offer for Google Pixel owners who are looking to bring their unlocked phone over to its network. If you purchase an unlocked Pixel and bring it to T-Mobile and sign up for a T-Mobile One plan, you can get 50% of the purchase price back. That’s right, T-Mobile is offering to pay you (through monthly bill credits) to bring your new phone over to its network. Whether you purchased your Pixel through Google or  [Read More…]