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T-Mobile is offering four lines of unlimited data for $150 a month

T-Mobile is in celebration mode. Recently in the “State of the Mobile Industry” report, T-Mobile got some really good news. OpenSignal, who conducts the report, concluded that T-Mobile is closing the gap on Verizon in terms of LTE coverage, while still offering the fastest LTE in the land.

To celebrate, T-Mobile is now offering one of their best plans ever.

A family of four can pick up unlimited data on each of their lines, and it will only cost them  [Read More…]

Xiaomi and Meizu gain first U.S. carrier sales via T-Mobile MNVO

Cheap high quality Chinese phones are coming to the U.S. We’ve been telling you for a while about how cheap phones are getting better, and good phones are getting cheaper. Now, we’re seeing the first step in these super mid-range Chinese phones invading the States.

US Mobile announced on Monday that they’ll begin to sell phones from two Chinese companies, Xiaomi and Meizu. On US Mobile’s online shopping portal you’ll soon have the option to pick up popular options from Apple,  [Read More…]

T-Mobile teaser for its Super Bowl 50 ads is a look back at classic commercials

T-Mobile will once again run commercials during this year’s Super Bowl on Feb. 7. The carrier has posted up a teaser for those ads that looks back at classic commercials that have debuted during the big NFL game.

The clip has visuals that reference ads like Apple’s 1984 commercial for the Macintosh, along with Volkswagen’s Darth Vader ad and more. The teaser says that none of those elements will be in T-Mobile’s actual Super Bowl 50 commercials, but  [Read More…]

T-Mobile adds Amazon Video and more to Binge On, makes it easier to turn it off or on

T-Mobile continues to expand its Binge On video streaming program, adding four new content providers for customers to access without affecting their monthly data service. The new providers include Amazon Video, Fox News, Univision NOW and WWE Network.

T-Mobile also says it has made it easier for customers to access the settings for Binge On through their smartphone’s dialer

Just dial #BNG# (#264#) and hit send to check your settings, #BOF# (#263#) to turn it off  [Read More…]

T-Mobile adds Amazon Video, WWE Network, others to Binge On

T-Mobile on Thursday confirmed it has added more video streaming services to its Binge On. Available now are Amazon Video, Fox News, Univision NOW, and WWE Network.

Binge On, which lets users stream video over its 4G LTE network without affecting data allotments, delivers a “DVD quality or better” picture. T-Mobile customers can toggle on and off the service, opting to watch 1080p or even 4K content if and when it’s available. The opt-in and opt-out feature now provides the  [Read More…]

Buy one LG or Samsung phone from T-Mobile, get half off a second

T-Mobile is offering a buy one get one half off deal on select smartphones that could save you some big money when upgrading or adding lines. That’s right, if you purchase a qualified smartphone, you can get a second one at half price, but there are a few catches. You will need to purchase both phones from the same manufacturer, so if one person is getting one of the latest Samsung smartphones, you’ll only be able to  [Read More…]

BlackBerry Priv now available from T-Mobile

If you’ve been waiting for T-Mobile to launch the BlackBerry Priv, your wait is now over. As announced previously, the Un-carrier has now made BlackBerry’s first Android-powered smartphone available online at T-Mobile.com and in T-Mobile stores.

Pricing for the Priv from T-Mobile starts at $ 0 down and $ 30 a month for 24 months through T-Mobile’s standard leasing program while JUMP! On Demand customers will be looking at $ 0 down and $ 34 a  [Read More…]

10 Android phones you should consider for T-Mobile (January 2016)

Are you in the market for a new smartphone? Is T-Mobile the service provider you’re considering? You’re in luck!  We’re here to help you pick out that next handset. If you’re an existing smartphone owner, picking out an upgrade won’t be too much of a challenge. But, for others, particularly first-time buyers, the idea of buying an Android might make them nervous.

Which is the newest phone? What is the best phone? Which is the one that’s going to give me exactly  [Read More…]

T-Mobile reveals BlackBerry Priv pricing ahead of launch

BlackBerry has had its Priv handset available on its website for a bit of a stretch now, but since the only way to pick one up was to pay the full retail price in one step, it might have left it off many potential customer’s option block. T-Mobile might be able to do something about that.

The company has finally revealed the pricing for the Priv, which will launch under the Magenta carrier’s umbrella on Tuesday, January 26. It will  [Read More…]

BlackBerry Priv will cost $720 up front at T-Mobile for its Jan. 26 launch

T-Mobile previously announced that it would begin selling the BlackBerry Priv on January 26. Now the carrier has reveal its pricing for the Android smartphone, both in its up front cost and via T-Mobile’s two leasing programs.

T-Mobile will sell the Priv for $ 719.99 up front. It will also offer the smartphone to customers under its normal leasing program for $ 0 down and $ 30 a month for 24 months. There’s also the option  [Read More…]