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Verizon Flipping the LTE Switch for Another 26 Markets Today

Verizon continues its barrage of LTE rollouts today by flipping the 4G switch on for 26 new markets. I know many of you are waiting for LTE to hit your area so you can run out and purchase a 4G device like the Droid Bionic so I’ll cut the small talk and go straight to the “who made the cut” list:

Fort Smith and Jonesboro, Ark. San Luis  [Read More…]

Sony UK hosting live tablet Q&A on Facebook today

Sony Tablet S + P

With the worldwide launch date of its Honeycomb-powered Tablet S and Tablet P fast approaching, Sony UK is giving potential customers the chance to ask a few questions in a live Q&A session with Marketing Manager and “tablet expert” Omar Gurnah. The action starts at 7.30PM BST (2.30PM EDT) over on Sony UK’s Facebook page, which you’ll find down in the source link.

The wedge-shaped Tablet S will make its debut in the  [Read More…]

HTC Jetstream, LG Thrill 4G available today on AT&T

HTC Jetstream-LG Thrill 4G

The HTC Jetstream 10-inch Honeycomb tablet and LG Thrill 4G Android smartphone are available today on AT&T. The Jetstream’s going for a rather ridiculous $ 699 with a two-year contract, and LTE data plans start at $ 14.99 for 250MB. Or, you can buy it for $ 849 outright. The LG Thrill’s running a more realistic $ 99 on contract, or $ 449 outright.

Source: AT&T (Thrill 4G, Jetstream)