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This USB car charger is just $8.87 today!

Car chargers are something that many don’t find value in until they need one desperately, so why not pick up RUIZ’s USB car charger so that you don’t find yourself in that situation. You can plug a cable of your choice into the charger, and right now it is only $ 8.87.

This Quick Charge 2.0 travel charger is a must-have at just $19.87 today!

When you are packing a to-go bag odds are you won’t be taking your home charger with you, so why not grab Qmadix’s Quick Charge 2.0 travel charger to keep in there? With this you won’t be stuck to the wall for hours waiting for your battery to charge up, and right now you can grab one for just $ 19.87.

Grab Belkin’s USB surge protector for just $19.87 today!

Traveling with multiple gadgets can be a pain because finding chargers and outlets for them all isn’t always easy. Belkin’s USB surge protector is a must-have for anyone who travels or has more than one device they charge at any time. It has 3 outlets to plug your stuff into as well as two USB ports, and right now you can pick one up for just $ 19.87.

Grab Cellet’s leather belt holster for just $11.87 today!

Not a fan of using cases but like to keep your phone protected while carrying it around? If so, check out Cellet’s premium leather belt clip for an easy way to secure your phone to your hip. The clip allows for easy access, and right now you can pick one up for just $ 11.87.

Grab a 128GB microSD card for just $44.87 today!

Tired of having to delete pictures to take new ones, or using all your data to stream music so you don’t take up space on your phone? If so, why not grab SanDisk’s 128GB microSD card so that you can have plenty of storage space built into your phone! Right now you can pick one up for just $ 48.87.

Pick up an unlocked HTC One A9 for just $249 today only!

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Right now you can pick up a 32GB HTC One A9 for just $ 249 at Newegg, a savings of $ 250 from its regular price. Featuring a 5-inch 1080p display, the One A9 comes equipped with 3GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage that can be expanded with a microSD card. This is an unlocked variant of the smartphone in the topaz gold color, so it will work on any U.S.  [Read More…]

Grab Samsung’s 2A travel charger for just $8.87 today!

Looking for a new charger to keep in your travel bag so you never run out of power on the go? If so, check out Samsung’s 2A travel charger for a great option. It maintains a slim profile and allows you to use the USB cable of your choice with it, and right now you can pick one up for just $ 8.87.

Save $16 on this car charger with USB hub today!

Long trips in the car can be difficult for keeping all the gadgets in there charged up. If you want an easy way to help the people in both the front and back seat stay charged, you’ll want to check out Cellet’s USB car charger with USB hub for a great way to let everyone have power. Right now you can pick one up for just $ 14, a savings of $ 16.

Add a Bugdroid case to your OnePlus One for just $6 today!

Looking to add some additional design and style to your OnePlus One but don’t want to spend a ton to do it? You’ve probably heard of Cruzerlite’s Bugdroid circuit case, which is actually a great way to do just that. The circuits make a fun pattern with the Bugdroid catching the attention, and right now you can pick one up for just $ 6.

Save $20 on this protective Pixel XL case today!

Want a case to protect your Google Pixel XL that doesn’t add a ton of bulk or make it ugly? If so, check out Seidio’s Presidio grip case for a hard case that doesn’t make the phone much bigger than it was without it. Right now you can pick one up for $ 25, a savings of $ 20.