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Save $28 on a replacement Galaxy S4 battery today!

Is your Galaxy S4 battery not lasting as long as it used to? If so, swapping it out with a new one can help you regain some of that lost battery life that you used to have, and give you a spare to carry around for when the other is running low. Right now you can pick up a replacement for just $ 11.95, a savings of $ 28.

Save up to 25% on select 2016 Android Sony Xperia smartphones (today only)

Looking for a new and unlocked Android smartphone? Amazon is offering a huge sale on all of the most current Sony Xperia smartphones where you can save up to 25% of the MSRP. Contract free smartphones can save you a ton of money in the long run. They also come without carrier bloat that can

Grab a protective Galaxy S7 edge case for just $4.95 today!

If protecting your Galaxy S7 edge is top priority, this is the case for you. Amzer’s hybrid warrior offers two layers of protection for your phone, as well as a built-in kickstand for propping it up when not in use. Right now you can save $ 8 on the purchase, dropping the price to just $ 4.95.

Grab a thin Nexus 5X case for just $3.95 today!

Want a thin layer of protection for your Nexus 5X? If protection isn’t the most important thing you need in a case, Amzer’s Pudding TPU is a great choice to prevent scratches and dings from making your phone look abused. You can score one for just $ 3.95 today!

Save $12 on this clear HTC 10 case today!

Want a case to protect your HTC 10 that doesn’t hide the great look that the phone naturally has? If so, Incipio’s Octane case is a great option to consider. It offers a clear back and your choice of colorful sides as well as some protection for the phone all for just $ 12.95.

Save $13 on this protective HTC 10 case today!

Want a protective case for your HTC 10 that doesn’t look ugly and add a ton of bulk? If so, check out Incipio’s DualPro case for two layers of great looking protection. The case is sleek looking and adds a bit of additional grip to it all for just $ 16.95 today!

Save 50% on this 2A adaptive fast charger today!

Tired of having to sit tethered to a wall for long periods of time to charge your phone? If so, Samsung’s 2A adaptive fast charger is a great option so that you can charge nice and quick. Right now you can save 50% on the purchase, dropping it to just $ 14.95.

Save 50% on this protective Galaxy S7 case today!

Looking for a protective Galaxy S7 case that doesn’t add a ton of bulk to your phone? If so, Seidio’s Surface case is a great option to consider. The case has a two-piece slide-in design and the built-in metal kickstand will keep the phone upright when not in use. Right now you can grab one for 50%, making it just $ 14.95!

Today only, save $50 off the Honor 8

Today only, you can save an additional $ 50 on the Honor 8, bringing the total price to just $ 350. Unfamiliar with the Honor 8? Here’s Andrew Martonik said in our review:

“Before even approaching the pricing of the Honor 8, this is a really great phone. Externally, it’s slick and can grab eyes with a few subtle design features while also feeling solid and built with high tolerances. The metal and glass protect really great internal specs that  [Read More…]

Grab a replacement Galaxy Note 4 battery for just $15.95 today!

Starting to notice that your Galaxy Note 4 just doesn’t last as long as it used to? It may be time to replace the battery, and luckily you can just swap in a new one with ease. This will help you regain some of that original battery life, and right now you can do it for just $ 15.95.