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Anker’s $13 ultra-slim Bluetooth keyboard works with tons of devices

Works with any Bluetooth device.

The black Anker ultra-slim Bluetooth keyboard is down to $ 12.99 with code ABCD7111 on Amazon. The keyboard normally sells for around $ 20 without the code and this is one of the best prices we’ve seen in the last year. You can also get the White version down to the same price with code ABCD7121.

These are wireless keyboards designed to be ultra compact and take up a lot less space  [Read More…]

Moment launches camera app for Android and iOS with tons of pro controls

You can shoot in RAW, control shutter speed, and lots more.

If you’re big into mobile photography, chances are you’re familiar with Moment. Moment’s become quite popular over the last couple years with extensive camera lenses and cases for the Pixel 2, Galaxy S9, and Apple’s iPhones. Now, Moment’s stepping away from the hardware game to release a pro camera app for both Android and iOS.

Titled Moment – Pro Camera, the app is designed to replace  [Read More…]

Amazon’s a hero with tons of Marvel comics on sale, including some freebies

Dive into this Marvel comics sale and experience more of your favorite hero’s greatest moments and defeats!

Any good Marvel fan has been counting the days ’til Thor: Ragnarok arrives in theaters to continue Phase Three of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. If the wait for November 3rd is getting increasingly harrowing for you, then this deal is likely just what you need. Amazon has a huge variety of digital Marvel comics and graphic novels on sale currently, with many  [Read More…]

Amazon Prime Video is now available in India with tons of regional content

Prime Video is the best streaming deal right now in India.

Amazon’s streaming video service Prime Video is now available in India. The service offers a healthy mix content — including recent Bollywood movies along with Amazon’s original content like Transparent, The Grand Tour, The Man in the High Castle, and more.

If you’re already a Prime subscriber in India, you’ll be able to access Prime Video at no additional cost. A Prime subscription costs  [Read More…]

Google collects tons of data on you: Here’s why and how to opt out

Google collects tons of information about you. No duh. It uses the data it collects to improve the way it delivers information to you, mainly ads and services. Google also uses the data to improve your daily life; it uses data to report local weather, where you last parked, traffic on your commute home, scores from your favorite sports

Wednesday’s best tech deals and discount codes: G4 Play, 200GB MicroSD, and tons of fresh new deals worth checking out

Holy moly we have quite a few new deals today. Amazon is running sweet one day sales on memory where you can get the 200GB microSD card for just $ 60. It’s also offering the ASUS OnHub router for just $ 129.99 which is a bargain for the technology you get with auto updates and maintaining a

Monday’s best tech deals and discount codes; tons of wireless headphones and speakers

Happy Labor Day! Make sure you’re doing your best to respect those who earned Labor Day as a holiday and avoid work. Spend time with friends and family before the weather starts to get colder and wetter on us. We’ve got some new and amazing deals from J&L. They’re hooking you up with incredible deals

Today’s best tech bargains: Tons of fresh new deals

Happy Monday! If you’re looking to grab an action camera, you no longer need to spend hundreds. You can grab the action camera from Gizcam for just $ 59.19. It records in full HD, has multiple accessories included, and is a bargain at less than $ 60. Chargers, car chargers, and car mounts are all on sale

Save tons of cash and get free stuff with these discounts and promos from wireless carriers

Time to purchase a new smartphone? Is this an upgrade from an existing device? Or, are you brand new to these sort of things? Actually, scratch that, it doesn’t matter. We want to help you out either way. To save you money, we’ve gathered up all of the promotions we could find from the various wireless

Feet on: Withings Body Cardio Scale adds tons of sensors for better health

This scale might be the only connected health gadget you need.

Connected health tech usually is all about strapping gadgets to your body in order to feed data to an app on your phone. Wear this thing when you run, this thing when you sleep, this thing when you go swimming, and so on until you’re never not wearing some kind of connected health bauble. Using data to help keep yourself healthy is great, but sometimes  [Read More…]