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Aukey’s $85 Bluetooth Soundbar splits into left and right tower speakers

This 2.0 channel soundbar comes with a mounting kit and twin speaker stands.

Aukey’s 2.0 Channel Bluetooth Soundbar is available at Amazon for $ 84.69 when you enter promo code AUK5XMAS at checkout. That’ll save you $ 25 off its regular price there, which has never been discounted without a coupon code before.

This soundbar was just released early last month. Featuring dual speaker drivers for a total output of 60W, this 2.0 Channel soundbar offers various  [Read More…]

MrMobile goes hands-on… with a cell tower

Fun fact: when I was selling mobile phones back in 2004, I would spend the store’s slow days taking online training courses reserved for my employer’s engineers, fascinated by the networks that made mobile phones work. 14 years (and a change of careers) later, my network curiosity still burned strong. So I asked AT&T to let me go hands-on with a cell site – and to my great surprise, the carrier said yes!

Come along as I scope out  [Read More…]

Stack: how tall is your tower? [Review]

Overview – Stack is an enjoyable, timing-based, tower building game. Developer: Ketchapp Highlights: Beautiful graphics Fast-paced fun Google Play Games integration No in-app purchases Setup – Setup is as simple as

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Stone Tower – a strangely addicting game about stacking rocks. [Review]

Overview – Stacks asymmetrical rocks as high as humanly possible. Play alone or compete against someone else to make a tower that will rend the sky. Developer: Kiraline Inc Price: Free (In-App

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Prepare your tower defenses as Monster Castle plunders onto Android

Are you a fan of tower defense games? If so, you’ll be pleased to learn that Monster Castle has just been made available on Google Play. The title attempts to separate itself from the crowd by combining resource building, multiplayer combat and even hero advancement. It’s also a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

Duck Dynasty Combined With Tower Defense

Duck Dynasty Tower Defense

Tower defense games are becoming a huge hit as more and more come out with new and unique ways to defend what is yours. Activision wants to join the party on tower defense craze and the huge company has chosen to take a spin on the ever so watched show, Duck Dynasty. You take the role of the Robertsons and defend their  [Read More…]

CellSpot brings a T-Mobile tower into your home

T-Mobile today announced the T-Mobile Personal CellSpot. The announcement came at T-Mobile’s Un-carrier 7 event in San Francisco. The theme of the event was Wifi and this new accessory from T-Mobile will put a “cell tower” directly into your living room.

Anomaly Warzone Earth HD finally brings “tower offense” to Android

Youtube link for mobile viewing

Wildly popular “tower offense” game Anomaly Warzone Earth HD is now available for a cool $ 4 in the Android Market. A long-time iOS staple, the title picked up quite a bit of industry buzz, including a nomination for best Mobile Strategy Game from IGN and a Platinum Award from PocketGamer, among other accolades. Unlike other tower defense games, Anomaly Warzone Earth HD takes a different approach: you are on the offense rather  [Read More…]

Android Wallpaper of the Day – Ominous Tower in Kansas City


Android WallpaperOur Jan. 17 Android Wallpaper of the Day comes to us from member DarthTedd. (Awesome name, btw!) Darth (or should we call you Tedd?) brings us this cool shot of a building in Kansas City, looking skyward to some rather ominous clouds.

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Tiny Tower now available on Android

Tiny Tower

At long last, Tiny Tower — the 16-bit game that crams SIM City into a skyscraper — is available on Android. You control “blitzens” who live and work in the building as you erect new floors and businesses. The elevator is obvious mode of moving up and down, and you can easily start and stop, making this a great game for those down times when you don’t want to get too terribly  [Read More…]