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Verizon is offering trade-in deals on your favorite tech accessories

Verizon wants to help upgrade your tech accessories this April.

Carriers frequently offer trade-in deals to upgrade your smartphone, but Verizon is looking to extend that offer to some popular accessories by offering a pretty sweet trade-in deal on select products.

Running until the end of April, you can get a $ 30 Visa prepaid card when you spend over $ 149.99 on a new smart thermostat, fitness tracker, or speakers and recycle your old gear. With  [Read More…]

Verizon’s trade-in offer for its unlimited plan includes a free Pixel, LG V20, or S7 edge

Get the latest flagship phones for free when you trade in your older device and switch to Verizon’s unlimited plan.

Verizon is bringing back its unlimited plan for $ 80, or $ 45 per line for four lines on a family plan. You’ll be able to use high-speed LTE until 22GB, following which your data speeds will be de-prioritised in the case of network congestion. The plan also includes hotspot tethering up to 10GB, and comes with  [Read More…]

Verizon’s trade-in program offers free flagship phones

Verizon Wireless on Monday started the week by announcing a limited-time promotional trade-in offer. Launching in conjunction with the new Verizon Unlimited plan, it gives customers a chance to score a free flagship phone from various handset makers. To qualify, customers must port their phone number in from another carrier and sign up for the introductory […]

Black Friday: Verizon offers free Pixels, Galaxy S7 phones via trade-in program

In a recent post we’ve shared with you some of Verizon’s best deals on holiday season. But now that Black Friday is due to start in a few hours, Big Red has lifted the veil on its list of promotions for the upcoming weekend. Like T-Mobile, Verizon will be tempting users with a trade-in program.

Sprint offers $200 trade-in discount on Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy Note 5

If you want to upgrade to a new phone, now might be just the perfect time for that. Sprint is offering its customers a guaranteed $ 200 savings if they choose a new Samsung Galaxy S6 or the Galaxy Note 5 and trade in their current working smartphone.


The $ 200 trade-in is only available for those who already own their devices and not the ones whose phones are on a lease. For those who are eligible  [Read More…]

Sprint offers Galaxy S6 and Note 5 buyers $200 off with any working trade-in

Sprint is pushing forward with another deal for those interested in Samsung’s Galaxy S6 or Note 5 by giving a $ 200 credit with a working trade-in. That’s right, as long as you own your current smartphone, and not lease it, you can bring it in to your local Sprint store and save $ 200 on the cost of a new Galaxy S6 or Note 5. With these savings, well-qualified customers can grab the 32GB Galaxy S6  [Read More…]

T-Mobile is offering a free Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy Tab A with eligible trade-in this weekend

T-Mobile is back with yet another crazy deal, this time offering customers a free Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy Tab A through its Jump On Demand lease program with an eligible trade-in. By trading in an iPhone 6, Galaxy S6, S6 edge, Galaxy S5, Note 4 or Note edge, you can receive both a new Galaxy S6 and a Galaxy Tab A, free of charge.

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Sprint’s $200 trade-in offer expanding to Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and S6 edge+, hints at impending launch

It looks like Sprint is gearing up to offer some interesting deals when the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 edge+ go on sale. Thanks to an anonymous tipster, we’ve gotten an early look at the carrier’s planned promotions, which include $ 200 in savings when you trade in a working smartphone, along with a free Galaxy Tab 4 for those who sign a new 2-year agreement.

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Sprint’s guaranteeing a $200 minimum smartphone trade-in credit for T-Mobile switchers

Sprint‘s taking the fight straight to T-Mobile and is offering customers of the Un-carrier a guaranteed minimum trade-in credit of $ 200 for their current working T-Mobile smartphone. That’s in addition to the current contract buy-out offer (though T-Mobile ditched traditional contracts nearly two years ago) or up to $ 350 in credit to pay for their new Sprint phone.

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Sprint offers its own smartphone trade-in program that will ‘meet or beat’ competitors

Sprint has fired back at T-Mobile with its own smartphone buyback program, claiming that “it will meet or beat all competitors’ pricing to ensure the best trade-in values.” That includes instant store credit and up to $ 300 towards a new phone purchase or account credit.