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Travis Touch is a “universal translator” – but is it too late?

Of all the cool gadgets in Star Trek, one of the least-appreciated is the universal translator, which lets the crew of the Enterprise – or Voyager, or Discovery – talk to pretty much anyone through their communicators. So when I heard there was a real-world version called the Travis Touch, I jumped on it faster than you can say “open hailing frequencies.”

Travis Touch is a small Android-powered handheld that packs enough built-in intelligence to translate 105  [Read More…]

Microsoft brings Translator smarts to SwiftKey Beta for Android

SwiftKey’s toolbar is getting some translation juice with its latest update.

If SwiftKey is your keyboard of choice on Android, you’ll soon be able to tap the toolbar for quick access to translations. The latest update to the SwiftKey Beta brings integration with Microsoft’s Translator service, putting the ability to translate between a number of languages a tap away (via Neowin).

The translation tool lives in SwiftKey’s toolbar, and it allows you to choose both the source  [Read More…]

Microsoft Translator optimized for Android tablets, launches on Amazon’s Fire tablets

Microsoft has released its Translator app for Amazon’s line of Fire tablets via the Amazon Underground store. Also, the regular Android version of the app has been optimized for tablet use.

For those folks who are unfamiliar with the Microsoft Translator app, here are some of its features:

Speak or type to quickly translate into over 50 languages Have real-time conversations in Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish Download  [Read More…]

Microsoft Translator can now translate text from images

Microsoft has updated its Translator app for Android, adding support for translating words in images. This allows you to get instant translations of signage, menus, and more. Additionally, those with Marshmallow installed on their phones will be able to translate text without leaving their current app.

Here’s everything you’ll get with the latest version of Microsoft Translator:

Translate words within images – convert from 21 languages or choose automatic language detection Select and translate text without  [Read More…]

Microsoft Translator for Android adds offline translation engine packs

Microsoft is giving Android device owners a way to translate text messages in several languages, even if their smartphone cannot connect to the Internet. The latest update to the Microsoft Translator app adds a new engine that includes this new offline translation feature, with the help of downloadable language packs.

Microsoft says:

Deep Neural Networks, also known as Deep Learning, is a state-of-the-art Machine Learning technology that has been in use for almost a year  [Read More…]

Aprenda inglés / learn Spanish Nglish Translator

A fun fact about me is that I’m bilingual. I spent a couple of years tromping through the jungles of El Salvador and in the process learned Spanish. That was a little over 15 years ago, and because I live in Arizona I have had ample opportunity to keep up with and even improve my Spanish vocabulary. It is from this perspective that I write my review.

Una cosa que no todos saben es que soy bilingüe. Pase un par de  [Read More…]

Microsoft launches Translator for Android, updates OneDrive and OneNote for Android Wear

Microsoft is very busy on the Android app front. It has launched a version of its Translator app for both Android and Android Wear, while also updating its OneDrive Android Wear app. Finally, it has released a major revamp of its OneNote Android Wear app.

Review: Translator – An app that will make your life easier

Everyone who is living in a foreign country and facing issues with the language of locals knows how hard it makes the routines of daily life but in that case, if you have a good translating app in your smartphone, your work is half done. Gone are the days when you needed to carry fat dictionaries – now all you need is this amazing app known as Translator.

TranslatorTranslator  [Read More…]

S Translator on the Samsung Galaxy S5

One of the preloaded apps on the Samsung Galaxy S5 is a new text and speech translator. It’s a really helpful way to get by in foreign countries thanks to a conversation mode that translates the spoekn word from one language into another with an impressive amount of speed. The Samsung App Store provides high quality language packs for just about every region, so you’ll be covered just about anywhere in the world. The one downside  [Read More…]