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A Father’s Day tribute to beloved music in the age of smart speakers

Turn it up to 11. For dad.

In 2001, my dad bought me my first “hi-fi”, the classic Altec Lansing 641 computer speakers, which included four oversized satellites and the biggest subwoofer I’d ever seen. The system put out 200 watts RMS, and had among the beefiest amplifiers ever put inside a standalone system. The sub alone weighed over 30 pounds (maybe more, it’s hard to remember) and could shake my whole house with the right bass-heavy  [Read More…]

LG Tribute Dynasty coming to Sprint and Boost Mobile for $99

Act fast and get the phone for just $ 59.

If you wanted to buy an Android phone for $ 200 or less a few years back, you’d end up with something that had a good chance of breaking down within a week. We’ve thankfully left those dark days behind us, and as such, have devices like the LG Tribute Dynasty.

LG just announced the Tribute Dynasty ahead of CES 2018, and while there’s nothing here that’ll  [Read More…]

LG Tribute DYNASTY arrives at Boost Mobile and Sprint for $99.99

Sprint and its prepaid branch, Boost Mobile today announced the LG Tribute DYNASTY. An entry-level smartphone, the new device is available for purchase right away at Boost and starting January 12 at Sprint for only $ 99.99. At this price, the LG Tribute DYNASTY is not here to blow your mind away with advanced specs and […]

Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile call up LG Tribute HD

Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile have started off the week by offering up a new smartphone for their respective services. Starting from today, the LG Tribute HD can be purchased through each website. Both Boost and Virgin are prepaid brands which utilize the Sprint network for coverage. Moreover, the LG Tribute HD is a low-cost

LG Tribute 5 makes its way to Boost Mobile for $99

The LG Tribute 5 is the latest budget smartphone to hit Boost Mobile, and it combines great features with an affordable price tag. Coming in at $ 99, the Tribute 5 offers a number of LG’s signature features, such as gesture shot, selfie light, knock on, knock code and more. As for the phone specs, you’ll have a 5-inch IPS display with a Snapdragon 210 quad-core processor paired with 1GB of RAM. For storing your photos, games,  [Read More…]

Boost Mobile announces the $100 LG Tribute 5

Boost Mobile has exclusive rights to sell the new LG Tribute 5 with Android 5.1 at just $ 99.99. It’s an incredible value considering you get a 5″ IPS display, with LTE capability, 1GB of RAM, 8GB of memory, and a quad-core processor. The Tribute 5 runs Android 5.1 with LG’s customizations that are found on its flagships like Gesture Shot, Knock Code, and Knock On.

If you’re new to Boost Mobile you can earn a free $ 50 credit  [Read More…]

Virgin Mobile gives customers more data for the money, adds LG Tribute 2

Virgin Mobile on Thursday revealed its rate plans now offer for more high speed data at no additional cost. The basic plan of $ 35 per month now allows for 1GB of data, quadruple its previous allotment of 250MB.

virgin mobile data

The $ 45 plan formerly included 1GB of high speed data but it has since been tripled to 3GB per month. As for the $ 55 option, Virgin Mobile has taken  [Read More…]

LG Tribute 2 and Tribute Duo hit Sprint Prepaid and Virgin Mobile for $99

LG Tribute 2 and Tribute Duo are the latest budget phones to hit both Sprint Prepaid and Virgin Mobile. Those looking to stick with Sprint’s prepaid network will be purchasing the LG Tribute Duo, while customers on Virgin Mobile will be looking for the LG Tribute 2. Customers of either network can purchase the new smartphone for $ 99 plus taxes, without involving a contract.

[Read More…]

Sprint dials up LG Tribute 2 and LG Tribute Duo for prepaid brands

lg-tribute-duoSprint on Monday announced a pair of LG smartphones for its Sprint Prepaid and Virgin Mobile brands. The LG Tribute 2 and the LG Tribute Duo share a number of hardware and software features. In essence, these are the same overall designs just named differently for the two prepaid arms.

The two handsets are powered by Android 5.1 Lollipop and include custom LG apps Quick Memo, Gesture Shot, and Knock Code. The twosome also  [Read More…]

Boost Mobile begins selling LG Tribute 2 for $99 and LG Volt 2 for $149

Sprint’s no-contract subsidiary, Boost Mobile, has two new budget smartphones from LG available to purchase. One is the LG Tribute 2 which is priced at $ 99.99, while the other is the LG Volt 2 which costs $ 149.99.