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Sprint tries to lure new customers with Unlimited Premium plan

America’s underdog carrier, Sprint, has revealed a new Unlimited Premium smartphone plan. And it looks like a pretty sweet deal…except for the whole Sprint thing. Let’s take a look at just want the Pindrop network has with this new plan.

Obviously, you get unlimited web, talk, and text with Sprint Unlimited Premium, but here’s the breakdown of the rest of the new option:

50GB LTE mobile hotspot to keep all your devices connected The best of shopping and entertainment with  [Read More…]

Mod In A Box: MrMobile Tries (To Love) The Moto Z3 Play

Any phone that takes you from sunrise to sunset without dying is a pretty solid phone in my book. So when I came home from a day of Google Maps navigation, hotel hunting and shooting endless photos (while Instagramming my every meal, natch) I expected my Moto Z3 Play to be mere moments from auto-shutdown. But while its Moto Mod was indeed just ticking over to zero as I walked in the door, the Z3 Play’s onboard  [Read More…]

Sony WF-SP700N review: MrMobile finally tries “truly wireless”

Summertime is no time for over-ear headphones (as the sweat smears on my QC-35 earpads will attest). So when Sony asked me to review its new truly wireless WF-SP700N earbuds, the timing was perfect. Despite their unimaginative branding, these are actually good sport earbuds, with an acoustic noise canceling feature that’s a rarity in wearables this small. The WF-SP700N also gives you the option to disable that ANC to allow external sound though, keeping you from getting  [Read More…]

Sprint tries luring in new customers with $50 Unlimited plan

Sprint has been on a subscriber push as of late.

You’ve no doubt seen the commercials recently, featuring Verizon’s old “Can You Hear Me Now” spokesman. Those ads have been a bit of a hard sell, but a new plan from Sprint is hoping to lure in more new subscribers: $ 50 a month for unlimited talk, text and data.

If you don’t have home internet, it’s quite easy to rack up a huge data bill  [Read More…]

THING Launcher tries to cook up recipes for Android automation and magic

There’s another interesting launcher out there.

Looking for another smart launcher that ties into the apps and habits of your life? THING Launcher wants to be your next launcher. This launcher aims to automate your phone and your home as it listens to your life and watches you move from place to place and task to task. Like all launchers, it is a very rough start, but there is definitely potential.

By tying into apps  [Read More…]

Securifi’s new Almond 3 router kit tries to add every feature imaginable, and comes close

Sometimes all-in-one is perfect. Other times you need to spread out a bit.

Despite how much work happens inside their soft plastic casings, few people look at routers as computers that can complete multiple tasks. These are boxes you plug in, set up once, and forget about until something goes wrong. It’s nice to know you can do that and have your internet behave itself most of the time, but there are a couple of companies  [Read More…]

Daily Briefing: LG tries to fix what’s broken, and Samsung goes all-in on AI

This was the best Friday since last Friday. Here’s what you need to know for October 28, 2016.

I was on a plane today and saw someone in the waiting area with a Galaxy Note 7. I facetiously tweeted out that I could either ignore the problem and hope for the best or tackle him and remove his phone forcefully. In fact, I did neither: I let the flight attendant know that I thought I saw  [Read More…]

Beyond Ink Pen tries to mesh pens with technology

Beyond Ink makes a passable attempt at combining a pen, stylus, charger and flash drive.

The Beyond Ink Pen aims to bring writing instruments into the future by combining the ballpoint pen we’ve all used for years, with the new technology that has become integral to our lives. You get access to a ball point pen, stylus, battery, charger, and flash drive all in one place. The Pen is well designed in that it looks like  [Read More…]

William H. Macy tries on the Gear VR in Samsung’s Oscars commercial

Samsung has a big presence during the Oscars, with the vendor rolling out new commercials during the awards show to highlight its latest phones. It’s no different this year, as we have a new celebrity-studded commercial that showcases the best features of the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge.

The commercial includes Wesley Snipes, Lil Wayne, Los Angeles Clippers coach Doc Rivers, James Harden, and William H. Macy, who uses the Gear VR to present the Galaxy  [Read More…]

Uber tries to get along with black cab drivers in London by letting them use the app for free

Uber has published a new blog post on the company website detailing how both Uber and black cab drivers in London can coexist and get along just fine. Said drivers will now be able to fire up the Uber app and utilize the Taxi option to connect to paying customers, without paying out a service fee for the first year of use.

It’s billed as a means for black cab drivers to reach new customers  [Read More…]