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HQ Trivia Android app finally exits beta

Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty.

After becoming a worldwide phenomenon on iOS, HQ Trivia launched on Android as a limited beta last Christmas. The beta was then opened up to anyone that wanted to give HQ a shot on December 31, and just about two months later, HQ Trivia’s Android app is leaving the beta stage for good.

HQ Trivia is now sitting at v1.2.1 on the Play Store, and while there aren’t any big changes  [Read More…]

Best Live Quiz / Trivia Games for Android

Play trivia throughout the day and maybe win some real cash!

Have you always thought you’d do great on a trivia game show? Well, in 2018, you can test your trivia skills multiple times in a day playing live trivia for real cash right on your phone.

This trend was started by HQ Trivia, which seemingly blew up overnight and has regularly drawn in a million players ever since launching for Android users in the Google Play Store. Keep  [Read More…]

HQ Trivia gets rid of $20 limit to cash out your winnings

Now, If I could just win a game.

Like a lot of my fellow HQuties reading this, I’ve still yet to win a match of HQ Trivia. The closest I’ve gotten so far is Question 6, but even so, I continue to press on until I can go from Qumero Numero Uno all the way to Question 12. However, there’s been one thing troubling me if/when I ever reach that day of nirvana – HQ Trivia’s minimum payout.

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Loco is a blatant HQ Trivia ripoff from India

Loco is a game show app that’s ‘inspired’ by HQ Trivia.

HQ Trivia has rocketed up the charts in recent months, with the live trivia game counting hundreds of thousands of players every day. The game’s main draw comes from the fact that you can win real money, provided you answer all the questions correctly.

It looks like someone from India noticed just how popular HQ Trivia is, because there’s now an app called Loco aimed at  [Read More…]

HQ Trivia for Android: Everything you need to know

What you need to get started with the hottest new game!

We love trivia games. Whether they be on the television or at the table-top, quiz and trivia games have been a long-time favorite for a lot of people. HQ Trivia is the evolution of everything from those old black and white shows from yesteryear through to today’s newest tech, all mashed together into one heck of a fun app.

HQ can be a lot of fun,  [Read More…]

HQ Trivia begins limited beta in the U.S., open beta in Canada

Here’s some good news for some Americans and all Canadians: HQ Trivia is here!

Earlier this week, the mobile phenomenon, HQ Trivia, announced that its Android release was nearing. Now, the company has said that it launched in limited beta in the U.S. on Christmas Day to iron out some bugs, and that it will open the app to more users in the coming days and weeks.

Android update: we’re in limited beta as of Christmas  [Read More…]

HQ Trivia gets its first rival app: The Q brings the excitement of daily trivia to Android!

Finally, Android users can experience the highs and lows (and lag) of a live trivia game show streamed to your phone!

Trivia is back in the spotlight these days, thanks in large part to the viral sensation that is HQ Trivia. Currently exclusive to iOS, HQ Trivia is a daily trivia game show that lets players play with hundreds of thousands of others for a chance to win cash. While HQ Trivia plans to launch an Android  [Read More…]

Pictionary finally gets mobile treatment from makers of Trivia Crack

The popular party game is now available to play on the go!

It’s weird that it took so long, but an official Pictionary game has finally landed in the Google Play Store. Developed by Mattel and Etermax — the same folks behind the all too appropriately named Trivia Crack — Pictionary takes the classic party game and breathes new life in the transition to mobile.

After signing in via Facebook or your Google account, you have the  [Read More…]

Trivia Search: A simple puzzler with lots to do (Review)

Overview Trivia Search is a fun, simple puzzle/word search game that will keep you playing for hours. Developer: BigBelly Productions LLC Cost: Free (with ads) Impressions Trivia Search is essentially a combination of a word search puzzle and a trivia game. It has a very simple concept, and it’s easy to lose track of time

Trivia Crack scores a slight redesign, new languages in version 2.0

The insanely addictive mobile game Trivia Crack scored an update to 2.0 today, bringing a slight redesign and some new features along for the ride.

In Trivia Crack 2.0, players are presented with a new user profile, improved navigation, new animations, and new languages for both the game and the question factory.

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