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T-Mobile is giving away nine Samsung Galaxy Note 9s this Tuesday

Every week, T-Mobile gives its subscribers access bunch of cool freebies via its T-Mobile Tuesday promotions.

This usually includes stuff like discounts on Shell gasoline or free Red bulls. But this week T-Mobile will be giving away something far more exciting.

To celebrate the launch of Samsung’s new flagship, T-Mobile is offering you the chance to win one of the nine Galaxy Note 9s. What’s more, the winners will also receive a $ 372 check from the Magenta carrier. The  [Read More…]

T-Mobile is giving away ten LG G7 ThinQ phones this Tuesday

The LG G7 ThinQ has yet to officially launch in the US, but T-Mobile is already giving you the chance to win one this Tuesday on May 22.

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Follow iMore for all the iPhone 8 announcements on Tuesday, Sept. 12

If you’re looking to follow the news about one of the biggest phone launches of the year, stick with iMore.

There is no question that the new iPhones will be among the biggest tech stories of the year. Doesn’t matter if you’re wielding a Galaxy S8 or a Lumia 950, if you’re attuned to the comings and goings of the mobile industry, what Apple does matters.

Our sibling site, iMore, will be covering all of the excitement  [Read More…]

Here are our 10 favorite deals, discounts codes and coupons for Tuesday 12/20/16

Hello, everyone! Christmas is less than a week away. Are you excited? I know I am. This week may feel like a drag to some with the day on the horizon, but we have some awesome deals here to make the days go a little faster. All of the deals we have listed here are

Sunday Editorial: Make sure you vote on Tuesday

According to Wikipedia, only 54.9% of Americans voted in the 2012 Presidential election. The last time American voters showed up up at the polls at over 60% of the population was back in 1968 when the 60.7% voters cast their choices. I know this is a tech website and our main purpose is to give

The first ‘T-Mobile Tuesday’ giveaway had issues with too much demand

The first “T-Mobile Tuesday” for the carrier’s free giveaway offer was hit with way too much demand from customers, with many people unable to get their promised free gifts.

T-Mobile announced the new weekly giveaway program, which offers things like free food, movie tickets and more, on Monday as part of its Un-carrier 11 plans. Some people who downloaded the T-Mobile Tuesdays app reported on Twitter they were unable to access the free  [Read More…]

Pebble is counting down to a big reveal on Tuesday, May 24

The Pebble website and Twitter page are counting down to what looks to be a big announcement for the smartwatch company on Tuesday, May 24 at 10 a.m. Eastern Time.

Both the site and Twitter account claim we will be “in for a treat” when the announcement is made:

Tick-tock…https://t.co/5fXTrNGzIs pic.twitter.com/y9QOdNRluk

— Pebble (@Pebble) May 22, 2016

Another Twitter teaser says, “Everything’s better with friends”:

Everything’s better with friends. Invite the crew  [Read More…]

Now you can buy OnePlus X without invites every Tuesday

Now that OnePlus has bid adieu to invites for the OnePlus 2, it is only fitting that the company has decided to increase the availability of its smaller sibling, the X, as well. No, the Chinese firm is not departing its cumbersome invites only procedure anytime soon, but it is making the OnePlus X available every Tuesday without invites.

It is indeed a great news for those who have been waiting patiently for an invite to buy the $ 250 device, which packs some very  [Read More…]

You can now buy the OnePlus X without an invite every Tuesday

Should you still be eagerly awaiting your opportunity to purchase the OnePlus X, the company is now offering you a chance to place an order every Tuesday, even if you have yet to receive an invitation. Every week on the same day, you’ll be able to pick up the OnePlus X without an invite. This promotion starts today.

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OnePlus announces open sales for every Tuesday

The OnePlus has been up for sale for just over half a year now, but it is still a hard phone to get. The main way to purchase a OnePlus One has always been through its highly criticized invite system, but with more and more invites going out monthly, it has become easier. Today, OnePlus announced that the OnePlus One will be available to purchase every Tuesday from now on.

Starting tomorrow, OnePlus will open up sales for the One for  [Read More…]