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How to make Twitter for Android show tweets in reverse chronological order

Twitter made a horrible mistake years ago, and now they’re beginning to make it right again.

Twitter added the option to “Show me the best Tweets first” a while back, and it jumbled up our feeds and showed us old but popular tweets over the latest and greatest tweets from those we follow — and sometimes from those we didn’t follow. Blame algorithms. I don’t want to see old tweets, I don’t want to see recommended tweets,  [Read More…]

Twitter adds Bookmarks so you can save tweets for later without liking them

Say goodbye to awkwardly liking tweets you don’t actually agree with.

Twitter’s my go-to social network of choice, and while I enjoy most parts of it, there are a few areas that are in desperate need of improvement (I’m looking at you, un-editable tweets). While edits still aren’t here, Twitter is adding something that a lot of people have been asking for for a while — bookmarks.

As you can probably guess, the purpose of bookmarks is  [Read More…]

Twitter character limit expands from 140 to 280 to encourage more English tweets

Twitter has become a thriving social media platform for brevity, with the company making changes all the time (such as the introduction of Twitter Lite earlier this year for less-than-stellar cellular data networks) to encourage growing participation by its growing user base. While the company is famous for its 140-character limit, its brevity has proven […]

Twitter adds new Message button to quickly share tweets with DM contacts

Twitter users now have a faster way to share other tweets with the people that they choose to Direct Message. A new Message button has been added to its Android and iOS apps that allows that to happen much more quickly than before.

Twitter says:

Every day, millions of people send Direct Messages to communicate privately with friends, family, experts, brands, and anyone else they find interesting on Twitter. In fact, we’ve seen the number  [Read More…]

How to turn off Twitter’s ‘best Tweets first’ algorithm

Once upon a time, Twitter worked in the following way: Someone posted a tweet. Then someone else would tweet. Then you would see these tweets in your timeline, in the order they were sent. And because chronological order isn’t good enough for social services any more (too predictable and rigid and not as easily monetized, or something like that), Twitter is by default now showing you the “best tweets first.”

Whatever the hell that means.

Actually, according  [Read More…]

Google CEO tweets support for Apple’s stance in encryption debate

Google CEO Sundar Pichai, in a string of tweets this afternoon, has weighed in on the lengthy message Apple CEO Tim Cook penned to customers and the U.S. government — and, frankly, the world — regarding encryption on personal devices.

Cook was responding to a federal judge’s order directing Apple to help the FBI unlock an iPhone used by one of the shooters in December’s massacre in San Bernardino, Calif. “The United States government has demanded that Apple take  [Read More…]

Google adds 140 more characters to mobile search results, now displaying relevant tweets

Tweets will now show up in Google Search results on mobile devices, giving you a little more real-time information about the topic at hand.

When performing a Google search on a mobile device, users will now start seeing relevant tweets appearing in the results feed, in addition to the normal links and images. Google has been making quite a number of changes to mobile search results, and the latest adds even more real-time results.

[Read More…]

Now, tweets to feature in search results in Google app

If you Google Kim Kardasian on your mobile browser the next time, don’t be surprised to see tweets in your search results. Google has announced today that a new update will let you find real-time content from Twitter right in the search results.

“Whether you’re interested in the latest from Taylor Swift, news about the #MadMenFinale, or updates on the NBA playoffs, you’ll have access to it directly from Google. Let’s use NASA as an example—just ask the Google app about NASA Twitter and in the search results,  [Read More…]

Twitter introduces a simple summary of the best Tweets for you called Highlights

Reading through tweets can be daunting.  By the time you have read through 20 or 30 tweets, there is a good chance that 30 new tweets have been published.  It can be impossible to get through every tweet, especially when many tweets are replicated about the same topic.

In comes Highlights, a fast and simple summary of Twitter of the stuff that is most relevant to you.  Highlights are created by gathering tweets from people you are close with, topics and  [Read More…]

Twitter adds ‘Highlights’ to Android app, a daily summary of the best tweets

Highlights is Twitter’s latest feature addition which delivers a push notification daily summarizing the day’s best tweets.

Twitter wants to make sure that users are not missing out on things when they are busy with other tasks, and Highlights is the companies latest way to keep you informed of what happened during the day. The idea is simple: Twitter will send a push notification to users who opt-in, giving you a recap of popular posts from  [Read More…]