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How to use App Twin on the Huawei Mate 9

You can clone Facebook or WhatsApp to log in with two different accounts at the same time.

Running a business from your smartphone? That’s pretty cool, but I bet you feel like switching between personal and business accounts is kind of a pain in the butt. Fortunately, some Android devices offer the ability to make an “app twin,” essentially emulating an existing app so that you can log in with different accounts at the same time.

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Galaxy S8: New report points to twin edge-screen flagships for 2017

5.1 and 5.5-inch edge screen Galaxy S8 models on the way, according to reports from Korean.

After introducing a more subtle edge screen in the Galaxy Note 7, Samsung might be doing away with completely flat screens altogether in its next-gen Galaxy S phone. According to a new report from The Korea Herald, both Galaxy S8 models might feature curved screens, at the same 5.1- and 5.5-inch sizes as the GS7.

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Tap my Twin: Keep your brain trained [Review]

Overview Time to train your brain. That’s right, keep yourself sharp with Tap my Twin by matching colors and shapes and beat your high score in this fast paced game. Developer: DAE Studios Cost: Free (In-app purchase to remove ads for $ 2.24) Game Play Tap my Twin is easy to understand yet deceivingly hard game

Twin Jellies review: Easy to learn, but easier to leave behind

As a fan of casual titles, I tend to prefer my Android gaming in short bursts. I’d rather trade off high-res graphics and immerse experiences for cute and clever stuff that I can drop in and out of without worry. On the surface, Twin Jellies appeared as if it might be the sort of stuff that I’m into: simple to learn with high replay value. As it turns out, I got it half right.

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North Korean Arirang AS1201 and Chinese Uniscope U1202 turn out to be twin phones from different zones!

While North Korea originally trumpeted the indigenous technology of their Arirang AS1201 Android phone, turns out it’s actually the spitting image of China’s Uniscope U1201.