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Hexologic review: A hexagon-based logic game that will twist your brain

Most of the times we play a game on our Android device, so we can relax and take our mind off things. Simple games like Cooking Madness or Candy Crush are a great way to tune out the daily noise, but what if you’re looking for something more challenging? Something that truly puts your mind at work?

Well, today we’re taking a look at Hexologic, a game that will challenge you to think differently, imagine and solve ever-changing problems that  [Read More…]

The Defendroid adds a new twist to classic block busting games (Review)

Overview Ball and paddle-style games were all the rage in the early days of computers and The Defendroid wants to offer a trip down memory lan while adding its own twist. Developer: Takeshi Games Cost: Free (in-app purchases) Impressions In theory, Defendroid is a fun remake of the classic block-busting game in a new crazy […]

Touch Circle is an awesome twist on the boring live wallpaper

Live wallpapers have languished in recent years.

It’s a shame, too, because there is so much potential for beautiful and useful wallpapers rather than a boring static image. Google’s Wallpapers app utilizes a live wallpaper… but only to change out static images every day. Well, there are some developers who are looking to bring back the live wallpaper, and if they all start off as well as Touch Circle, this themer hopes to be swimming in  [Read More…]

Twist crams most of the world into a single charging adapter

An all-in-one travel charger for your mobile tech.

Travelling to another country and realizing that single travel charger you brought isn’t nearly enough for your phone and watch and tablet may be the ultimate First World Problem to some, but the truth is travelling with multiple international chargers quickly fills your travel bag. UK chargers are much larger than US chargers, for example, and the adapters don’t help a ton.

Twist is an interesting new solution  [Read More…]

Ignatius – a side-scrolling puzzler with a noir twist. [Review]

Overview – Ignatius is, at its heart, a side-scrolling puzzle game. Run around black-and-white levels solving puzzles and collecting film reels to move onto the next stage. Developer: Sons of welder

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Connect Four Plus: A new twist to a classic game (App Review)

One of the best things about smartphones nowadays is the ability to take some of our favorite classic games and play them in new ways. One of these games Connect Four Plus.


Connect Four was the first strategy game I played as a kid. It was super easy; two players compete to see who can connect four of their color first. Well, easy when your dad let’s you win. I really enjoyed playing it growing up, just as now  [Read More…]

Microsoft Send brings an instant messaging twist to email

Microsoft has released a new take on email, Send, for Android smartphones. The way Send approaches email is more like an instant messaging approach than what we have come to see from other apps. Send is focused on quick conversations, without the need for subject lines or signatures and other daunting aspects of email.

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Moto 360 ads introduce playful twist to the classical watch design

Motorola debuted a pair of new ads for its Moto 360 Android Wear smartwatch. The ads focus on the traditional watch form factor while showing off the notification feature of the smartwatch as Motorola highlights that it is a “watch for our times.” Both ads show the Moto 360 at home in traditional settings, with the first ad showcasing a businessman and his time piece with a notification for a burrito, while the second ad highlights a concert pianist  [Read More…]

Puzzlephone challenges Project Ara with a modular twist

While Google is still experimenting with the idea of building smartphones out of modular components, we’re already seeing some challengers to the concept. Project Ara won’t be out until some time next year and we’ve already reported on Vsenn, one challenger to the idea, and now we’re seeing Puzzlephone. Where Puzzlephone hopes to distinguish itself on the market is by simplifying the idea of modular by grouping components into three main modules: the Brain, Heart, and Spine.

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Microsoft debuts Torque, Bing search for Android Wear with a twist of your wrist

Microsoft is on a roll with Android support today. The company’s Garage program has just launched an app for Android Wear that makes searching Bing a bit more convenient. The app presumably takes its name from its main feature: twisting your wrist will open a Bing query, at which point you simply speak to ask your question.

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