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Get $15 worth of freebies for King of Fighters ALLSTAR with Twitch Prime

It’s got more than 200 fighters from the entire history of the series.

What you need to know King of Fighters ALLSTAR is launching on mobile devices today. The game by Netmarble features every character in the series’ history. Twitch Prime users will be able to get $ 15 worth of battle card tickets for free.

King of Fighters ALLSTAR is finally making its way outside of Japan, and if you’re a Twitch Prime user, it’s launching  [Read More…]

Donald Trump joins Bernie Sanders as a Twitch streamer

Both Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are on Twitch, and it marks something bigger than just a different place to see them campaign.

What you need to know President Trump now has a Twitch channel of his own. Trump joins Bernie Sanders as the second major politician to have a Twitch channel. Both channels are being used to stream live campaign events, inviting viewers to join in the conversation.

Election coverage in the US can be a  [Read More…]

Twitch Prime now offers rewards for mobile games

Twitch Prime is ramping it up!

What you need to know Twitch Prime is offer perks to gamers if they’re Amazon Prime members. Today, the company revealed mobile game benefits starting with PUBG Mobile. Since it’s a free-to-play game, you’ll get exclusive skins. You can subscribe to Amazon Prime here.

Yesterday, Amazon announced that Loot Gifting was coming to Twitch Prime. However, it turns out, that wasn’t the biggest announcement of the week. Today, the company revealed  [Read More…]

Grab the Octane Whiplash skin for Apex Legends with Twitch Prime


Another special skin for Twitch Prime users to grab

What you need to know Twitch Prime users can grab a special new pack for Apex Legends. The new Apex Legends pack includes a skin for Octane. This is the third of the four packs being offered to Twitch Prime users during Season 2.

Season 2 of Apex Legends is still well underway, with different challenges and even limited-time modes to keep players busy.  [Read More…]

How to get the best Twitch stream in PlayStation VR

While you’re fully immersed inside your virtual world with PlayStation VR, there’s no reason you wouldn’t want to share it with everyone else, right? Twitch is the biggest platform on the planet for gamers to broadcast their adventures to friends, family, and complete strangers.

Streaming VR is a little different to a regular console game, mostly because you have no vision of anything that’s going on outside the headset. You can’t see chat, you can’t monitor your stream  [Read More…]

Twitch is encountering a lot of issues that have people irritated

This new hashtag has been trending and there’s a groan-inducing story behind the whole sorry mess

What you need to know There have been numerous questionable issues involving streamers on Twitch over the last few months. On top of this, there was a recent issue involving streamer Ninja’s Twitch channel, which was being used to promote other Fortnite streamers and (indirectly) promoted NSFW content including pornography The accumulation of these events have led users on Twitter to  [Read More…]

Grab special rewards in FIFA Team Ultimate with Twitch Prime

New drops will be available in FIFA Ultimate Team for Twitch Prime subscribers

What you need to know Twitch and EA are teaming up to bring some special features to FIFA fans and Twitch Prime subscribers. Players of FIFA subscribed to Twitch Prime can get a special pack with a 87+ OVR player and two rare gold player items. You can preorder FIFA 20 for $ 50 from Amazon.

EA SPORTS and Twitch  [Read More…]

Twitch Prime users can grab a new skin for Wattson in Apex Legends Season 2

Season 2 just began so get ready for a whole lot of new content.

What you need to know Twitch Prime users can get two new Apex Legends skins right now One skin is for Wattson, the other is for the L-STAR gun. There will be more skins for Twitch Prime users in the future.

Season 2 of Apex Legends has begun, bringing multiple balances, additions and changes to the game. The nuclear repulsor tower has been  [Read More…]

Don’t miss out on these Twitch Prime freebies for Prime Day 2019

Gamers aren’t getting left out on Prime Day this year.

Amazon Prime Day 2019 is just two weeks away, and Twitch Prime is getting in on the action this year with free content giveaways for games like Apex Legends and unannounced EA Sports titles, along with Twitch Prime Crown Cup tournaments in London and Las Vegas.

Beginning July 3, Twitch Prime members can unlock an exclusive Legend skin and weapon skin for Apex Legends, while later in  [Read More…]

Is PlayStation Plus required for Twitch streams?

Best answer: Nope! PlayStation Plus is not necessary for streaming to Twitch. However, if you are considering streaming multiplayer games with your friends or playing games online with stream viewers, then you would want to pick up a Plus subscription. It is not needed for solo games.

Play with viewers: PlayStation Plus 3 Month Membership ($ 25 at Amazon) Streaming from your PS4 to Twitch

Streaming gameplay to Twitch has been made simple. There is no need  [Read More…]