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Survey: What are your mobile typing and messaging patterns?

What’s your messaging mindset? Take this survey and help us find out!

Every single day, all over the world, people are sending messages back and forth through a multitude of different services, and according to some estimates, more than half the world now uses a smartphone. That means there are a lot of folks out there tapping away on their devices using both virtual and physical keyboards.

But do folks enjoy the experience? Can those virtual  [Read More…]

How to use Google Handwriting Input as an alternative to typing on a keyboard

Google released an app called Google Handwriting Input early in 2015 and it aims to make writing easier by using your handwriting to create words and emojis. Whether you choose to use a stylus or fingertip, the Google Handwriting Input app allows both, and incredibly supports 87 languages. It’s 100% free to download and use so give it a try if you like to use one hand when writing on a smartphone or tablet.

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The tale of two keyboards: Which Pixel C typing cover is for you?

Do you need a $ 149 keyboard for this shiny new tablet? Maybe.

The new Pixel C has a couple of keyboard covers available for it. Both are $ 149, and both are currently the only official way to protect the display of the tablet. The good news is that both are pretty capable — and technologically interesting — keyboards. The question is whether you really need one to make the most of the Pixel C as  [Read More…]

Ztype is a strangely addictive typing tutor for web and mobile

Looking for a new way to improve how efficiently you can type on your cell phone without mindlessly messaging friends and family to get better at it? Meet Ztype, the web app that works wonderfully on mobile devices and combines typing with fun.

WRIO keyboard app hopes to revolutionize typing from a smartphone


From Swiftkey to Swype, Fleksy to Minuum, there are hundreds of keyboards both on Android and recently iOS that look to make typing on a small screen an easier and snappier experience. Each have their benefits, and each have their takeaways. WRIO Keyboard is a new entry into this world of symbols and keys, and they’re looking for support on Kickstarter to get the app to you.



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Google Docs picks up new research tool, voice typing on the web

Google is rolling out some fancy new features to Docs aimed at bringing some much needed productivity features to the app. Some of the updates include a dictation tool in Docs on the web, robust change tracking, and the ability to search Google within Docs for Android.

Perhaps the most notable addition is the new Research tool in Docs for Android. The tool allows you to perform Google searches within the app, making it  [Read More…]

Minuum 3.0 arrives with major redesign and multilingual typing mode

Minuum has hit 3.0, with a number of enhancements and fixes, and a new Material Design look. Minuum has also added a number of new themes, and made enhancements to typing, including multilingual typing support.

No typing here, instead draw with Microsoft’s Android Wear keyboard prototype

Microsoft Research today released what they are calling an “analog keyboard” for Android Wear. The keyboard will allow you to input text by drawing letters onto the watch face. It is important to note that, as of right now, the keyboard only supports square screens with a 320×320 resolution, in addition to the Moto 360.

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Google Hangouts for web now filtering typing sounds rather than muting you

The noise detection algorithm for voice and video calls in Google Hangouts has been improved so instead of muting you altogether when typing, it will just filter out that noise and keep you on the line.

Fleksy Keyboard launches Arabic beta, demos typing in Chinese, and brings four new themes!

Fleksy arabic

The folks over at Fleksy are always working hard to bring you the next big thing when it comes to typing. The app is updated just about every month with what seems like 1,000 improvements every time. We’ve got another one here, and if you’re at all interested in Arabic or Chinese, you should take… Read more »

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