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Why progressive web apps (PWAs) may ultimately benefit Google more than Microsoft

Image Credit: David Breyer

The hybrid web-app solution, progressive web app, is touted as the possible solution to Microsoft’s app gap; but it may do more good for Google than for Microsoft.

Google and Microsoft are fierce competitors in AI, productivity tools, search and more. Additionally, Google’s refusal to bring its first-party apps to Windows phone was a strategic blow that contributed to the platform’s poor adoption.

Given this troubled history and present rivalry, it’s ironic  [Read More…]

AT&T CEO says contracts will ultimately fade away

Two-year contracts have long been bundled with our smartphone purchases.  It took quite a bold move from T-mobile, with their Uncarrier movement, to shake things up and question how things are done.  One of these things was buying a phone with a contract or full price.

The realization did make an impact on the industry.  Customers were realizing how much phones really cost and the disadvantages in contracts.

Re/code recently had a discussion with AT&T CEO Ralph de la Vega about this  [Read More…]