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Google Fi’s new unlimited plan is just $70 per month

What you need to know New unlimited plan starts at $ 70 per month with 100GB of Google One storage included. Data is full speed up to 22GB per month, but video streaming quality may be reduced to 480p. Group plans reduce the per-person cost to as low as $ 45 per month.

Google Fi is taking on another evolution of its service with a new unlimited plan offering that gives Fi customers another choice for heavy data  [Read More…]

Google Fi intros more conventional ‘Unlimited’ plan

Google on Tuesday announced a new option for its Google Fi subscribers which more closely resembles the offerings from traditional service providers.

Effective immediately, the new “Unlimited” plan gives its customers unlimited talk, text, and data for $ 70 per month. The catch? Google “may optimize” your video streaming to 480p and could throttle the data speeds once a user crosses a 22GB threshold.

Those who want to opt for a multiple-line plan can do so, and it gets cheaper  [Read More…]

T-Mobile trots out Unlimited 55 plans with discounts for seniors

T-Mobile on Thursday introduced a new set of “Unlimited 55” plans for subscribers who are aged 55 or older. They’re much like the standard options available to customers, but about 40% cheaper per month.

The Unlimited 55 plans are available for single and two-line accounts, and include unlimited talk, text, and data. For those who have two lines on a plan, only one of the users need be aged 55 or older to qualify.

Standard features for the three plans  [Read More…]

Just $39, VPN Unlimited offers a lifetime of safe Wi-Fi

Whether you’re concerned about security domestically or you’re a frequent traveler, transmitting your data over public Wi-Fi and mobile carrier networks isn’t always the safest option. Enter the VPN Unlimited service, providing you with a dedicated server to protect your online activities.

A lifetime of peace of mind

With this lifetime subscription plan you’ll have access to worry-free browsing, unlimited bandwidth, and the ability to unlock territory-restricted content by choosing a server from the country of your preference. Some users have found  [Read More…]

Visible review: Unlimited access to Verizon’s network for $40/month

Worth every penny…if you have a supported phone.

Signing up for a new phone carrier is usually met with a lot of headaches. It entails being put on hold countless times, trying to figure out which of the multiple “unlimited” plans is right for you, and then finding a heap of taxes and fees tacked onto your final monthly cost.

When Visible debuted back in May 2018, it offered an enticing proposition — $ 40/month for unlimited  [Read More…]

A lifetime of VPN Unlimited is just $40 today

If you’re still surfing the Web without the protection of a VPN, you may as well be leaving your laptop open and unattended in a busy coffee shop. Hackers are now able to access everything from your banking information to your browsing history with just a few lines of code, and they are only growing more powerful by the day.

KeepSolid VPN Unlimited is an award-winning service that allows you to browse both securely and conveniently, and right now  [Read More…]

Is Visible offering real Unlimited Data?

Best answer: Yes! Visible will never slow down your data just because you’re using a lot of it, meaning you’re free to stream and browse to your heart’s content. New and existing customers can currently get unlimited LTE speeds with the service, but at a later date, Visible will implement a speed cap of 5Mbps.

Truly unlimited: Visible ($ 40/month at Visible) Works with Visible: Google Pixel 3a ($ 400 at Amazon) You can use as much  [Read More…]

US Cellular revises its Unlimited offering with cheaper rates

US Cellular on Monday introduced a new approach to its Unlimited rate plan. Starting out at $ 50 for one line, they are about ten bucks cheaper per month, on average.

While this might sound ideal on the surface, it’s not just about slashing your bill. Indeed, some of the features that were previously included in the basic plan have been relegated to a $ 10 per month add-on option.

Under the previous plan, the $ 10 per month add-on  [Read More…]

Scribd deals give you a year of unlimited books, audiobooks, and magazines for only $80

We live in a digital era and we like our content on demand and where want it. It’s not just movies and TV shows, either. We want to read articles, magazines, and books in the same manner. We’re a society that likes to consume content on the subway, the couch, and at work.

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This $1 Amazon Music Unlimited deal will have students streaming all year

Let Amazon Music Unlimited supply the soundtrack to your year.

School is almost back in session, and Amazon is lending college students a hand this year with a new offer on Amazon Music Unlimited. Now, Prime Student members can add Amazon Music Unlimited onto their Prime membership for just $ 0.99 per month! This isn’t a limited time deal either; you’ll score that discounted price on the service for as long as your Prime Student membership remains active, and  [Read More…]