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Is US Mobile’s unlimited data a better value than Mint Mobile?

Single-line, multi-month Mint Mobile

From $ 15/month at Mint Mobile

Pros Unlimited talk and text on all plans T-Mobile LTE Upgrade plan at any time Hotspot on all plans International calling and texting Cons Must buy in bulk No multi-line perks

Mint Mobile offers a great value to people that are willing to buy mobile phone service in bulk. With three data tiers in 3GB, 8GB, or 12GB packages, Mint Mobile has a plan that should  [Read More…]

What carriers don’t tell you about unlimited plans

Unlimited. It seems like a great deal on paper. No need to worry about overages. No need to worry about bandwidth limitations or unexpected fees. Total freedom to use your smartphone wherever, whenever, and however you see fit. There’s a catch, of course. There’s always a catch. That’s the thing carriers love to leave out when they’re talking about offering unlimited anything, especially data.

Nothing is truly unlimited. Even a quick browse through the fine print of any carrier agreement  [Read More…]

Try Amazon’s Fire for Kids Unlimited on Cyber Monday for just £1!

Amazon’s Fire tablets are perfect for the kids with their durability, low price and the most excellent child-friendly mode. The meat behind the last of those is Fire for Kids Unlimited and right now you can sign up on Cyber Monday for three months for just £0.99.

Kid friendly Amazon Fire for Kids Unlimited

99p for three months

New subscribers to Fire for Kids Unlimited can get their first three months at a grand total of just  [Read More…]

Cricket tempts new customers with special $40 Unlimited BYOD plan

Cricket recently began offering a special plan for potential subscribers who plan to keep their existing device.

Available through January 30, 2020, the carrier’s new special $ 40 “Unlimited BYOD” plan is a limited time offer with a discounted price and the fastest LTE speeds offered. All one has to do is bring their current phone to Cricket.

Indeed, this isn’t offered to existing customers, only those who switch from another  [Read More…]

Binge watch Disney+ with these unlimited Verizon plans

Disney+ is here and Verizon is giving you a free year as long as you have one of its unlimited wireless or home internet plans. If you are a Disney fan and ready for a new unlimited cell plan, now might be the time to make the switch. Overall, the best plan for Disney+ on Verizon Wireless is the Play More Unlimited plan with its 720p video streaming and Apple Music included.

Best Overall: Play More Unlimited

[Read More…]

Do you have Verizon Unlimited? Get Disney+ for a year

The Disney+ subscription video service is here and it’s looking pretty cool. If you’ve got unlimited internet with Verizon you can get Disney+ for free for a year if you’ve got the right plan. As well as Disney content, Disney+ has content from Marvel, Lucasfilm, Fox, and National Geographic. Current or future Verizon customers, make sure you don’t miss out.

Which wireless plan do you need? Does it work with Fios and 5G Home? What’s the fine print?  [Read More…]

AT&T revamps its unlimited wireless plans, throws in HBO Max for free

Is your family Extra enough for AT&T Unlimited Extra?

What you need to know AT&T has announced Unlimited Starter, Extra, and Elite family plans. Plans start at $ 35 for unlimited data with serious restrictions. The Unlimited Elite plan is $ 50 and will include 30GB of Hotspot and HBO Max.

AT&T has announced its refreshed lineup of family plans, offering unlimited talk, text, and data for up to four lines. At the high end, for $  [Read More…]

AT&T shakes up its unlimited plans

AT&T on Wednesday announced it will soon roll out changes to its unlimited plans,  introducing three options. They’re mainly new in name only, though, and they’ll go into effect starting as soon as November 3. Well, two of them will as the third arrives a few weeks later.

The plans effectively drop the live and on-demand TV aspects that come with the existing Unlimited & More offerings.

Now, instead of having two options to choose from, AT&T customers will have  [Read More…]