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MetroPCS adding more high-speed data to some plans, Music Unlimited arrives to save your data

T-Mobile’s prepaid carrier MetroPCS is adding 1GB of extra high-speed data to many of its plans. It is also bringing over Music Unlimited from its parent company, which will allow users to stream from 33 music services without impacting their data plan.

It turns out T-Mobile’s Un-carrier X announcement came with an unlimited data price hike, too

T-Mobile rolled out its new Un-carrier X announcements this week to plenty of fanfare, but there’s more to these changes than just free video streaming and matched data for family plans. T-Mobile also notably shifted its pricing for its most commonly-selected Simple Choice plans, reducing the price per gigabyte but increasing the total plan prices on all but the base plan.

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Microsoft downgrades free OneDrive storage to 5GB, ends unlimited storage for Office 365 customers

Microsoft has announced radical changes to its OneDrive cloud storage service, ending unlimited storage for Office 365 users. Free storage is also being decreased from 15GB to 5GB for all users. The reason for the scaling back of storage comes after Microsoft found that a few customers were using up to 75TB of cloud storage from a single account:

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Sprint adds new $20 plan with 1GB of 4G data and unlimited 2G data

Sprint has added a new $ 20 ‘unlimited data’ plan that nets you 1GB of high-speed data, and once you exceed that you can continue to use data at 2G speeds. This plan, which the carrier boasts beats all other national carriers pricing, lets customers not worry about overage fees.

[Deal] Get 1-year of unlimited backup with Backblaze for 50% off

Keeping you files backed up is of utmost importance in today’s day and age. You don’t want those precious, personal files falling into the wrong hands. We have shared a few deals here at AndroidGuys that are aimed to keep your files backed up and secured, across multiple platforms.

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Verizon will bump unlimited data plan by $20

Unlimited data customers off contract will get the moderate increase

Verizon plans to raise the price of its unlimited data plan to $ 59.99, an increase of $ 20 per month. While this sounds likes like a jerk move (and it is), the change allegedly only affects roughly one percent of Verizon’s user base. Verizon no longer offers an unlimited data plan and today only provides buckets in S,M,L, XL and, for a limited time, XXL. The data pools range from 1GB to  [Read More…]

Verizon to raise price of grandfathered unlimited data plan by $20 for those not under contract

Verizon may soon be raising the price of its unlimited data plan for those who are grandfathered in if they are not under contract anymore. This report, which comes from The Verge, states that Verizon will be hiking the cost of the plan up to $ 49 a month, up $ 20 from the current $ 30 a month fee.

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Sprint customers: two more weeks for unlimited data, talk, and text at $60/month

Sprint announced yesterday, that its $ 60 per month unlimited data, talk, and text plan will increase to $ 70 per month on October 16th. This will not affect customers who already have the plan or those who enroll before this date.

According to the press release, Sprint and T-Mobile are the only companies that have this type of unlimited plan. Sprint is quick to emphasize that T-Mobile’s is $ 80, which still is $ 10 higher than its plan will  [Read More…]

Sprint’s unlimited data plan getting a price hike to $70 per month on October 16

Sprint has announced that it will soon raise the cost of its unlimited data plan. Currently available for $ 60 per month, Sprint’s plan for unlimited talk, text, and data will have its price raised to $ 70 per month for new customers on October 16.

AT&T now won’t throttle your unlimited data until you hit 22GB

Data throttling is a pain. Especially when you have unlimited data and want the freedom to do whatever you’d like to do with your devices. However, that’s not the case anymore with unlimited plans, except for those on T-Mobile. Now there are data caps that will activate a slower network experience once met.

AT&T is one of the culprits that will slow your internet speeds to a crawl if you pass a certain threshold. Today, AT&T has announced that they  [Read More…]