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Save BIG with our AG deal of the day: OnePlay Unlimited PC & Android Games 2-Year VIP Subscription

DESCRIPTION Finally, a subscription service designed for the gamer in us all. With this one-of-a-kinda deal, OnePlay gives you unlimited access to its digital library of over 2,000 of the most popular PC and Android games for the next two years. With new titles added weekly and a 10% discount on any game you purchase,

KnowRoaming now offers unlimited data in more than 80 countries

KnowRoaming has announced that those who use its global SIM sticker to save on cell rates when traveling around the world can now take advantage of unlimited data in more than 80 countries. The unlimited data package, which is available for $ 7.99 per day, is now available in a total of 86 countries after its most recent expansion, which brought the service to 12 Latin American countries.

The latest batch of countries to pick up support  [Read More…]

Amazon further bolsters its FreeTime Unlimited content catalog for kids

Amazon has bolstered its FreeTime Unlimited service for kids with new additions. The online retail giant has added content specifically catering for older children, aged between 9 and 12. There are new videos, education-based apps, games, books and more bringing the total number of catalog items up to 13,000.

The service itself starts at $ 2.99 a month for those with Amazon Prime membership, or $ 4.99 for those without. All Kindle Fire devices are supported  [Read More…]

MetroPCS offers two lines with unlimited talk, text and 6GB of 4G data for $60 a month

T-Mobile’s no-contract carrier subsidiary MetroPCS has launched a new promotional offer. This one gives customers two lines, each with unlimited talk, text and data and 6GB of 4G speeds, for a total of $ 60 a month.

T-Mobile says:

That means you can walk into a MetroPCS store and get 2 lines with unlimited talk, text, data, and 6GB of 4G LTE data for just $ 60 a month – and just $ 30 a month  [Read More…]

Don’t be fooled by Canada’s latest push into ‘unlimited’ data

Don’t be fooled by the word “unlimited”.

This week, Canadian operator Rogers’ flanker brand chatr introduced a new promotional plan that purportedly offers unlimited data, along with Canada-wide talk and text, for a meagre $ 40 per month. In a market where it’s not unheard of to spend upwards of $ 100 for a couple of gigabytes of data, such a deal is worth taking a closer look at.

This so-called unlimited deal is full  [Read More…]

Cricket Wireless offers new unlimited plan

Yesterday, Cricket Wireless, a prepaid subsidiary carrier of AT&T, announced a new unlimited plan for its customers. The plan is offering unlimited talk, text and data for $ 70/month. If customers use Auto Pay to automatically pay their phone bill every month, the price will be reduced to $ 65. “We wake up every morning focused on

Cricket Wireless launches $70 unlimited plan, offers $100 bill credit to T-Mobile customers

AT&T’s no-contract subsidiary Cricket Wireless is launching a new plan on Sunday, April 17. It offers unlimited talk, text and data for one smartphone line for $ 70 a month.

In fact, Cricket says that plan goes down to just $ 65 a month with a $ 5 credit if customers use Auto Pay. The carrier is going after T-Mobile customers with this new offer:

T-Mobile charges at least $ 25 more each month for its  [Read More…]

AT&T to offer unlimited data for U-verse home Internet customers

AT&T is offering its home Internet customers who sign up for U-verse a way to get unlimited data with no caps. This can come in the form of a couple of different options.

AT&T stated:

On May 23, we will introduce a new unlimited data option for our U-verse home Internet customers. AT&T customers who have only our U-verse home Internet service can add unlimited data for $ 30 more a month. Customers with U-verse home  [Read More…]

Amazon Cloud Drive unlimited storage plans are now available in Canada

Amazon is offering Canadian residents the chance to purchase an unlimited amount of cloud storage for their files. The company has launched two such storage subscription plans for its Amazon Cloud Drive services to the folks in the Great White North.

Amazon first offered these subscription options for the U.S. in 2015, and the choices and prices remain the same in Canada:

Unlimited Storage Plan (free 3-month trial, then $ 59.99 per year—equivalent of less than  [Read More…]

Score lifetime of VPN Unlimited and To Do Checklist for $39

Whether you’re concerned about security domestically or you’re a frequent traveler, transmitting your data over public Wi-Fi and mobile carrier networks isn’t always the safest option. Enter the VPN Unlimited service,

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