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Karma won’t lower data speeds on unlimited plan, opts for 15GB monthly cap instead

Earlier this month, Karma announced it would be slashing data speeds for those on its unlimited plan as it worked to combat abusers of the network. The company is now announcing a different change to its unlimited plan, Neverstop, which will keep the data speeds the same, and instead it will just cap how much data can be used in a month. The cap will be set at 15GB, which is more data than most users hit  [Read More…]

AT&T is bringing back “unlimited” data with the possibility of being throttled after 22GB

AT&T is bringing back true unlimited data starting tomorrow for its wireless customers. New and existing customers of DIRECTV or UVERSE will have the choice to switch to the new AT&T Unlimited Plan for $ 100 on a smartphone. If you’re in a family you can add up additional smartphones for $ 40 per line with the fourth being free. The total cost for the Unlimited Plan for a family of four is just $ 180.

“Our new unlimited plan  [Read More…]

AT&T brings back unlimited data plans, if you also have DirecTV or U-Verse

AT&T is once again going to offer an unlimited data plan, but only if you are also a DirecTV or U-Verse subscriber. Most U.S. carriers have moved away from offering unlimited data plans and towards data buckets for families, but AT&T is going backwards here and will begin offering the new plan, but it obviously comes with a catch. You won’t be able to just sign up for AT&T or change your current plan to the new  [Read More…]

Karma will be cutting speeds on its unlimited data plan

Karma introduced a new unlimited data plan back in November, and now the company is forced to cut the speeds for unlimited data plan users. The company says that since the launch of the new plan, around 90 percent of customers have opted for it, and some of them are even using it like a home internet connection, including performing back ups of large amounts of information over its network.

  [Read More…]

Sprint MVNO Boost Mobile announces unlimited music

Sprint subsidiary Boost Mobile announced today that they are going to begin offering zero-rated music streaming on their service, very similarly to what is offered by T-Mobile’s Music Freedom program. In addition, Boost is announcing increased high-speed data allotments for all of their data plans!

This isn’t the first time that a Sprint subsidiary would be making this type of move. Virgin made a similar announcement a couple of months ago. Boost is going to join the club and will offer  [Read More…]

AT&T to bump price of grandfathered unlimited data plans to $35

According to a new support page on its website, AT&T plans to increase the price of grandfathered unlimited data plans from $ 30 to $ 35 starting in February 2016.

T-Mobile gifts subscribers three months of unlimited data

T-Mobile this week announced that all of its postpaid Simple Choice customers will receive three months of unlimited high-speed data. Specifically, anyone who has one of the postpaid plans as of November 23 are eligible.

As part of its Black Friday and Holiday deals, T-Mobile is giving subscribers a whole host of savings. Be it on smartphones, accessories, or something else, there’s likely something that will interest you. According to T-Mobile, the promos will change over the coming weeks and new stuff will  [Read More…]

T-Mobile gives the gift of unlimited high-speed data at no extra charge

T-Mobile has announced Un-carrier Unwrapped, four weeks of gifts for customers, with a new offer coming each week. The first week should make existing customers happy, with T-Mobile offering unlimited LTE data at no extra cost for all of its Simple Choice plan customers.

T-Mobile adds Music Unlimited, Data Maximizer features to MetroPCS plans

T-Mobile has kicked the week off by giving its MetroPCS prepaid brand a handful of new features. Much like it does for its tier-one services, the MetroPCS arm will give customers the ability to stream music without impacting the data plans.


Starting Thursday, November 19, the Music Unlimited feature will let subscribers stream all the music like from any of 33 music streaming services without touching the data pool. Among the services are Pandora, Spotify, Google Play  [Read More…]

MetroPCS adding more high-speed data to some plans, Music Unlimited arrives to save your data

T-Mobile’s prepaid carrier MetroPCS is adding 1GB of extra high-speed data to many of its plans. It is also bringing over Music Unlimited from its parent company, which will allow users to stream from 33 music services without impacting their data plan.