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The best Android apps and games of the week: Spider-Man Unlimited and more

We had a great week full of new Android apps, even among all of the iPhone 6 hubbub. We’ve got an old-school RPG this week, an unexpected game from Cisco, and an awesome app from Comedy Central with support for full episodes.

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Spider-Man Unlimited slings onto Android

Itching for some Spidey action? Wait no longer, as Spider-Man Unlimited is now available for Android. The endless runner is based on the comics, so there are plenty of villains for you to combat. This is the first free Spider-Man game from Gameloft, and the studio has indicated that new characters will be released in a timely fashion.

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Republic Wireless axing unlimited data roaming offer

Citing expensive roaming costs, Republic Wireless has announced that starting September 25th, it is reducing its off-network data roaming allotment to just 25 MB and throttling speeds while roaming. The carrier says that this will help to accommodate users who may need to roam off the network occasionally where Republic may not have data service while still maintain low pricing for everyone.

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Sprint fires back with $60 Unlimited Data plan


Sprint on Monday announced its Family Share Pack plan, an options that allows for shared plans with up to 20GB of 4G LTE data. What’s more, a limited time promotion saw the carrier discounting things to $ 100 and tossing in 2GB of extra data per line. Sprint today is announcing a new take on its Unlimited… Read more »

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Sprint fires back at T-Mobile’s prices with new $60 Unlimited Plan

Sprint‘s not leaving the single-line users out of the party — they’re offering a new $ 60/month unlimited talk, text, and data plan. There’s just one catch: You have to bring your own device, pay for one up front, or sign up for Sprint’s Easy Pay monthly payments and upgrade plan. That said, if you’re a Sprint customer (or are considering being one), that’s still some substantial potential savings you’re looking at.

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T-Mobile rewards existing users with 1 year of unlimited data for bringing new customers


T-Mobile on Thursday announced a new promotion which aims to benefit existing customers for their loyalty. As they see it, all of these recent and disruptive changes happening in the space are great if you’re a new customer but it sucks to be an existing client. Where’s the love for being a part of the… Read more »

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VPN Unlimited Premium: 3 years of safeguarded activity [Deal of the Day]


Whether you’re concerned about security domestically or you’re a frequent traveler, transmitting your data over public Wi-Fi and mobile carrier networks isn’t always the safest option. Enter the VPN Unlimited Premium service, providing you with a dedicated server to protect your online activities. With this 3-year premium plan you’ll have access to worry-free browsing, unlimited… Read more »

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Verizon rolls out $60 plan with unlimited talk, text, 2GB data


Verizon Wireless has quietly rolled out a new, less expensive rate plan for an individual line of service. Available to all consumers immediately, the new $ 60 offering includes unlimited talk and text plus 2GB of monthly data. Those customers who finance their devices on Verizon Edge can save another $ 10, making the plan only $ 50 per… Read more »

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Sprint to announce $50 unlimited plan this week, says WSJ


Sprint could take the fight directly to other provider’s doors this week in offering a $ 50, all-you-can-consume rate plan, says the Wall Street Journal. Reportedly, the carrier is set to introduce a plan that gives users access to unlimited talk, text, and data for a mere $ 50 per month. As compared to the current rate of $ 110… Read more »

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Verizon now offering $60 single line plan with unlimited talk and text, 2GB of data

If you happen to be looking for a new smartphone plan and don’t need a lot of data and only have one line to worry about, Verizon has now dropped a new plan that might be of interest to you.