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Are Sprint data plans really unlimited? Yes, says Sprint.

Are Sprint data plans really unlimited? Yes, says Sprint.

Yesterday, Sprint CEO Dan Hesse made comments that suggested that the company throttles the top 1% of its customers who use the most mobile data. That was in direct contradiction to the massive ad campaign that  [Read More…]

Sprint says they don’t throttle data, plans are still truly unlimited


Sprint has spent millions of dollars promoting their truly unlimited data plans the past year, so many were surprised when a Dow Jones Newswire report claimed that CEO Dan Hesse said they throttle the top 1% of users. A day later and we find out Hesse was actually misquoted. It turns out he was actually referring to roaming data and not talking about postpaid customers.

“We don’t throttle our unlimited postpaid  [Read More…]

Verizon may have caught on to the unlimited data trick, reportedly adjusting accounts

Verizon may have caught on to the unlimited data trick, reportedly adjusting accounts

Verizon appears to have caught wind of a trick that subscribers had been using to raise their accounts from a tiered data plan to an unlimited one.

Verizon  [Read More…]

Sprint 4G broadband unlimited no more – Smartphones next? (Update)


Things are not looking good for unlimited data fans. People that do not like data tiers currently have a safe place to go to – Sprint. It seems like America’s 1st 4G network is going to start setting some limits, though. At least for 4G broadband users.

Sprint has announced that 4G mobile broadband users will no longer be able to enjoy their unlimited data plans. By the way, there will  [Read More…]

Sprint axes unlimited data for all mobile broadband plans and mobile hotspot


We already knew that Sprint was killing off unlimited data for the hotspot plan, but today’s news makes everything all official.  Starting in November, users with a mobile broadband plan (that would be a tablet, netbook, USB card, connection card or mobile hotspot device) as well as folks using the mobile hotspot plan on their smartphone will no longer have unlimited data.  Depending on your existing plan, you’ll be placed in a tier  [Read More…]

Gameloft Debuts Block Breaker 3 Unlimited

Gameloft released the third iteration of their popular Block Breaker series this week, dropping Block Breaker 3 Unlimited in the Android Market.  Featuring stunning graphics and simple, old-school gameplay, this one is a definite bargain at a 99¢ one-time fee.  Features include eight game modes, seven locations, power-up, multiple ball and pad types, and climactic bosses! The level generator option lets players create their own boards, ensuring  [Read More…]