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Latest Pixel 4 XL leak shows off new camera app UI and face unlock

New Pixel 4 XL leak gives us a detailed look at the design and camera features.

What you need to know A new Pixel 4 XL leak out of Vietnam gives us a comprehensive look at Google’s upcoming flagship. The leak shows off the new camera interface, and gives us an early look at new features. We also get to see the prompts for face unlock, and a detailed overview of the design.

We got a pretty  [Read More…]

Pixel 4 Face Unlock vs. Apple Face ID: How they’re different

Both are using well-established tech to detect your face and unlock your phone, but there are some substantial differences in the hardware and the methods.

Welcome to the age of Soli. Google has shown us how the Soli Sensor will do a couple of neat tricks in the Pixel 4, and while waving your hand like a Jedi to change what song is playing is pretty self-explanatory (and honestly, not that exciting), using it in tandem with  [Read More…]

Google officially confirms gestures and face unlock features for Pixel 4

Google on Monday confirmed that its forthcoming handset, the Pixel 4, will support gestures and facial recognition for unlocking. A post on its blog advises it will be used in areas such as snoozing alarms, skipping songs, and dismissing calls.

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The last five years has seen a division within Google working to bring motion-sensing radar technology to devices. Dubbed  [Read More…]

Unlock over 750 games with one year of PlayStation Now on sale for $60

Stream or download nearly 800 games, with new titles added every month.

Amazon has the PlayStation Now – 12-month Membership on sale today for $ 59.99. That saves you $ 40 off its regular price, which has only ever been discounted this low back during Black Friday 2017. That’s a pretty amazing deal as a one-month subscription would generally cost you $ 20. If you have any intention of paying monthly for this service, you should really  [Read More…]

How to unlock the Peely skin in Fortnite

Fortnite’s eighth season kicked off with a bang last week, introducing pirates and ninjas to the battle royale game while also giving players more challenges, weapons, and outfits. One of these outfits, the Peely skin, has taken the Fortnite community by storm. Thankfully for fans, it isn’t that hard to unlock, and soon enough everyone should be running around in giant bananas costumes.

Products used in this guide Epic Games: Fortnite: Save the World ($ 40) How to  [Read More…]

Every jet you can unlock in Ace Combat 7: Unknown Skies

There are a whole lot of choices in this game, so we made a list.

Ace Combat 7 has taken dogfighting games to a whole new level. With excellent combat, immersive weather effects, and a long list of fighter jets to fight with, Ace Combat 7 is shaping up to be a leader in its class.

There is a whole lot to do in the game including purchasing and upgrading an entire fleet of fighter jets. We are  [Read More…]

Unlock millions of books to read with 40% off a Kindle Unlimited membership

Time to devour some words.

A one-year Kindle Unlimited Membership normally costs $ 120 at Amazon, but right now you can score 33% off its regular price, making the total just $ 80.31. This is a rare promotion and an offer we don’t expect to see again for a long while. You can give it as a gift, too, which would surely delight any readers you know and love. Amazon will email the recipient with redemption instructions  [Read More…]

How to unlock every suit in Spider-Man for PS4

Don’t be like Peter just starting out. We all deserve better suits than old clothes found in our closets.

Spider-Man features 27 different suits for Peter to wear as he’s stopping crime throughout the city. These range from iconic suits pulled straight from the comics to some funnier suits that Insomniac designed just for the game.

Most of them require you to level up within the game and earn tokens to unlock them. You can earn these  [Read More…]

How to unlock free Rainbow Six Siege charms with Twitch Drops

You can claim free Rainbow Six Siege charms this weekend with Six Major Twitch Drops.

While Ubisoft is gearing up for the next major update to Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, a major tournament is on the horizon. Mid-August marks the “Six Major Paris 2018,” bringing together the world’s top players for a week of tense tactical shooter gameplay.

Dedicated live streams show the unmissable action as it happens, but Ubisoft is offering further incentives to tune  [Read More…]

Huawei says it’ll stop offering bootloader unlock codes

The service is being stopped for all phones on May 24.

If you’re big into the Android modding community, chances are you’ve taken a liking to Huawei. Huawei’s gradually become one of the more developer-friendly companies in the Android space, but that’s all changing.

According to a pop-up found on the company’s unlock page:

To provide better user experience and avoid issues caused by ROM flashing, the unlock code application service will be stopped for all products  [Read More…]