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Where can I buy an unlocked phone?

We talk quite a bit about unlocked phones here, including their benefits and where you can use them. One of the questions we’re often asked, though, is where to buy them.

Are unlocked phones part of some secret society and hard to find? Quite the opposite, really. In fact, there are are plenty of great spots to buy unlocked phones, some of which are places you already shop.

What follows are a number of outlets to explore when it comes  [Read More…]

Nokia 2.2 arrives as $140 unlocked Android One phone for US buyers

Nokia on Tuesday introduced its Nokia 2.2 smartphone, an entry-level Android affair with a premium outward design. It’s the first of the brand’s first 2 series handset to be included in the Android One program.

Powered by Android One 9.0 Pie, the Nokia phone is Android Q ready. And, because it’s included in the Android One initiative, it will see two years of OS upgrades plus three years of monthly security updates.

The Nokia 2.2 has a 5.71-inch display with  [Read More…]

Buying an unlocked phone? Consider these questions

While most US consumers are content to purchase their handsets directly from a wireless carrier, an increasing number of buyers are opting for other routes. That is, they buy the phone directly from the manufacturer, often in an unlocked manner.

We’re big fans of buying unlocked phones around here. If for no other reasons, it gives us flexibility and choice. We’ve never been all that excited about signing long-term contracts or exclusive carrier deals.

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Wi-Fi calling is amazing, awesome, and elusive for unlocked Android users

Metal roofs, thick walls, and dead zones; things an Android user with Wi-Fi shouldn’t have to care about.

I did not expect to still be using the Google Pixel 3a. I thought I would transfer back to the Galaxy S10 when the 3a got added to the Android Q Beta in June, but here I am, still using a Beta phone as my daily driver. If I’m being perfectly honest, I’d like to go back to the  [Read More…]

The compact Palm Phone is now available unlocked

It can be pre-ordered for $ 350 and comes with a free leather case and lanyard.

What you need to know The Palm Phone is now available unlocked. It can be pre-ordered on Palm’s website for $ 350 and includes a free leather case and lanyard. Originally, it was only available on Verizon.

The tiny Palm Phone is now available for pre-order unlocked. Previously, if you wanted to get your hands on one you had to be  [Read More…]

The Pixel 3a is the best selling unlocked phone on Amazon in the U.S.

The second most popular is the Samsung Galaxy A10.

What you need to know The Pixel 3a is the best selling unlocked phone on Amazon in America. Other brands in the top ten include Samsung, BLU, Xiaomi, and renewed Apple phones. Sales for flagships have been declining while sales for entry-level and mid-range phones have been steady.

Google appears to have a hit on its hands, that’s if the Amazon store ranking is anything to go by.  [Read More…]

These are the best places to buy an unlocked phone

Get what you’re looking for without any hassle by starting right here.

We hear a lot of talk about the benefits of buying an unlocked phone. You can use it on any network, you don’t have a carrier deciding which apps are pre-installed or when you get updates, and you typically don’t have to pay more for the privilege. As unlocked phones get dramatically more popular in the U.S., the number of choices for where you buy  [Read More…]

RCA debuts Q2 unlocked phone for GSM carriers

RCA, yes that brand, has begun selling a new unlocked smartphone which can be paired with AT&T, T-Mobile, and other GSM networks. The 4G Q2 arrives as the company celebrates its 100th anniversary.

Powered by the latest official version of Android, 9 Pie, the Q2 features a 5-inch display and an 8-megapixel rear camera. The phone, which is sold in black and white options, houses 16GB storage with a microSD expansion card slot for up to 32GB external media.

The  [Read More…]

Why unlocked phones are the way to go [PODCAST]

More and more, phone makers are offering their devices in an unlocked capacity. Did you know that many of the flagship models we see at carriers are also offered direct to consumer?

Going this route frees the consumer up from a contract or long-term obligation and provides peace of mind. Wouldn’t you like to hop from one carrier to another because of a better rate? As we see it, an unlocked phone is the only way to go.

That’s not  [Read More…]

Get your hands on an unlocked Samsung Galaxy S9 with $100 off

Time to upgrade.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 64GB unlocked smartphone is down to $ 499.99 at Amazon. It’s been selling for about $ 600 since the release of the updated Samsung Galaxy S10 line and this price drop is the lowest we’ve ever seen it go. The discount applies to all color options and you can also snag a saving on the 128GB or 256GB versions. These are U.S. models so are unlocked to work with the major U.S.  [Read More…]