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Huawei confirms Android Q update for Mate 20, P30, and more

There are currently no firm dates for when the update will be available.

Android Q has been in beta since this past March, and at the Google I/O keynote on May 7, Beta 3 was launched along with support for a bunch of other non-Google smartphones. Now, Huawei’s revealed details as to which of its devices will receive the final upgrade to Q when it’s released.

Per a post on Chinese social network Weibo, Huawei confirmed that  [Read More…]

Need to update your Playstation VR? Here’s how.

We’ve been obsessed with all things virtual reality (VR) for quite some time, so we can understand how sometimes developers put setting options in weird spots you might not think to check. While the update options for the PlayStation VR are in a weird spot, there are very few steps required to get it done. It’ll take no time at all with very minimal effort. Here’s how to update your PlayStation VR!

Update your PlayStation VR

You don’t  [Read More…]

Here’s what’s new in the big Moment Pro Camera app update for Android

You can also save 15% on photo and video gear.

Last July, Moment launched its Pro Camera app for Android and iOS to bring powerful pro camera controls to users for just a couple bucks. Moment just pushed its biggest update ever to the app, and my oh my is there a lot to unpack.

Starting first with new features, Pro Camera now has new analytics layers such as focus peaking and zebra stripes — allowing you  [Read More…]

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 getting Android Pie update in the U.S.

Arriving on Wi-Fi and LTE models.

Android tablets are few and far between these days, but one that really stood out as something special last year was the Galaxy Tab S4. It launched in August 2018 with Android Oreo out of the box, but as of right now, U.S. models are receiving their update to Android 9 Pie.

Samsung first began pushing the update for the Wi-Fi model on April 23, and similar to its Pie updates  [Read More…]

Galaxy S10 gets a dedicated Night mode with latest software update

It can be enabled manually whenever you want.

The Galaxy S10 has a pretty impressive combo of cameras to work with, and when the lights go down and you still want to snap photos, there’s a feature called “Bright Night” that makes it easier to capture low-light images. As effective as it is, Bright Night is slightly annoying in the sense that it can’t be enabled manually and is only used when the S10 thinks it should  [Read More…]

New update brings ads to Android TV boxes and Sony TVs

What goes great with all your favorite movies and TV shows? If your answer was ads and sponsored placements, then you’re in luck, Android TV users. Recently, Google rolled out an update for Android TV with a row of sponsored content. According to Google, this is a “pilot program” intended for “optimizing and personalizing the entertainment experience at home.”

Android TV is committed to optimizing and personalizing the entertainment experience at home. As we explore new opportunities to  [Read More…]

Animated weapon sprays highlight new Fortnite Item Shop update

The Fortnite item shop has updated once again, and players can now hop in and pick up some new gear, including brand new cosmetics, gliders, and other items for players to purchase.

To celebrate the beginning of a new baseball season, it looks like Epic Games has decided to keep the baseball-themed skins, pickaxe, and glider that it released yesterday.

Along with the baseball player skins, the fan-favorite Fate cosmetic has been dropped into the game again, along  [Read More…]

Spigen’s Neo Hybrid case update is better than ever on the Galaxy S10

Spigen’s best case got cranked up to 11.

Phone cases, especially for expensive flagships like the Galaxy S10, are a necessity. I know, your phone may look shiny and cool without anything protecting it, but it’s going to be a hot mess the second you drop it.

If you want a case that delivers the protection you need while also managing to look pretty damn awesome, the Spigen Neo Hybrid should be at the top of your  [Read More…]

NVIDIA Shield update adds support for Xbox Elite controller

Improved defense against Wifi wonk also makes an appearance.

NVIDIA Shield is getting a small but welcome software update today. In addition to new apps — we’ve already detailed the NCAA March Madness app (and the NHL app actually has been available for a couple months now), there also are a few nerdy improvements worth noting.

Adds the option to restart Wi-Fi service if wireless APs aren’t visible (Settings > Network > Restart Wi-Fi) Improves customizability for  [Read More…]

Reclaim your Samsung lock screen notifications after the OneUI update!

Samsung’s OneUI update brings a major visual overhaul along with Android Pie, but you may have noticed your lock screen looks a lot less helpful. By default, OneUI relegates all of your notifications to icons rather than the traditional, full notifications displayed on the lock screen previous versions used. The good news is we can get back the useful notifications you know and love, and we can tweak a few more things while we’re at it!

Samsung phones  [Read More…]