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Nextbit begins selling ’ember’ red Robin, announces upcoming August update

One of the most unique phones gets another great color choice.

After some not-so-subtle teasing, Nextbit has put a new color of the Robin, a bright red hue — matched with a black main body — called “ember,” up for sale on its website immediately. The new color carries the same $ 299 price available previously, but this color is available in a very limited quantity on a first-come, first-served basis. One of the defining features of the Nextbit  [Read More…]

CEO of Cyanogen says it will remain an OS company [Update]

Kirt McMaster, the CEO of Cyanogen, has denied recent reports that the company is switching its strategy to apps, saying, “We are an OS company and our mission of creating an Open Android stands.”

Late last week, rumors hit the internet that Cyanogen had laid off as many as 20% of its team members. McMaster admitted to some layoffs, without revealing specific numbers, on his Twitter account:

really sad we had to let  [Read More…]

Vainglory gains improved bots and more ways to get Sunlight in summer update

The development team behind Vainglory has unleashed version 1.20 (referred to as the Summer Update), which introduces improved bots, more convenient play options, as well as easier ways to obtain Sunlight. Those of you who may not be familiar with the title of this iOS and Android game, it’s a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena title, similar to the likes of DOTA 2 and League of Legends. The only difference being Vainglory is played on your smartphone.

  [Read More…]

Prisma update lets you save photos directly

Much requested ‘save’ button added alongside bug fixes in first Android app update.

Just hours after it first landed on Android, popular AI-enabled photo filtering app Prisma has received its first update. The updated version of Prisma adds a “save” button — a much requested feature that lets you export directly to your gallery, as opposed to another app through Android share intents.

Everything works just as before, instead now you’ll find  [Read More…]

Microsoft’s OneDrive adds Pokémon Go image detector as part of latest update

Microsoft is rolling out new updates to its OneDrive image and file storage service. It includes a way for people to quickly identify and find any images taken from the Pokémon Go game.

In a blog post: Microsoft stated:

A lot of players take screenshots of their captured Pokémon to show off to their friends—both digitally and in person. We had to make it easier for you to find all your Pokémon screenshots,  [Read More…]

WhatsApp beta update brings voicemail and a new font

WhatsApp beta has just picked up an update to 2.16.189 with a litany of new features. First off is the ability to send a voicemail in case a voice call does not go through, or if the recipient declines the call. Earlier, you had to go back to the chat window to send a voice message, but that option is now available directly in the after-call menu, which also offers the ability to call the user back.

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Moto Turbo finally picks up Marshmallow update in India

Motorola has done a commendable job of rolling out quick platform updates to its phones, but a few notable exceptions include the Moto E in select regions and the Moto Turbo. The latter is finally making its way to Marshmallow, with the Android 6.0.1 update now rolling out to users in India.

The update (as spotted by Best Gadgetry) weighs in at 965.2MB, and includes the latest security patch as well as all the features introduced  [Read More…]

There’s still no Easter Egg in Android Nougat Developer Preview 5 [Update: whoa, there is!]

Update: Wow. This one is clever. The Easter Egg here is actually more of a game of sorts. Once you press and hold the “N” logo in the Easter Egg screen to reveal the cat emoji, pull down your notification quick settings, tap “edit” and then move the “easter egg” option up to the settings. It turns into an “empty dish” that you can tap to add things to … and you lure a cat to  [Read More…]

Microsoft rolling out long-awaited Groove Music update for Android

Microsoft is rolling out an update for its Groove Music app for Android. It’s the first such update for the streaming music app since September 2015.

Microsoft outlined what will be included in the update, which will also be available for the iPhone and iPad version:

Significant improvements to product and playback reliability. An Explore view to learn about the most popular songs and new releases from top artists. Faster download of albums  [Read More…]

How to invite anyone to your Hangouts group in the new update

Although Hangouts is one of the less appreciated messaging apps out there, it’s certainly not  a bad one. In fact, Google regularly updates it with new features and fixes. The newest update brings the ability to invite people to your group without having to manually add them, and without having to have them in your