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Following up on a much heavier update that added encryption support, Microsoft has updated OneDrive with some new interface elements that make navigating the app easier. A new slide-in navigation drawer on the left side of the app gives you access to different folders and accounts, a dedicated search button lets you find files easily and pull-to-refresh lets you manually grab new files from the cloud.

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The popular encrypted messaging chat app Glassboard has updated its Android version today, adding in a number of new functionals that should be helpful for its users.

Fly Delta app updated with support for Android Wear

The Fly Delta app got a big update today, and bundled in the list of changes is support for Android Wear. That gets us excited, but there are also some bug fixes and smaller features that we don’t want to forget.

Google Docs and Google Sheets both have updates pushing out in force, and while neither has Android Wear support baked in — we can;t even imagine that one — they have two things that were announced at Google I/O — support for Microsoft Office documents and a hint of the new Material Design language.

Update: T-Mobile CEO John Legere has posted a public response to these claims, saying they are “unfounded and without merit.” He goes on to talk about T-Mobile’s proactive response to these issues as compared to the competition. You can find the full statement at the T-Mobile Newsroom

Original story: The Federal Trade Commission says that T-Mobile has placed “hundreds of millions” of dollars in bogus charges into customer bills. In a press release issued today, the  [Read More...]

Google Play Music is picking up an update starting today to version 5.6, which includes a few subtle interface changes and some clarity on how authorized GP Music devices are handled. To be clear, this isn’t the Material Design-inspired new version of Play Music, but there’s still plenty of time for that to arrive and we’ll never scoff at a round of subtle improvements to a popular app.

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Google Maps updated for Android Wear

If you’re excited about Android Wear, you’ll be happy to hear that shortly after the Google I/O 2014 keynote, Google Maps was updated to support your favorite upcoming smartwatches. Seeing as Maps will be a major use case for Android Wear, this is great news regardless of whether you’re getting the Samsung Gear Live, Moto 360, or LG G Watch.

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Google has been good about rolling software update for its wearable Google Glass but this time the company is implementing a hardware update. Given that the update is hardware-based, existing Glass owners won’t be able to take advantage of this and only new Glass owners will be in for the treat. The updated Glass hardware will bring better performance and battery life.

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The Qualcomm Toq got a small update overnight, adding in a new stopwatch feature along with come conversation history enhancements. The stopwatch applet is a welcome feature for many, and arguably something that should have been including from the start. Qualcomm has been good about getting consistent updates to their smartwatch and brining along requested features for the ride.

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Google has just launched a pretty significant update to Google Glass, which requires a firmware update for the connected eyewear as well as an update to the MyGlass app. With the required updates, users will now be able to instantly see photos captured with Glass on their phones, get updated scores to the World Cup, remember your parking location, and also receive package tracking information. Additionally, the MyGlass update will notify you if your battery drops  [Read More...]